British police infiltrated by Islamists

by Apostate on July 7, 2007 · 1 comment

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This astonishing news coming from ThisIsLondonIslamists are working in British police services and they cannot even be fired.

Up to eight police officers and civilian staff are suspected of links to extremist groups including Al Qaeda.

Some are even believed to have attended terror training camps in Pakistan or Afghanistan.

Why don’t they just make Bin Laden the mayor of London?

MI5 has warned in the past that suspects with “strong links” to Osama Bin Laden’s killers have tried to join the British security services and, in January, exiled radical Omar Bakri claimed that Islamic extremists were infiltrating the police and other public sector organizations.

They cannot even fire them because of “political correctness”. They keep letting them infiltrate all their public and private organizations in the name of “multiculturalism”. This is only going to get worse for Britain unless something is done now. But who’s gonna tell the sycophant politicians?

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  • Bert Marshall

    You are dead on correct. England today, America tomorrow.