Female Saudi Newscaster: 'We Are Brainwashed Daily'

by admin on April 14, 2007 · 17 comments

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From MEMRI, below is a video of a female Saudi newscaster standing up for herself against a Saudi cleric who believes women should stop “tempting” men by having the gall to show their hair or neck. Here’s an excerpt of the transcript:

[Cleric] Nasser Al-Huneini: On the issue of the hijab, all religious scholars are in agreement that if revealing a woman’s face might lead to temptation and other things, it is forbidden. In addition, even when they permitted the revealing of the woman’s face, they placed restrictions on this. Even Sheik Al-Albani did so. They stated that only the face and the palms may be exposed. The woman is not allowed to expose her neck or her hair. She is not allowed to appear with make-up or jewelry. The religious scholars have all agreed upon this.

[Female Newscaster] Buthayna Nasser: Who are these people who wish to decide for me how I should behave? Why do you treat me as less qualified just because I am a woman? Why is there always a male voice deciding how I should behave? The Lord created me equal to you in my duties, punishment, and reward. When you fast, I fast. When you pray, I pray. When you steal, your hand is cut off, and when I steal, my hand is cut off. This is the greatest evidence that I am not less qualified. I know what I am doing, and I know how to maintain my honor.

Nasser also decribes how Saudi’s are “brainwashed” from an early age:

Walid wondered how I, as a newscaster, can describe Saudi society as being brainwashing. There is nothing to be surprising about, Dr. Walid. From the age of six or seven, from elementary school until high school, when we reach the age of 18, and even later, when we go to university – we memorize, memorize, and memorize. Whoever dares to argue or to question anything is called upon to ask for Allah’s forgiveness. He is told that this will get him into Hell. You, who frighten people with Hell, have brought them a hell upon earth.

You have banned books of the various intellectual streams. You’ve prevented the mind from operating, thinking, comparing, and choosing, even though it is the same mind that the Creator gave people in order to choose between Paradise and Hell. Our Lord honored Man by giving him the freedom to choose his path in this life, and the consequences are revealed in the world to come. Deeds are measured by the intent, and, as the Great Teacher taught us, good intentions steer our behavior. Yes sir, we are being brainwashed on a daily basis…

This just shows how Muslim men, in this case Saudi Muslim men, have formed opinions and preach/teach about how women should dress, act, and speak; and their sexist views come, not from Allah, but from their own power obsessions. This is the best explanation of how (Muslim) women are in fact equal, despite what the Muslim men have tried to brainwash everyone into thinking. I wonder if this woman had consequences for the words she spoke?

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  • http://radicalmuslim.blogsome.com/ jamal

    …and how many female workers in the America say they are molested, bullied, discriminated against and harrassed by their male counterparts?

  • Infidelesto

    NONE….molestation, assault, and battery will get you put in jail, and sexual discrimination will get you a nice lawsuit. Sure, you can try and treat our women this way, but you’ll pay for it if you treat an American woman the way you subjugate yours.

  • Sistainfidel

    Jamal, I seriously don’t get your point, assuming you even have one. Are you suggesting that female workers (why just workers?) in America DO complain about those things, and its their own fault because they are “allowed” or they choose to go uncovered in the workplace? You have a long road ahead of you if you are attempting to convince any of us that your oppression of women is “for their own good”.

    Plus, I’m sure there are plenty of women who are molested, bullied, discriminated against and harassed in Muslim countries, but nothing is done about it because its perfectly acceptable to treat women that way (and worse) in those places.

  • One4FreeChoice

    I think her comments that the banned books and authors that represent all sorts of places the mind has gone is pretty damning comment of Saudi culture. She speaks loads to where the true spiritual burden lies. Intention to make the right choice. Clearly, many people int the “West” get lost in thier Ego, and subsequently fall prey to thier own personal hell. But, the God given right to persue free choice to determine my life is sacred and not to be coerced by anyone. Violent Jihad is coersion of the first order, since when does killing someone who disagrees with you solve a problem? The Islamic mind who justifies killing a human life for the sake of Allah, frankly is performing an abomination and a perversion. This indeed is going to be the cause of WW3. So, Jamel, my Allah bless you with new found clarity and purpose of using good intention for the betterment of all peoples.

  • http://www.lassooftruth.com Wonder Woman

    OFF WITH HER HEAD! Everyone knows that we lowly women are nothing more than uncovered cat meat.

    Infidelesto…In lieu of lawsuits and criminal charges, I tend to be a vociferous prponent of drop-kicks and bitchslaps…that is, until Canada allows me to carry a concealed weapon.

  • Hungrydoll2020

    in islam a husband should always be soft with his wife and a wife should always be soft with her husband! those ARE the words of the Qur’an. anyone who says diff is a liar.


      ” anyone who says diff is a liar. ”

      Another TAQIYA.

  • Hungrydoll2020

    and islam or not women should not run around naked are revealing her charms as it is unsafe and does bring unwanted attention its a fact! everyone has gotten too slutty


      ” women should not run around naked ”

      Here in Brazil, I’m not used to see “women running naked”. Wearing bikinis at the beach or swimming pool isn’t considered “naked”.

      “…bring unwanted attention”

      Women CRAVE to draw men’s attention. It’s a biological trait, for we are animals, too, not much different than horses getting excited by mares in heat. Women got every right to do whatever they want with their bodies.

      “everyone has gotten too slutty ”

      It’s not your business…nor mine. Girls who became “slutty” did so because they wanted. Other thing : Your concept of sluttiness could be vastly different than mine. Yours calls sluts any girl wearing bikinis. Mine, when a 18 year-old girl is caught naked in her parents’s F…ING with two guys at the same time.
      Fair enough, isn’t it ? By the way, “Hungrydoll”, your “hunger” isn’t exactly for food, n’est -ce pas mon chéri?

  • Hungrydoll2020

    also not everything is as it seems because in islam the women may look as if theyre suppressed but its really the protection of the man…. in marriage if the wife is bad the husband gets the blame. this is the real islam not the radical sickos you are talking about… there are millions of muslims ofcourse their will be bad seeds. and if you recalll there was a time in chritianity where a woman wasnt ALLOWED to enjoy sex with her husband or she was considered a harlot. the TRUE islam is very good and fair to all. and for your info the hadiths are all add ons… the only true book of the words of the god is the qur’an. the prophet mohammed is NOT god not is he to be worshipped in islam he is simply a messenger and this is made clear in the actual qur’an.


      I’m afraid I can’t believe in a single word you’ve had the gall to write, “Hungrydoll2020″, otherwise I would be obliged to believe in UNICORNS, too.
      Islam SUCKS , the unholy Qu’ran REEKS and Muslims STINKS. That’s my humble but utterly honest message to you, oh dumb muslima.

      • Tati

        you are such a dick….if you were a true jew you should respect all religions. See your ass in Hell homie! Vraiment t’es nul

        • Anonymous

          Where in the hell do you kuranimals get the notion that Jews And Christians must respect all religions?

        • JEWHAWK

          ” See your ass in Hell ”

          Sorry, but I do NOT believe in “hell”.


          I don’t feel I must respect something that definitely decided to persecute, snuff out the Jewish People. I only respect what I admire, therefore Islam would be the very LAST thing I’d do so, after ticks, flies and a poster written “Yes, We Can – Obama 2008″.

          “dick”… “ass”… You could make a nice sentence with these two charming words you’ve written. I did and I bet you already know what I mean.

      • Tats

        Oh and by the way, why don’t you get off the case of Islam and focus on Donald Trump killing Osama bin Shit! hahahah

        • JEWHAWK

          Nope. I’d rather INSIST on focusing on the stories that bring about the heinous activities that only were made possible by invoking the putrid name of Islam, namely terrorism, “honor killings”, beheadings of infidels and other cute stuff.

    • Anonymous

      “there was a time in chritianity where a woman wasnt ALLOWED to enjoy sex with her husband or she was considered a harlot.”

      Do elaborate on this, mo-bot. Do you have “proofs” than mein kuranmpf?