Terrorists Much Closer To Getting Nuclear Weapons

by Infidelesto on April 2, 2007 · 1 comment

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On the heels of Pelosi’s independent diplomatic strategy. This from JP:

There is a growing threat that terrorist groups such as Hizbullah will acquire nuclear or other WMD technology, a senior US State Department official told The Jerusalem Post this week. He indicated that there are a “large number” of nuclear smuggling incidents each year, some of which are “substantial” and not limited to low-grade material.“You have this environment of material, expertise and supporting equipment [for weapons of mass destruction] being more widely available than before,” he said. “You have that coupled with the demonstrated interest of some terror groups to acquire these capabilities, and that is a real concern to us.”“It’s a bigger threat than it was in the past… You see work by the groups to try to acquire the means. It’s not just the will. They are working to acquire the means,” he said.

While the official wouldn’t discuss the specific capabilities of Hizbullah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, he said “each of those terrorist groups are ones the United States is very concerned about.” He also said Arab and Muslim countries were increasingly playing a role in combating the spread of such technologies to terrorist organization.

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  • Para Trooper

    This is why a strike aginst the Iranian weapons program is a must. It should coincide with strikes by Israel against Syrian targets, and a push by the IDF into Lebanon to wipe out Hezbollah’s sanctuaries. I just hope our intel is good and we act on it. Killing 2 pigs with 1 hammer would be a win for Israel and the West.