What If Jewish Citizens Were Armed In Nazi Germany? Holocaust or no? WWII or no?

by Infidelesto on April 18, 2007 · 10 comments

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Here’s the law that was enacted in Germany in 1938:
Regulations Against Jews’ Possession of Weapons 11 November 1938

And something else I found. Turns out the German government enacted these strict gun laws 5 years before Hitler:

In 1928, five years before the rise of Hitler, Germany’s freely elected government enacted a “Law on Firearms and Ammunition.” This law required anyone who owned a firearm, or who wanted to own a firearm, to make themselves known to the authorities. Anyone who wanted to purchase a firearm had to get a “Firearms Acquisition Permit.” If you needed ammunition, you had to get an “Ammunition Acquisition Permit.” When you wanted to go hunting, you had to get an “Annual Hunting Permit.” Every firearm that changed hands professionally had to have a serial number and the maker’s or dealers name stamped into the metal. “Proof of need” was made a condition for issuance of all licenses, not just the carry permit. Mandatory prison sentences were imposed on anyone who professionally sold or transferred a firearm or ammunition without a license. Truncheons and stabbing weapons were subject to the same licensing requirements as firearms, in terms of their manufacture and sale.

As a result of the 1928 Law, all firearms and firearms owners were registered. To take firearms from anyone they distrusted, the Nazis simply did not renew permits. Under the law, their privately created law, the Nazis could now easily confiscate all firearms and ammunition from any, or all, selected groups. The gun law of 1928 had served the Nazis well. It made almost all law abiding firearms owners known to the authorities. The 1928 law on firearms and ammunition helped the Nazis to destroy democracy in Germany, by disarming the law abiding majority, whom they feared.

By the end of 1931, a rising tide of violence, mainly between Nazi and Communist street fighters, moved the authorities to tighten restrictions. Under new regulations, the police could order everyone’s firearms and ammunition … even items not normally used as weapons … to be put into police custody,

“If the maintenance of public security and order require it.”

Simply put, this is what happens when you have a big government trying to control whether or not people can/will bear arms to protect themselves. If you try to control the individual rather than empower him, it will ultimately lead to pure totalitarianism.

What would have happened if good Jewish men were armed when the Nazis came to their home and tried to take them away. Would they have fought? Of course they would have!

You would have had an armed militia that would have had a chance. We saw something of the effect at the Warsaw uprising. Unfortunately that was one of the worst slaughters during the holocaust, but also one of the largest rebellions against the Gestapo and the N.K.V.D.

In April 1943 the Jews of the Warsaw ghetto revolted. Despite their valiant and desperate fight, the rebellion was brutally suppressed. The ghetto was smashed; 36,000 people were either killed or sent to death camps.

As Davies explains, the Warsaw uprising of 1944 – which should not be confused with the ghetto uprising – ended just as tragically. After Hitler commanded the SS chief Heinrich Himmler to take charge of operations in the city, orders were issued to put down the rebellion and reduce the Polish capital to ruins: ”We shall finish them off,” Himmler declared. ”Warsaw will be liquidated.” Every inhabitant was to be killed, every house burned. By October the rebellion had been crushed. Fifteen thousand of the partisans had been killed, and between 200,000 and 250,000 civilians lay dead.

An effort that was horrifying and terrible, but also heroic and brave at the same time. Imagine if more people carried arms. How many lives would have been saved? If their society, five years previous, had not enacted laws controlling the sale and use of guns throughout it’s society, how would it have affected the entire war? Were these laws intentionally made as a precursor to the rise of the Nazi regime?

There may have been a dramatic difference in events that occured during the length of World War 2, simply because Jews were armed and could protect themselves and their families if they had to. In fact, there may have never even been a second “World War”, because it may have been contained solely to Germany. Had the anti-Nazi citizens been armed, instead of being disarmed over the course of several years, it more than likely would have led to a massive civil war which would have crippled any emerging victor’s ability to wage war on the scale that Nazi Germany did during World War II. If these citizens had not been disarmed… there may have never even been a war or Holocaust at all. At least in the case of the Warsaw uprising they didn’t go down without a fight…

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  • paterinfidel

    Very illuminating

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  • http://www.mosquewatch.blogspot.com Jeff Davis

    An unarmed society is ripe for picking by any entity bent on its destruction. If the Jewish population at that given time, had weapons, they would have sent many of the nazi vermin exactly where the scum belonged, under the dirt. On a side note, Israel has a awesome military TODAY and REFUSES to use it, and we all see the consequences of this disaster.


    Liberals may now pick up their jaws off the floor, return upright from the fetal position they were in while reading this. Thank you and good day Infidels ! :)

  • Heinrich Himmler

    I am so glad that the Jews in Germany weren’t armed, otherwise there would be 6 million more Jews in the world, who wants that? Himmler was a God. Hitler’s and his answer to everything was kill more Jews, probably the smartest idea someone has had in a long time.

  • Infidelesto

    Wiki- “Himmler opened the first German Nazi concentration camp on 22 March 1933. He became one of the main architects of the Holocaust, using elements of mysticism and a fanatical belief in the racist Nazi ideology to justify the mass murder and genocide of millions of victims. Himmler had similar plans for the Poles and for many other people in East-Europa, for example the Russians. All intellectuals were to be killed and other Poles were to be only literate enough to read traffic signs.”

    Himmler was a God? that shows how smart you are number 1. Number 2, despite all the anti-semite rhetoric you fall victim to, I have news for you: terrorism comes from Islam, not from Judiasm.

  • sushiman

    near the end of the war, himmler went to the world jewish congress to beg for peace. he didnt get it. he was arrested, and broke a cyanide suicide tooth before he could be taken into custody.

    to sum things up: himmler was a murderer, hypocrite, and a coward!


  • http://www.jewwatch.com Marcus

    The more dead Jews the better.

    These people are plain evil. Their religion is the most fudged up ideology in the world, even more fudged up than Nazism and Communism.

  • Infidelesto


    If your read what is posted and referenced here, there is no logical way possible that what you are saying is correct.

    Do you see Jews committing these terrorist acts? Do you see the Jews calling for the genocide of Muslims?? Do you see Jews blowing up their own people? Do you see what Islam ideology teaches? Do you see what they are teaching their children?

    You’re an ignorant fool, Marcus…God help you

  • Suzanne Oxford

    I have just read Leon Uris’s Mila 18 and towards the end of Jewish uprising, the fighters were able to accumulate weapons and ammunition from Germans they killed. Even with staggering odds against them, the Jewish fighters held their ground and bravely fought to the very end. I am sure if they had access to more guns, ammunition, grenades, etc, they might have very well turned the course of the war and even defeated Germany with help from outsiders. I am just amazed after reading Uris’ account of Warsaw’s ghetto uprising.

  • Think, its still legal.

    Considering the Nazis were the political power it didn’t matter what gun laws where in place. I know its hard to understand because we all want to be heros but 6 million jews weren’t all in one area. They were scattered across Germany, Poland, Italy. They were gathered slowly, often times with out warning. If the police come to your door and ask if they can take you down town for questioning you tend to agree when you did nothing wrong. They did a similar thing to the jews, they didnt worry yet because nothing was known. By the time it was it was too late. The community was missing its key members. All we would have had was jews killed at home instead of at camps, with military bullets instead of gas rooms.