'Islam v. Islamists' Shelved By PBS

by admin on April 11, 2007 · 3 comments

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Continuing my theme of “Things That Really Piss Me Off” today (I’m 9 months pregnant, do not get in my way), here’s another one. From Atlas:

The latest setback in educating the American people is from the infamously leftarded PBS. Maker of Documentary Cries Foul. This documentary should be mandatoruy viewing. MUST SEE TV. Why would we sanction silencing the modrate Muslims? The left is so timid and afraid. Not afraid to kick Papa Bush and the right for fighting for our way of life, but scared shitless to confront the enemy. File this under the leftist/islamist alliance. This is same reaction the lefrt has towards Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Wafa Sultan among other daring truth tellers.

Carolyn wrote,” a documentary “Islam vs. Islamists” about the abuse of moderate Muslims by extremists has been refused airing by PBS next week. PBS gives the usual bullshit excuse – the documentary was late, it wasn’t up to standards, etc. – but specifically PBS ordered the director of the documentary to fire two of his producers because they were “affiliated with a conservative think tank”. (It’s not clear whether it’s the conservatism or the thinking that offended PBS.) The director refused – then accused PBS of leaking portions of his documentary to radical Islamists who then threatened to sue if it were aired.”

This film was federally funded. The crybabies probably saw how compelling it was, and got scared. Why can’t they be scared of what the terrorists are actually doing, instead of what they will think of them and their delicate sensibilities? From the link above:

The controversy involves a collection of documentaries financed with $20 million in federal grants from the corporation, which conceived Crossroads in 2004 to enhance public understanding of terrorism, homeland security and other crucial issues in the post-9/11 era. Independent filmmakers submitted 430 proposals. Full production grants were given to 21 of those, including Islam vs. Islamists, which received $700,000.

Subtitled Voices From the Muslim Center, Burke says his film “attempts to answer the question: ‘Where are the moderate Muslims?’ The answer is, ‘Wherever they are, they are reviled and sometimes attacked’ ” by extremists.

Interestingly, this film was shelved only after WETA (a DC TV station) tried to edit it and only after they showed it to some Islamic groups (Nation of Islam, people! Hello!) and the groups said they’d sue. What part did they want edited out? Check it:

• A WETA manager pressed to eliminate a key perspective of the film: The claim that Muslim radicals are pushing to establish “parallel societies” in America and Europe governed by Shariah law rather than sectarian courts.

Didn’t want those crazy Americans to find out their evil plan to take over the world! Keep censoring the truth, and all the sheeple will fall in line. Its already happening anyway.

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  • sushiman

    Who watches PBS anyway?

    No, seriously…

  • thineprof

    Good Job! Those retard leftests are so phuked up that they think ANY government of ANY kind, will be better than a democratic government. Hate blinds. So does mental retardation. The San Fran Sicko hippies of the 60′s, now in education and journalism, are retards. So are most of the people in their 60′s and 70′s who watch CNN and all the bs news shows.(cbs, pbs….). I really hate PBS–don’t hardly look at it any more. Keep up the good work:)

  • Sistainfidel


    If you had kids you’d have PBS on all the time. :)

    Seriously tho, its not about who watches PBS, because their programming (save for the children’s shows) is very left leaning. Its about what PBS isn’t airing. The content that people WON’T be able to see. Had this film aired (hopefully it still will air somewhere else) it would have been a small scratch on the shield that Islamists and their apologists have been holding over the majority of Americans. Most people aren’t out reading and researching on their own. They gulp down the kool-aid from the MSM on a daily basis, and don’t dig deeper.