Fred Thompson on Muslim Women's rights

by Infidelesto on May 4, 2007 · 1 comment

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This is how you connect with the American people.  You talk directly to them.  You make them feel like they can trust you.  Fred Thomspon is gaining so fast in the polls because he delivers personal message to his would-be constituents on a frequent basis.  This is coming straight from his brain, not some speech writer, and I respect that immensely.  As for waiting to get into the race, I agree with Jason at Postpolitical when he talks about the “Wisdom of the Thompson holdout

America, Saving Muslim Women’s Lives
Images of oppression.

By Fred Thompson
Sometimes, you read or hear something, and an image forms in your mind that just won’t go away. For me, one of those images comes from the 2002 news stories about religious police in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, who beat young girls trying to escape a burning school. Because they weren’t wearing headscarves and black robes, 15 innocent girls were locked in a blazing building to burn while firemen watched helplessly. 

Not all Saudis support this sort of extremism, but many Muslim radicals reject the premise that women should have even the most basic rights. These include the right to vote, to work, to drive, to choose one’s own husband, to charge a man with abuse or simply to move about without male escort.

One of the worst examples of this gender oppression was Afghanistan during the Taliban days. Women were not allowed to go to school, to work outside the home or even go out in public without a male family member. A woman with a medical emergency, but no male relatives to take her to a doctor, was expected simply to suffer or die. An aged woman with no one to bring her food was expected to starve. Too many did.

Life for women under the Taliban and similar governments ought to inspire…Continue reading

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