Memo To Coulter: Retire Your Sarcasm *Updated*

by Infidelesto on March 5, 2007 · 0 comments

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Seriously…you’re giving liberals fuel to hold something stupid and negative against us conservatives. Now we have to listen to the MSM attack and condemn your remarks for probably a full week. All I’m going to hear this week is Coulter this Coulter that, liberals spewing their “hate-filled”, “bigot” remarks that we hear all the time. And you know the MSM is going to hold onto it as long as they can.

Now when I have my weekly argument with the local liberal colleague at work, I have to fend off the moonbat’s rhetoric of your insulting statements, that which may be funny anyway, but in a political world, you’re only feeding the enemy, and making the conservative movement more difficult.

Ann. we love you, we love what you do, we love what you stand for, but, cmon, you are better than that…oh and Laura Ingraham and Michelle Malkin agree as well

ADDED (SistaInfidel): She had a lot of funny jokes, but then had to cancel everything out, perhaps everything at the entire CPAC, by using that nasty word. She did the same thing last year. She has become a caricature of herself. She purposely dropped the bomb to piss off liberals, and doesn’t seem to care about the conservative movement at all. Mary Katharine Ham has a lengthy post about this, all of which I agree with. A few snippets:

Tough is fine. Even some of Ann’s over-the-top jokes can be written off as just that– jokes. But you can’t write off every hateful, politically damaging crack as a-O.K. simply because that Ann’s a jokester. I, for one, am proud that there are Middle Easterners, gay men and women, and other minorities for whom conservatism is an ideology that empowers. Don’t they get enough crap from our lefty colleagues for “leaving the plantation?” Why should they be subjected to more from one of their supposed allies?

[...] As for the Left–no, they will never apologize or denounce similar behavior on their side, and no one will ever notice or give credit to the right for calling out its own. But to take that as a cue to excuse ourselves in acting just like them is ridiculous. I don’t wanna be no Kos just because he can get away with it, so why can’t I?

[...] Check out the damage Coulter already did to Romney. He praised her before her speech, and she sucker-punched him. Now, anyone on YouTube can splice the two clips back-to-back and make Romney look like a jerk. Insodoing, as Ace points out, Ann handicaps a conservative guy who has the potential to effect more change on a conservative policy level, for all of America, than she’ll ever have. Do we really want her doing that every year to our top candidates? We don’t want to become the left:

It’s a tenet of the fightin’ fightin’ nutroots that you spray your invective around indiscriminately, without thought to its effectiveness or blowback, because it’s the fightin’ fightiness of the fight that really matters, not actual results. Or prudence. Or simple decency.

I reject that. Most conservatives do, at least when they see such infantile tactics used by the left. But when it’s Ann, well, many conservatives find themselves defending the fightin’ fighty fightiness of the nutroots.

We’re better than that, and Ann used to be better than that.

Besides, I prefer Silky Pony, myself. (I couldn’t resist)

*Update: Here’s a different viewpoint from Atlas: “I Love Ann Coulter”. How can it be a gay slur if Edwards isn’t gay? Coulter defends herself on Hannity & Colmes, says she meant “wuss”. See the video here.

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