New Video Of British Soldiers Released *Updated*

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I saw this on the wires last night, but could not find the video until now.

Leave it to LGF to get the goods.

Iran released a new video yesterday, with no audio, but showed the British soldiers in various leisure activities. Playing ping pong, eating, flashing absurdly goofy grins, etc. Says Fox News:

It was not immediately clear why Iran aired the video footage, but it comes two days after several of the British crew told reporters that they had been blindfolded, isolated in cold stone cells and tricked into fearing execution while being coerced into falsely saying they had entered Iranian waters.

They crew members said the eight sailors and seven marines reported undergoing constant psychological pressure and being threatened with seven years in prison if they did not say they intruded into Iranian waters.

Iranian officials have called the crew’s comments “propaganda.”

So the Iranian PR coup continues. Despite what the British soldiers say now, this video is cringe-worthy for more than a few reasons, and they can’t take back how ridiculous and dishonorable they look on this video (and previous videos). Even if they were “pressured psychologically”.

I would not want to be Mr. Pearly Whites from the video, hamming it up for the camera, that is certain.


Also from LGF, grand chairman of video awesomeness, the ITV (paid) Faye Turney interview (in two parts).


[the second clip is no longer available on YouTube, but as of right now you can still go to the LGF link to see it.]

A few things struck me while watching this video…

In Turney’s description of how they were captured, she said that at first they were all shaking hands, and then the Iranians turned “hostile”. Once the “mood changed” the Brits realized “there was nothing they could do”. This kind of mentality confirms a suspicion a lot of critics have had of the Navy over this whole ordeal…they didn’t even put up a fight when confronted with pirates.

Also, Turney is retelling the story as if she is a regular woman, regular citizen. Talking about how they told her the other soldiers had been released, how they asked her if she wanted to see her daughter again (how did they know she had a daughter??), it all seemed so typical hostage situation (actually, to be fair, it was much MUCH lighter hostage fare than we’ve ever seen before). Are the British soldiers really not trained that, if you are captured, you will be psychologically challenged, and told lies? Why did she buy into all their taunting so easily?

Lastly, I expected her to say the letters and the first TV interview were coerced (which she confirmed), but I also expected her to say something about all the other videos that show all the soldiers leisurely enjoying their time in captivity. However, Turney says they were just so happy to see each other, they made the most of their time together. How could they behave this way with all the cameras around taping every part of their kumbaya time? They had to know that the view would be used against their country, and its allies. How could they be so foolish?

I shudder to think about what must be going through the minds of all the former POW’s around the world.

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