An Infidels point of view: "They are Muslims"

by Infidelesto on June 29, 2007 · 6 comments

Do you like this story?

Saw this at “Thought Mechanics“…not even a political blog, more of a lifehacks kind of blog.

This Poem is totally revealing. Enjoy….

They are living close to you,
They go to the same schools as you,
They are migrating in millions,
They are Muslims.

They call it the religion of peace,
while they slaughter innocent lives
and burn flags and effigies.
They are Muslims.

They claim to be the victims while they persecute infidels,
Hindus in Bangladesh, Bahaiis in Iran, Copts in Egypt, Christians in Syria.
They burn their homes and slit their throats.
They are Muslims.

They follow a pedophile and a mass murderer,
and imitate his every action.
They follow a doctrine of hatred and murder,
They are Muslims.

They redefine the word “jihad” in front of Infidels,
to try and convince them Jihad is “inner spiritual struggle”
while they convince young believers to blow themselves apart,
using the true meaning of the same word.
They are Muslims.

They buy up to four sex-slaves with money,
and call them wives,
They beat them if they don’t obey or put up,
They do ‘nikah’ with four wives but register only one,
They are male Muslims.

They wear a table-cloth on their head,
and also cover their face with it,
They call it freedom from prying eyes,
They think all men have their penis erect and dripping 24/7,
They are female Muslims.

They beat their daughters if they don’t wear the veil,
They mutilate their daughters,
and make them marry their own cousins,
They are Muslims.

They rape girls and the victim gets flogged,
unless they provide four Muslim male testaments,
The rapist walks free with grin on the face.
You guessed it, they’re Muslims.

They follow a seventh century political movement and its norms,
They force the Infidels to pay a “protection tax”,
The options are: convert or pay or die.
They are Muslims.

They are no less dangerous to humanity than the Nazis,
Nazis expanded their “Lebensraum”,
and Muslims do the same, but on a much bigger scale.
The Aryans were to Nazis what Arabs are to Muslims.
They are all fascists. They are Muslims.

They call those who expose Islam “Islamophobes”,
and acts violently to prove Islam means “peace”,
They took a few hundred innocent lives over some silly cartoons,
They are Muslims.

They despise the West and everyone who is not a Muslim,
Yet they seek a one way ticket to the West,
Looking to get out of their Muslim hell-hole.
Bloody hypocrites. They are Muslims.

Some of them never read the Quran or the Hadith or the Sira,
They pray sporadicly and do not perform any religious obligations
but they call themselves Muslims nevertheless.
The West has chosen to call them “moderates”.

The Moderates do not have any backbone.
They fail to condemn terrorism and violence.
They cherry-pick some Meccan verses,
to prove Islam means peace.

The West needs to know that the “Tiny Minority of Extremists”
are the real Muslims, the real followers of the doctrines.
They are the ones with authority in Muslim communities
and the “moderates” dare not speak against them.
They are Muslims.

In reality, the “Vast Majority of Moderates” do not exist,
There are some apologists who simply distort Islamic terminologies
to protect Islam from being blamed.
They are Muslims.

The radical Muslims are proud of who they are,
because they know they are the true believers.
They understand democracy and human rights,
but they knowingly reject it.
They are Muslims.

The true Muslims present the pure form of Islam
and it is very enticing to the believers
They justify violence and killings,
with the true teachings of their Prophet.
They are Muslims.

They claim whole of Palestine,
They deny the Holocaust,
They have wet dreams about the destruction of Israel.
They are Muslims.

They are slowing taking over the world,
through mass migration to the West,
and out-breeding the Infidels,
They are everywhere. They’re Muslims.

They wish to conquer the world,
and impose their sick law on humanity,
They wish to kill all Jews and subdue all remaining infidels,
They are bloody Muslims.

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  • Azad

    I’m the author of this poem. Thanks for featuring it in your website. Feel free to distribute it through email or print media.


  • herman safford

    u ass is going to wear a big hole after i shoot u with a 12 gauge pump action
    shotgun. u zionnazi bitch.

  • Cappy

    I think it’s great! The kind of thing that makes the liberals wet their panties and provokes Muslim rage. Oh, sorry, EVERYTHING provokes Muslim rage.

  • nicole

    I pray that America will wake up and see this truth!

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  • Robert Venter

    Totally the truth……..this is great……