First Sharia Islamic State To Go Nuclear…Iran or Pakistan?

by Infidelesto on April 27, 2007 · 2 comments

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Musharraf is losing grip on fighting back the Taliban in Pakistan. This is chilling considering all the talk about Iran, and we have yet to sit back and think about what the consequences to our national security will be if Musharraf loses control to the growing number of radical Islamists throughout Pakistan:

Pakistan is reverberating with the call of jihad. Taliban-style militias are spreading rapidly out from provinces in the far north-west. The danger to the country and to the rest of the world is escalating

“You must understand,” says Maulana Sami ul-Haq, “that Pakistan and Islam are synonymous.” The principal of Darul Uloom Haqqania, a seminary in Pakistan’s North-West Frontier Province (NWFP), is a tall and jovial man. He grabs my hand as he takes me round the seminary. Maulana ul-Haq laughs when I ask his views on jihad. “It is the duty of all Muslims to support those groups fighting against oppression,” he says.

The Haqqania is one of the largest madrasas in Pakistan. It produces about 3,000 graduates, most from exceptionally poor backgrounds, every year. The walls of the student dormitory are decorated with tanks and Kalashnikovs. A group of students, all with black beards, white turbans and grey dresses, surrounds me. They are curious and extremely polite. We chat under the watchful eye of two officers from Pakistan’s intelligence services. What would they do after they graduate, I ask. “Serve Islam,” they reply in unison. “We will dedicate our lives to jihad.” read the rest…

Musharraf caves to Red Mosque


the Pakistani government has accepted all of Lal Masjid’s demands, including the implementation of Sharia Law in Pakistan. It is another example of the Musharraf government’s inability to contain the pro-Taliban and pro-al-Qaeda Islamist movement inside Pakistan. While ceding real estate to the Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance through the various ‘peace accords’ that handed terrorists South Waziristan, North Waziristan and Bajour agencies is troubling in its own right, this latest set of concessions is more troubling still.


A majority of the extremist seminaries that preach and support militant violence follow the Deobandi sect and are associated with the Wafaq-ul-Madaris, the main confederacy of seminaries. According to the International Crisis Group (ICG), “The two factions of the Deobandi political parties, JUI-Fazlur Rehman [Jamaat-e-Ulema-Islam faction headed by Maulana Fazlur Rehman] and JUI-Samiul Haq, run over 65% of all madrassas in Pakistan.” Rehman and Haq are widely considered to be the primary backers of the Taliban. [Emphasis added.]


And the thousands of madrassas in Pakistan continue daily to pump out ‘graduates’ steeped in radical militant Islamist teachings and jihad. The Musharraf government does not attempt to paint a rosier picture of the madrassa situation, unlike its false proclamations of the Taliban driving foreign al-Qaeda fighters from Pakistani tribal areas.

The government’s madrassa approach has been one of silence borne of a perceived inability to address it directly. This perceived helplessness in the face of pervasive indigenous radicalism drove the decision to cave to the Lal Masjid Islamists’ demands, including the application of Sharia Law throughout Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Hamid Gul and Usama bin Laden bide their time patiently. Musharraf’s caving to the pro-Taliban and pro-al-Qaeda Lal Masjid Islamists is but another cut in their ‘Death By a Thousand Cuts’ strategy. And patiently they will wait until the time is right for the final cut, which will almost certainly be a swift and violent insurgency initiated by a Madrassa Match in the Pakistani Tinderbox.

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Have we even thought about the threat of Pakistan being ruled by Sharia law? We haven’t talked about it much. This kind of news is very alarming, and I think the U.S should pay very close attention to what Musharaff is doing over there. What would happen if Pakistan suddenly went Sharia on us? Where would our attention be focused? On Iran still?

Does anyone think we will actually allow Pakistan to go Sharia?

In terms of threats, I think Pakistan is just as much of a threat as Iran is, especially knowing what the Taliban would do if they got a hold of those nukes in Pakistan. WWIII could turn out to be way uglier than we ever thought.

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