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Ugh. Where do I begin with this drivel? Its so embarrassing, and dangerous to our troops, not to mention how much our enemies are loving it, I feel like I need to send a letter to every serviceman/woman apologizing for this self-obsessed crackpot. In case you didn’t see or read this yet, here ya go:


He doesn’t have a single solution to this huge “problem” he thinks we have, he just decided to be the ultimate Debbie Downer, and no one laughed. Can this guy be more irrelevant? Today on Rush’s show Rush pointed out that the left has “Iraqnophobia”, afraid of victory in Iraq. Another phobia we can pin onto the left’s lame little onesie.

So what do the troops think? Michelle Malkin has two excellent posts (here and here), of servicemen sending her emails about or to, Senator Reid . An excerpt:

In regards to Mr. Reid’s comment:
I am currently serving in my 25th year, did one tour in Iraq, and would willingly go back. I’m at a loss for words. I just wish that he was also.

Milblogger Badger 6 is checking com’s:

Commo Check

Home Front this is Badger 6, how copy over?

Home Front, Home Front this is Badger 6, how copy over?

Any station this net, any station this net prepare to copy.

It has come to our attention that Sen Reid, the Senate Majority Leader – break . . .

has said the war is lost and the surge had failed – break . . .

SEN Reid has been given bad information – break . . .

Need Retrans – break . . .

Any station that can retrans to Capitol Hill SITREP follows -

Combat Operations in Baghdad pushing Shia militia to ground – break . . .

All forces not yet in place – break . . .

Shaping operations moving ahead close to expected – break . . .

Al Anbar situation improving as well – break . . .

Sunni tribes working with CF and encouraging members to join IP and IA – break . . .

Local populace working more with CF and GOI forces against AIF and AQIZ – break . . .

ISF taking more active part in operations – break . . .

War is not lost and surge is pushing ahead as planned. Over.

Any station please make contact with higher and let them know we are managing the situation. Proceed with current plan.

Badger 6. Out.

Oh, and one more thing, via Flopping Aces. Hey Harry!… Here’s what I think of your bleating little speech. Shaazam!


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