Will the US allow Iran to have breakout capability?

by Infidelesto on May 14, 2007 · 6 comments

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In the arcane terminology of nuclear proliferation, that is known as a “breakout capability,” the ability to throw inspectors out of the country and then produce weapons-grade fuel, as North Korea did in 2003.

Some Bush administration officials and some nuclear experts here at the I.A.E.A. and elsewhere suspect that the Iranians may not be driving for a weapon but rather for that “breakout capability,” because that alone can serve as a nuclear deterrent. It would be a way for Iran to make clear that it could produce a bomb on short notice, without actually possessing one.

One senior European diplomat, who declined to speak for attribution, said Washington would now have to confront the question of whether it wants to keep Iran from producing any nuclear material or whether it wants to keep Tehran from gaining the ability to build a weapon on short notice.

“The key decision you have to make right now,” the diplomat said, “is that if you don’t want the breakout scenario, you would have to freeze the Iranian program at a laboratory scale. Because if you continue this stalemate, that will bring you, eventually, to a breakout capability.”

Those in the Bush administration who take a hard line on Iran make the opposite argument. They say that the only position that President Bush can take now, without appearing to be backing down, is to stick to the administration’s past argument that “not one centrifuge spins” in Iran. They argue for escalating sanctions and the threat that, if diplomacy fails, the United States could take out the nuclear facilities in a military strike.

But even inside the administration, many officials, particularly in the State Department and the Pentagon, argue that military action would prompt greater chaos in the Middle East and Iranian retribution against American forces in Iraq and possibly elsewhere. Moreover, they have argued that Iran’s enrichment facilities are still at an early enough stage that a military strike would not set the country’s program back very far. Such a strike, they argue, would only make sense once large facilities have been built.

Vice President Cheney, in an interview conducted with Fox News at the end of his trip to the Mideast, said today that Iran appears “to be determined to develop the capacity to enrich uranium in order to produce nuclear weapons.” But he issued no threats, saying simply “they ought to comply with the U.N. resolutions.

I still believe that Iran will do a lot more damage than people are projecting as a retaliation. I think they are ready, and looking for a reason to strike places in and around the US. The Jihad against America is more popular than ever before. Hezbollah and Syria are at their wing, including every cell that could potentially be implanted in mosques all around the US at this very moment.

Iran will unleash a wave of attacks around the world, this is just the next step towards that.

I have a really hard time believing President Bush will sit and do nothing before he leaves office. It’s not a matter of “if” at this point, it’s a matter of “when” this is going to happen and how it will go down.

Keep your eyes and ears open and please protect your family with the necessary means, if you don’t already…

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  • http://www.jewwatch.com Marcus

    Go Go Iran.

    In todays world every Arabic/Islamic should have nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles capabilities. (Yes I Know Iran is not an Arab country).

    As long as Jews control US Foreign Policy no Muslim nation, or any other nation that bravely stands up to the Israeli Cancer, is safe from a US attack. Self Defense is the right of every individual, and the duty of every government to its citizens.

  • sushiman

    Marcus is a cheerleader for terrorism.

  • http://www.jewwatch.com Marcus

    Actually Marcus is the worst enemy of all terrorist groups in general, and Arab/Islamic terrorist groups in particular.

    You see if the Arab armies were able to defeat the Israeli cancer way back in 1948, there would be no PLO, no Hamas. If there was no Israel, then there would be no Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, and no Lebanese Civil war, meaning no Hezbollah.

    Cant you see, terrorism is a result of the lack of Arab/Islamic countries maintaining conventional forces that can deal with political crisis. A weak military perfectly indicates the failure of a nation, on levels such as social, technological, and economic.

    It is imperitive therfore that all Arab/Islamic nations must take drastic measures to reform themselves. The increasing strength of their forces will serve as an indicator as to the direction and amount of progress they have achieved.

  • sushiman

    “Go Go Iran”

    Iran is led by a dictator, and is a state that openly supports terrorists.

    You at least try to come up with reasoning… unfortunately it is extremely limited and i think you need to open your eyes.

    “You see if the Arab armies were able to defeat the Israeli cancer way back in 1948, there would be no PLO, no Hamas.”

    - right there u just ruined any chance though of anything you have to say being taken seriously. you just proved that your a victim of brainwashing. saying ‘israeli cancer’ is like an american person saying ‘evil germans’. yea nazis were evil (omg lets not start that pls tell ur not one of the idiots that ignores the physical evidence of millions of corpses), that doesnt make all germans today (OR EVEN BACK THEN) evil. certainly not all followers of islam are evil terrorists. thats why this blog never calls them ‘FILTHY SCUM ISLAMICS!’. instead, they say… radical islamics, they talk about actions and behavior of these people… not blind hatred of a group.

    you obviously have blind hatred for a group. it is so obvious that you are completely unaware of it. when was the last time an israeli person did something that even remotely could be called ‘cancerous’ to you? the answer is never of course. you have been brainwashed into saying things like israeli cancer, and blaming jews for everything in the world.

    maybe this isnt you exactly… maybe unlike all the other brainwash victims you try to take the ‘jew’ out of it and just say ‘israeli’ – cause hey its a country not a religion right? as if that makes it better.

    you are full of hatred, bias, and brainwashing. please learn to be a human being for yourself, not the person that the ones pretending to have ‘power’ (especially the ones that claim their power comes from god, or religion) want you to be. cause trust me, they dont care about u.

    your argument is equivalent to a 3rd grader whining in the playground: ‘well i only pushed him off the ladder and broke his arm cause he called me a bad word. i mean, IF HE HAD JUST NOT CALLED ME A BAD WORD I WOULD NOT HAVE BROKEN HIS ARM! STUPID DONT U SEE ITS HIS FAULT!’

    u will think otherwise, cause ur dumb and brainwashed.

    i will yawn and be an infidel.

  • Abbadon Satanson

    I don’t actually agree with Marcus on this point, mainly because I am a vehement advocate of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, WMDs suck. I think the world would be a safer place without them in the first place.

    “saying ‘israeli cancer’ is like an american person saying ‘evil germans’.” Sushiman, Israeli refers to the inhabitants of the state of Israel. Israel is inhabited by Arabic Palestinians as well as Jews, no doubt alongside a smattering of other races. This therefore is not a anti-Jewish statement and your accusation that Marcus has “….. blind hatred for a group.” is therefore entirely baseless.

    The “Israeli Cancer” statement expresses a disapproval of the creation of the state of Israel, Marcus is quite entitled to this, as am I. There is nothing prejudiced or racist about such an opinion.