Democrats Pull Out Of Debate

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“Do we really want a President who is afraid of a cable network?” -Free Republic

We don’t often forage into the world of just-plain-politics, unless its “infidel” related somehow. I’m sure this will change as the 2008 elections get closer, but for now, purely political posts are limited to those issues or topics that really chap our hides.

And this, my friends, it chaps. Big time.

Obama and Hillary have both pulled out (joining The Silky Pony) of the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus)/Fox News sponsored presidential democrat debate.

Barack Obama has chosen not to attend September’s Democratic presidential primary debate co-sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute and Fox News, an aide said, effectively dooming the event.

Obama is the only member of the Congressional Black Caucus running for President, and his decision allows other candidates to skip the debate without facing criticism that they are turning their backs on a leading black institution.

Friday, John Edwards was the first candidate to announce he’d skip the debate. The CBC Institute is hosting one other debate, with CNN in January, in which all candidates are expected to participate.

“CNN seemed like a more appropriate venue,” the aide said, adding that Obama himself had not called CBC leadership or Fox executives to deliver the news. “It was handled at a staff level.”


Clinton spokesman Blake Zeff emails, “We’re going to participate in the DNC-sanctioned debates only. We’ve previously committed to participating in the SC and Tavis Smiley debates.”

How childish can you be? Do they have no idea that Fox News captures the majority of the viewership in cable news?

From Free Republic:

Fox News is Democrat Kryptonite. They run from this monster like Michael Moore from an approaching salad bar. Why?

Democrats say that Fox News is biased. Fine, let’s run with that assumption for a moment. If Fox News is such a politically biased joke, then you’d think the candidates would relish an opportunity to appear on their air and demonstrate that fact to the world. After all, somebody who wants to be president can’t be seen running from a tough challenge — can they? Absolutely. Cowardice happens to be vogue, and Democrats are determined to be fashionable at any cost.


The latest debate is co-sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus. How bad would the verbal bashing be if these were Republicans?

Edwards, Clinton and Obama want it to appear that they’re standing up to the biased monster by running away. This is the kind of bravery of which many a surrender has been made. Somebody please tell these people that they’re running for president, but not of France.

These candidates are either clueless or ever farther left than previously thought. How wise is it to telegraph to the entire country (remember the President is President of the whole country, not just the moonbats) that you will cater to the “fringe” (how can we really say they are fringe anymore?) side of your party? Further proof that they just. don’t. care. Hillary can pretend all she wants that she’s a hawk on the war, but behavior like this proves she’s just as batty as the rest of them. Obama and Silky Pony? Digging the hole even deeper into complete domination by the likes of

As Captain Ed puts quite well:

Once again, I will ask this question: how can we expect these candidates to face off against America’s enemies when they can’t bring themselves to face Fox? Do they expect that this demonstration of cravenness to actually impress anyone but the radical defeatists of MoveOn?

Some will suggest that the Republicans boycott CNN in response. That would be a huge mistake. First, the choice of venue for these debates, especially in the primary, is almost meaningless. Second, we don’t need both parties to act like shrieking little children at the sight of a mouse. The eventual President represents the entire nation, not just a party — or in this case, a faction of a party — and the candidates who model that in the primaries and the general election will have the greatest chance of success. Besides, CNN didn’t do anything in this case to earn Republican enmity except be the unfortunate cave in which these courageous Democratic candidates chose to hide.

They wonder why we ever question their bravery, their patriotism or their defeatist attitudes.

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