UCLA Professor: Defending Terrorism and Palestine

by Infidelesto on March 12, 2007 · 0 comments

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Not surprisingly, the LA Times is gushing over a piece like this one (see below) from one of their leftist op-ed writers. This one goes to the top of our Enemy Within category

Written by Saree Makdisi, a Professor of English and Comparative Literature at UCLA.

Read the whole article here, but I’m going to comment on a couple things.

[...]why should the Palestinians recognize an Israel that refuses to accept international law, submit to U.N. resolutions or readmit the Palestinians wrongfully expelled from their homes in 1948 and barred from returning ever since?

If none of these questions are easy to answer, why are such demands being made of the Palestinians? And why is nothing demanded of Israel in turn?

Your missing something here, Professor. Hamas, the leading political party of Palestine, doesn’t want to recognize Israel at all. By making up excuses about why they shouldn’t have to recognize Israel is only justifying suicide bombings, guerilla warfare, civilian blending, and rocket/mortar attacks on Israeli civilian neighborhoods. You’re making an excuse for Hamas to ELIMINATE Israel, not kick them out. This idea that Jihad is justified because Israel shouldn’t be there in the first place is ridiculous. The targeting of innocent civilians is never justified, and never will be in the Western world. This simply a bad excuse to wage “Jihad” against a people, a culture and a civilization, which includes anyone who’s not a Muslim (aka infidels).

A just peace will require Israelis and Palestinians to reconcile and recognize each other’s rights.

You obviously need to be educated, Professor. True Islam, and the Imams preaching who preach hate, will never allow reconciliation for the Palestinians. “Peace” can only be achieved through the destruction of Israel, and annihilation of the Jews.

This is exactly what Israel wants. Indeed, its demand that its “right to exist” be recognized reflects its own anxiety, not about its existence but about its failure to successfully eliminate the Palestinians’ presence inside their homeland

You’re suggesting that Israel wants to eliminate the Palestinian presence inside Israel? Why do you think that is, Professor? Maybe because when Israel allows too many Palestinians into Israel, more and more violence erupts, more and more suicide bombings happen, due to, again, the fact that the Palestinians will NEVER recognize Israel.  Whether they’re boxed inside the West Bank, or freely traveling throughout Israel, they will never compromise. If Israel wanted to eliminate Palestine, they would have done so by now. They haven’t because they are a “civilized people”, unlike the Palestinian people, who only want to destroy Israel, not live in peace.

What exactly is keeping the Palestinian people from being civilized? Fundamental Islamic teaching, that’s what.

The Times is taking sides.

If the paper wants its readers to understand the nature of this conflict, however, it should not go on acting as though only one side has a story to tell.

What’s funny is you’re criticizing an already Left-wing paper (LA Times) for not being liberal enough. This just shows how far-left, and in-line you are with the Carter/Not-so-Albright belief system.

Living as an American, and seeing a professor from a prestigious university say these things, obviously reflects the ideology going into our young people’s minds. Scary.

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