Don't Ignore Evil

by Infidelesto on May 8, 2007 · 2 comments

Do you like this story?

After a lot of careful thought, I have decided to post this video for the sake of our cause. There is no other way to show it, but to see it as is. Evil exists and we can’t ignore it. As disgusting as this video is, I feel it is necessary for the world to see what goes on in Islamic Culture. I’m not advocating watching this, and if you feel you don’t want to watch this, I don’t blame you…Again, you DON’T HAVE TO WATCH.

As for the liberal socialist leftists, I don’t care to hear about your rants on world equality. These vile human beings have NOTHING in common with the West.

Be warned, this is GRAPHIC and DISTURBING

via AussieNews

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  • CaptnMorgan

    No, I did not watch the whole thing.

    I hate Muslims with a passion that came from
    one of them trying to hijack my plane and do a 9/11
    the previous week.(08-28-01, Detroit.)

    Vengeance is a plate that must be eaten cold,
    and one day, yes, one day, I will get even…

    Meanwhile, I avoid Islamic stuff to keep
    my sanity.

    And this is standard Umma business, forget about
    “moderate” Muslims, they are all just like these scums
    from an obscure subgroup, fact, regular Muslims would
    probably have raped the girl before the stoning.