Daily Islamic Totalitarianism Roundup

by Infidelesto on May 9, 2007 · 7 comments

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hattip: mosquewatch

The Sickness of the Islamic mind

and something else I found while browsing youtube. This is REALLY powerful…

The consequence of Muhammad being pedophile




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  • http://www.jewwatch.com Marcus

    Jeez Louise.

    So let me get this straight.

    The Islamic Prophet Muhammad had multiple wives and concubines in his lifetime (According to Islamic Law, a Man can have up to 4 wives). Muhammad had many more than this like between 11 – 13 altogether, but not all at the same time. One of Muhammads wives, Khadija was 15 years older than him, and one of his other wives Aisha was like 40 years younger. Since his youngest wife was only 9 years old, my modern American Standards Muhammad was a pedophille (the age of consent is different in other countries).

    Good Argument against Muhammads marital commitments, although I see a bit of Inconsistency.

    Jewish Religious leaders also had multiple wives and concubines. Remember Soloman, had 700 wives and 300 concubines. Jacob had 2 wives and also had sexual relations with 2 handmaidens. King David had 19 wives and concubines; he got his first wife Batsheeba by having her husband Uriah killed. Also in his old Age, King David had a young girl named Abishag “to keep him warm in his bed”. And remeber, according to Jewish law a common man can have up to 4 wives, and an aristocratic man can have up to 18 wives.

    Im not trying to defend the sexual habits of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, but if he is labeled as a pedophille and pervert, then all Jewish and Mormon religious figures should also be labeled as such.

    Keep up the Good Work Guys.

    PS. Western Philosophers such as Aristotle engaged in pedophille acts with young boys too.

  • fixhist

    Too Bad how morons these people are to marry yong girl. In modern cultures you need not marry to f**k yong girls without being cought. There are tons of Young girls out their who are being plondered and there is no law to stop it. You can well imagine the life of little ones being raised in 2/3rd of American urban dwellings where they don’t have their real parents to look after them.
    In western culture man have more chances to be conten’t with food and fetish due to ubundance of unprotected girls and no law to stop it.
    Fucking a yong girl of 12 Years along with her Mom under the same roof in one day is not some thing which should cause any alarm. I’m not blemming the poor lonely mother to run kitchen and raise kids at her own. Only reason to point it out is there are good and bads things in cultures. we have to look closer before taking long shots.
    brw. thanks for reading in to Hadiths and Quraan and posting them on blogs. I haven’t seen many muslims posting hadiths and Quranic references for knowledge of all.
    Keep up good work guys !

  • fixhist

    If you have read it, looks like you care and want to know present day problems and opinions.
    With open mind and interest you can get better understanding of why some one will have time and desire to initiate such blog/ threads?

  • Infidelesto

    Um it’s called Freedom of Speech, that’s what we do in America

    re: “better understanding of why some one will have time and desire to initiate such blog/ threads?”

  • Infidelesto

    “I haven’t seen many muslims posting hadiths and Quranic references for knowledge of all.
    Keep up good work guys !”

    We bring Facts and Opinion. Not mindless jibber jabber

  • sushiman

    fixhist, you are so stupid i cant even breathe. let me get this out before i suffocate:

    as we told abbaddon who was too stupid to understand (why do i think you will?), one culture doing something that is accepted by the government (like islamic states supporting RAPERS) and another culture having people that do this against the law (LIKE IN AMERICA WHERE THERE ARE LAWS AGAINST SUCH THINGS) is not the same.

    go spew your hateful propaganda to some place where morons are willing to listen to bullshit. wait, thats a large place on earth, and its called the middle east, or really any place predominantly muslim. good for you idiots.

    lol he said theres no laws against it in the west. obviously he never been outside of his cave, though i wonder how he got internet access… hmmm.

  • fixhist

    Hey sushiman, You haven’t been to America, most likely you are in ofshore paradise like pune. 2/3rd of urban and 1/3rd of rural kids have no one to call father. you wouldn’t know how terible the life gets when Parttime father stops by when mom is out for job. Teaser aka. stuns are used to put infants to sleep. You can’t beat American culture, which mostly consists of condom leak generation and are often unwanted children. Sorry to be sarcastic hope you understand how misrably west needs to be adoptive to glory of family and its impact on nation building.