This Could Be The World War III Catalyst

by Infidelesto on March 27, 2007 · 0 comments

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It’s going to be a lot worse than people think. I think Iran will do a lot of damage around the region, and this will turn into something way bigger than just a few captured soldiers. We’ve talked about World War 3 and this may be it. Syria, Hezbollah and the Palestinians will most certainly initiate attacks against innocent civilians, and we may see Syria and Israel going at it, while Britain is attacking Iran, with the U.S backing both Israel and Britain, while Iran is fighting everyone at the same time through their outlets. (Hezbollah, Revolutionary Guard) Scary….

The U.S. is in the middle of a HUGE military demonstration that of the likes we haven’t seen since the pre-Iraq invasion of 2003.

The U.S. has been waiting; Iran has been waiting; Iran is provoking action right now and Blair is hesitating. He’s pushing for diplomacy to end this stand off but the Iranians see his weakness. The Mullahs see Britain’s Carter-esque character traits and remember full and well what happened in November 1979. They know they can get away with this politically with the Brits.

Why can Iran get away with this capture at this point in time?

Because they know the political left has taken over in Britain and most certainly will do anything they can to avoid war. Iran knows Britain will buckle because the Mullah’s see weakness in the enemy, and most likely made the call to approach and capture those 15 soldiers, on the idea that “Hey, it’s only Britain…they’re cowardly and we did cause we CAN”.

An obvious provocation of a fight if I’ve ever seen one. Will the U.S. back a British led Attack against Iran? Call me a war monger all you want, but we all know and see what’s coming so let’s quit denying it and stand up for ourselves and our Allies. I hope we give them what they want.

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