The Quran Made Me Do It

by admin on March 8, 2007 · 23 comments

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Continuing my theme of women today, here’s another nice reminder of how Islamists feel about us ladies:

Via Jawa:

(Singapore) A 46-year-old businessman and Muslim religious teacher was sentenced to 32 years in prison and 24 strokes of the cane for raping his six daughters from December 2003 until June 2005, when one daughter filed a police report.

Three wives of the man have pleaded guilty to abetting the years-long incestuous rapes of their daughters by their father, whose name is withheld to protect the innocent.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Eugene Lee said the husband told his multiple wives and scores of children that according to the Quran, a father “owned” his children and this extended to having sex with his daughters.

Notably, two of the daughters became pregnant and underwent abortions

More of the same disgusting “the Quran made me do it” stuff.

Today Jonah Goldberg from NRO took part in a chat at The LA Times online. I was there, and I actually had the opportunity to get a question in about this issue, and here’s what I asked, along with Jonah’s response:

SistaInfidel: Since today is International Women’s Day, any thoughts/comments on the convenient omission of Islam
when most organizations (and lefty websites) describe the
opression of women?

Jonah_Goldberg: Sista, i think that’s a great subject. I think
it gets to the heart of t he problem of both the UN which
covers the butts of bad countries and multiculturalism
because it won’t attack the self-esteem, as it were, of some
of its constituents.

Very true. They can’t “offend” all the Muslims who are supporting (by not condemning) their own Islamic brothers comitting all the crimes against women (though make no mistake, in a lot of these countries these “crimes” aren’t even against the law). The truth is that the U.N. doesn’t truly care about what’s happening to the women, they only care about looking like they do. Just making statements doesn’t make something true, when actions and behavior prove otherwise.

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  • Muter

    Sista, what an excellent post! International interest in Women’s Rights has all but vanished, and pursuit of “human rights” is what the U.N. says they are focusing on. The U.N. sanctions countries who show abysmal treatment of humans. However, if the poor treatment is of women only, no sanctions are imposed. It’s only when the U.S. military gets involved that the state-sanctioned abuse of women comes to an end. Bullies have to be met with a bigger bully before they will back off. The women in Afghanistan have been freed by our soldiers. They are in school again, getting an education. They are prominent members of their community, and they are affecting change. The brutal slayings of Iraqi women has ended thanks to our military. Thanks for bringing the light to the truth with your post!

  • Yankee Doodle

    Excellent post. It’s just another example of how, in traditional, strict Islam, people
    — especially women — are considered property. Another word for that is slavery.

    Agreed, Muter. Whatever their concerns about the war, too many people forget all the good stuff our military does. As the body count climbs in Iraq’s sectarian violence, people
    lose sight of how it used to climb in Saddam’s prisons, at the hands of his death squads,
    and amidst military strikes on his own people. The news didn’t film all that.

  • Sarah Vevo

    Wowwww, okay you people seriously need a new topic to watse your time talking about. Have you ever wondered why America has such a high rape and pregnancy rate? It's because the girls walk around half naked, causing men of all ages to react in a certain way. I don't agree that women should be FORCED to cover like in Iran, but stop acting like Islam allows hitting and abusing your wife. It doesn't. If the man makes even the tiniest mark on his wife, it is not allowed. When they say “hit”, they mean tap. Like shove lightly in order to prove a point. And a man may marry four wives, but by law he must love each one equally, and not abuse them. Rape is extremely against the religion, get your facts straight. The only reason why Muslim women cover is to maintain their self-respect unlike Western girls.

    • Infidelesto

      you are wise beyond your age. You're Imam indoctrinated you into
      totalitarian Islam quite well. Here's to you and your abused wife.

    • hellosnackbar

      Have you ever wondered why Britain's are full of Muslim rapists of non Muslim women?
      Read the story about how one lady was saved by the intervention of another ladies pet Rottweiler.
      And another piece (from Odyssia)where she reminded some retard of the rape of Bengali women by Paki soldiers during Bangla Desh's war of independence.
      And the honour killings often perpetrated by close relatives or paid thugs.
      Ah the beauty of Islam/???
      More futile attempts to polish the turd that is Islam!

    • Beejj

      I take it, then, that rape must be most common in those parts of the world where women go bare-breasted. Strange how this has never been reported. Do you honestly believe that women who do not dress in the hideous Muslim fashion have less self-respect than you and your afflicted sisters? A woman who agrees to being one of four wives of a man has greater self-esteem? Clearly, in writing such things you are striving to convince yourself rather than us.

  • Cutiepie0406


    • Kal El


  • Cutiepie0406

    I’m wondering how come when I type quotes about women’s right I get this on the first page “Top 10 Quran quotes every woman MUST SEE” but when I type “Top 10 bible quotes every woman MUST SEE” I do not get anything. Is the publisher biased??

    • Anonymous

      Wow, another islamic genius.

      Do you NOT see the url at the top of the page? Read slowly, you bloody vagina virgin: I N F I D E L S are cool.

      What part of infidel do you not understand? Infidel=kaffr.

      Kaffrs don’t get grief, beheadings, racism or supremacy from Hindus, Buddhists, Christians or Jews.

      So, call on the power of that one fucking braincell you share with the other 1.2 billion kuranimals and figure out of “kaffrs” are biased or not.

      Dumb cunt.

      Like islamist sites aren’t biased.

    • Kal El

      Considering the fact that I have had minimal success finding evidence of women being mistreated this century, or the last half of the previous one, due to Bible quotes, I am not surprised you found nothing. But note the opposite is true when it comes to the quran. People die everyday because of the bullshit supposedly given to the pedophile Muhamhead by the moon-god allah.

  • Donotlie

    Let me tell you guys, You believe what ever people tell you? Im telling you right now dont even believe me! 
    Just take a copy of the Koran and read it in English, going to cost you hardly $ 5, and see for yourself. Do not believe the unbelievers. I know my post will be removed but let me tell you that The world today educates them self from internet!?!? why? its just reviews of other people? why cant you make an effort yourself and stop believing in what ever people just say to you! in conlcusion i just want to say im not against this or for it, BUT just want t say that if you are reading this post, means you are interested in Islam or atleast just want to know a bit, So just go and find a real source of Islam not some random views of people who are haters.

    • hellosnackbar

      And you educate yourself by reading the turgid tosh within the Koranus?
      Read The God Delusion and give yourself an academic lift.

    • SirWilhelm

      Do not believe the unbelievers? I am an unbeliever. I don’t believe Allah is a deity, let alone The Deity. So why should I read a book about a fictional deity? I do believe Mohammed wrote it, so that he could recruit an army of followers to bring him power and wealth, through war and conquest. And history, and the existence of the first Muslim Empire, the First Caliphate, confirms that, doesn’t it? Interested in Islam? This is far from the only post on this site, you know? And what we already know about Islam, is too much, and that’s why we hate Islam, although not necessarily those that have been fooled by it. So, don’t bother trying to fool any of us that post on this site regularly, you’ll only be fooling yourself.

    • Tonto

      Don, it makes me wonder if YOU have read the coran….because, obviously, you have no concept of the inherent violence against women and all others not of your perversion.  You must not be educated or you would understand the ignorance and just plain “wrongness” of your so-called prophet.  There should be NO errors of any kind in the coran ……..if it was, in fact the Word of God, as it has been stated in the coran myth, given to mohamad (piss on him), then every passage and every fact should be perfect with no error….but we know it IS full of several blatant errors….so that is proof that it is a fake.  “The people of the book” have a book called the Bible….you should read that (cover to cover) and you can easily obtain one FREE almost anywhere in the civilized world…then compare.  Jesus is supposedly one of your prophets too….so why would His words be so diametrically different from the teachings of mohamad(piss on him)?  Why would Jesus teach love and mohamad(piss on him) teach murder and mayhem?  Somehow, the words of the coran don’t fit with the ideas and picture of God as a father who loves us as Jesus taught.  God is not a repressor of women or a slave trader or slaughterer or a thief as mohamad(piss on him) was….and as the muz are today.
      Oh, by the way….you can find the Bible printed in almost every written language in the world….so we’ve made it easy for you.  If you aren’t an arab native speaker, when you were learning to memorize the coran, how could you understand it?  I understand that the coran is only written in arabic and the English translations are considered “not so good”.

  • hellosnackbar

    Again off topic: Some Muslim misanthropes fire bombed the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.
    They created an issue with Mohammed as the guest editor:

  • American_Muslim <3

    This is NOT what Quran say!!!!!  instead of bombing America, muslims should get rid of this kind of “muslims” first.  32 years is nothing for what he did:  he booked the HELL for forever, as VIP client !!!!!!!!!     shame on him as a human being!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • guest

    very funny, I am a practicing Muslim women PhD in engineering in my home country and now abroad with my husband. All you wrote were from the people like YOU who uses Quran to satisfy their own wishes. If you can translate the word by word meaning of Quranic verses and women’s rights in Islam in the life of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W. , you will see a very different story. Start it from his first wife who was 15 yrs older than him, mother of all of his children and A very intelligent, independent business women of her time who chose him and proposed him while he was her employee. If you are truthful, go and see the life of Prophet himself and his progeny, not the hypocrtic followers who accepted Islam just to gain world desires after Victory of Islam over there cultural abuse on women. They tried to continue it by wrapping in beautiful words and their own commentary of Quran. A religion or a system cannot be judged by the practice of people who follow it. If you see in this way, then democracy has no meaning as how many people really come out to vote in western countries who claim to be democratic? and We have to hate the free market idea and capitalism IF AND ONLY IF we conclude what capitalism is doing in America. 

    • Anonymous

      So Khadija the cougar was “…independent business women of her time who chose him and proposed him…”?

      Yet you muslim supremacists incessantly whine that “before islam women had no power, no respect, and no rights whaaaa whaaaaa!!!”

      Can’t have it both ways.

      And just how is it that an allegedly “clear and perfect” tome from and allegedly omnipotent and perfect sky monster is so susceptible to being misread “word for word”?  No matter how hard I try I can’t misread the clear and perfect instructions on my shampoo bottle.

  • jazin

    Am wonderin y u guys r fighting.wat jesus n muhammed prophet said.respect and love yu guys r believing on some people what they are doing instead of understanding and knowing what is quran and reality.boozing is haram for muslims bit there r so mnany galz and guys doing that does’t mean islam or quran is wrong.people do coz if u believe in that only some people are killing and rapping and doing al bad tins what quran said frds n brothers…n sisters think and try to know the truth instead of blaming and fighting.some people are not islam or quran.azalamu alaikum.may god bless u all.

    • SirWilhelm

      I don’t believe in the Devil. I believe that everyone is responsible for their own actions, for their own choices, and the consequences they bring. I believe that blaming the Devil, saying “the Devil made me do it”, is a cop out, a refusal to take responsibility for actions that cause harm to others. During Mohammed’s rise to power, and his conquests as a warlord, many people died, and many were enslaved. During Jesus life, he did not cause one death, except his own, and actually brought at least one person back from the dead. Even if you believe Jesus and Mohammed were both just prophets, which one’s life was really the most exemplary?

  • Plum

    You quoted : “Deputy Public Prosecutor Eugene Lee said the husband told his multiple wives and scores of children that according to the Quran, a father u201cownedu201d his children and this extended to having sex with his daughters”, correct?nnnWe ask you to produce a single verse from the Quran to establish that a father can have sex with his daughter, okay??nnnIf you cannot then read the the whole Quran with understanding!! It is the best Guidance on morality!!.

    • ISHLAME1234

      It is for one to ask the father of the children to show relevent part of Quran. Also, it should be questioned as how the tri-mothers allowed the father to screw their daughters. There is no point in asking someone to give proof who just quoted the statements of public prosecutor. Quran is said to be VERSES to form a BOOK OF GOD. For any question, the static answer “READ QURAN. EVERYTHING IS ANSWERED IN IT”. Yes, you try, taking translation in your local tongue or English. nDo not worry. Your head would reel. You say that the book is incomplete, unclear, and illogical. You will get answer that QURAN SHOULD BE READ IN ORIGINAL FORM IN ARABIC TO UNDERSTAND CORRECT MEANING (???). Yes, you try to learn arabic. No, you will be told that learning arabic and mastering the Interpretation of Quran would be difficult. Better get the Quran read by a mullah and get it explained to you. The Mullah is like a research scholar, will explain at his will, the ALPHABETS as if, it contains indepth value of some great litrature . You should claim it to have understood. You become a muslim. Do not raise any doubt about the BOOK OF QURAN and avoid getting accused of blasphemy and getting killed.