Conservatives Blacklisted From 'The View' Studio Audience?

by Infidelesto on April 11, 2007 · 15 comments

Do you like this story?

This is pure speculation and straight from my random thoughts.

It just seems every time I watch The View, the studio audience is overwhelmingly supportive of Rosie’s rants. It makes me want to throw up when I hear her spout off her political ignorance, and then hear the audience back her up 100%.

For example:

One day she said, “radical Christianity is just as dangerous as radical Islam”…the audience proceeded to applaud loudly. This statement, obviously ignorant, ill-informed, and totally arrogant, is applauded like it came from Winston Churchill or something.

My question is…where is the conservative voice? Blacklisted? maybe…maybe not.

I’m wondering if, in general, conservatives really don’t care about attending, or if, in some way, the liberals are much more inclined to be on a show like this. There can be only so many tickets, I mean… how large is the audience?

What do you guys think?

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  • Tim Eytcheson

    And you see this as unfair? How so? ‘W’ doesn’t make a speech unless it is in front of troops (who cannot criticize their boss) or handpicked neo-cons who lob softball after softball to make sure he looks good!

  • Adam

    Well…I think you chose a bad example for an ignorant Rosie rant. I happen to agree with her to a point in that regard. However, I hate Rosie O’Donnell. I think she is a bloated wind bag who says what she thinks an ultra-liberal would say. She spews ignorant, poorly considered, non-fact-based commentary about everything.

    As for your question, I think “The View’s” audience tends to be liberal. Its hard to watch a show with Rosie O’Donell and Joy Behar when you are not incredibly liberal or if you have any coherent thoughts.

  • Infidelesto

    how’s this one for ya?

    “You know, this President invaded a sovereign nation in defiance of the UN. He is basically a war criminal. Honestly. He should be tried at The Hague.” – Rosie Odonnel

  • Adam

    Not bad, but I think her “I think this is the first time in history that fire has melted steel” quote is far worse. Anyone who thinks the WTC was an inside job is delusional or idiotic.

  • sushiman

    “I think this is the first time in history that fire has melted steel”

    I dont know what the context this was with, but uhhh… is she serious? Um, wow. I have no words to describe how much agony this line causes to my brain.

  • Sistainfidel

    Most, if not all, of Rosie’s political opinions come from a place of delusion and idiocy. How can you agree that radical Christians are as dangerous as radical Islamics? Give me a break. I don’t recall hearing about suicide Christian bombers, or hearing about Christians flying planes into buildings to kill as many people as possible in the name of God. Just because you don’t like their opinions, doesn’t equate them with murderers.

    I think most people that aren’t liberal have no desire to go on The View, much less watch it. Its unbearable for me to watch, personally. For the most part I’m just “who cares” about it, and would never stand in line for tickets to kiss Rosie’s ass.

  • Sistainfidel

    Oh man Sushi, you missed out on the great 9/11 “steel” controversy? Get some popcorn and snuggle down for some good entertainment. After that just google “rosie odonnell fire doesn’t melt steel”. Cringe-worthy, indeed.

  • Adam

    My agreement with Rosie about radical Christians being as bad as Radical Islamists has to do with abortion clinic bombings (which have become far more rare) and radicalism in general. I think Christians in general have a better hold on their constituency and radicals are not followed as much. I do, however, think that if some radical Christians got bigger followings than we would see some similar goings on as we do with radical Islam.

    I think that radical Christians not being as bad as radical Islamists has more to do with western society and the fact that it is far more difficult to find someone so religious and unquestioning that they can rationalize killing innocent people in the name of God.

    As an aside, I wonder why you care if radical Christians are better or worse than Islamists? I mean you are not radical are you? Radicals do not speak for the majority and I do not equate a highly religious, word for word from the bible religious person as a radical. In order to be a radical you have to force your will and beliefs upon other people in some uncivilized manner.

    So, I say, radicals in general are of the same ilk, it is just far easier to find an islamic one than a Christian one these days.

  • sushiman

    I can buy a soldering gun at wal-mart for $5.99 and when I show rosie shes gonna think im some kinda physics defying voodoo shaman witchdoctor. Maybe I scare her into seclusion in some remote village in lala-land – population: rosie.

  • Adam

    haha…you really have to watch the video, its pretty infuriating. Anyone who thinks 9/11w was an inside job is delusional, retarded or both.

  • Sistainfidel

    So a “radical is a radical is a radical”? How on Earth is it the same thing when one religion has radicals that number in the millions, have declared war on us, seek to convert us or kill is, and the other has radicals that are judgmental and legalistic and don’t like what you do? For the most part, any type of radical (religious, political, etc.) is pretty unhinged and doesn’t represent the group it claims to. However, the massive exception to that statement lies within Islam. Their radicals are vast in number, and are rarely criticized by their own group due to the fact that killing is sanctioned in the Koran.

    The abortion example is silly, because all Christians (radical and not) condemn the horrible behavior, and agree its certainly not from God. Killings in the name of Allah are rarely, if ever condemned by more than a handful of brave moderate Muslims that have just recently started speaking out against Islamists.

    Why do I care? Interesting question. I am a Christian, and it bothers me that my faith (even though I am not a radical) would be equated in any way to Islam. If you want to know the reasons why I detest Islam, read the archives. :) Plus, my hunch is that usually when people feel the way you do, its because they have had bad experiences with “bible thumpers” and have a general disdain for Christians in general. Equating radical Christians to Islamists, not only disparages Christianity, but also diminishes the disgusting and loathsome acts committed every day by terrorists as just a small bunch of crazies. If there were millions of radical Christians waging a holy war against any and all non-Christian, and practically no Christians came out against the holy war as being evil, you might have a point.

    I’d rather live next door to a radical Christian that knows that I love to dance and drink large amounts of wine, than an Islamist who simply knows I’m a white female infidel.

  • sushiman

    Very well put sista, now I have a video to go watch so I can get really angry…

    I watched it… the worst part about this: none of the other ladies on the stage had anything to say about the fire melting steel thing. Are they all as stupid as her… or do the rosiebots refuse to contradict their overlord?

    Just wow… I love it when someone is completely ignorant about the use of the word ignorant and is in fact completely ignorant about the topic as well, as they are calling others ignorant. The hypocrisy of it all forms this fuzzy warm spot in my heart that bleeds corrosive acid into my opinion and tolerance of stupid people.

  • Sistainfidel

    …then go drink large amounts of wine. and watch your back.

  • Adam

    Sorry this is late…but I had stuff to do. I have no disdain for the Christian religion. I personally am not a religious person, but I have grown up around religion. My mother is Catholic and my dad is Jewish, my aunt (Catholic) is super religious, so I know that the problem isn’t the religion when it comes to radicalism. The problem is the people and the culture.

    The Arab world is not sufficiently outraged or apalled by the way their religion is being used to promote an insane war against western culture. All the death and misery that exists in the average person’s daily life there doesn’t help. Misery breeds a malleable mind and the radical Imams have learned well how to shape them and the moderate Imams are too afraid to go against them.

  • Wonder Woman

    Honestly…really…what sane, rational person (conservative or not) would waste time and resources going to see this crap in person? The cost of the spit-shield alone would be prohibitive.

    I think I’d have a better and more productive time, chewing my toenails…