Pelosi in Syria: Isn't She Lovely

by admin on April 3, 2007 · 4 comments

Do you like this story?

The most powerful woman in America dons a veil in Syria…any further commentary is unnecessary!

pelosi veil

Hat tip: LGF

Oh, but one more thing:

pelosi in syria

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  • tim stevens

    Nice thing about the wicked witch of the west having that “I’m a retard about to drool on myself” picture, is that in 10 years or so when everyone comes to realize Bush was right and the back stabbing Libs were wrong, we can dig up that picture as the face of political appeasement and general stupidity.

  • M. Martin

    Shame on us for electing such a woman to our Congress … or even if it were a man!
    We have no respect for ourselves, so how can we command the respect of others.
    That Arab/Moslem murderer should join his friend and partner in crime, Sadam Hussain.

    M. Martin

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  • dobus

    Observe, ladies and gentlemen, THE WHORE OF BABYLON1