CAIR and HAMAS connected through network of Islamic Jihad

by Infidelesto on July 13, 2007 · 0 comments

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Great article from CounterTerrorismBlog showing exactly how CAIR is basically a Hamas front group in the US.

The big blue clump in the picture is Hamas’ network of leadership. The lighter blue lines represent contacts and meetings.

The yellow lines are these meetings going on in CAIR headquarters in Texas.

The yellow lines are critical – they indicate individuals sharing an affiliation with with IAP (Islamic Association for Palestine), including Abu Marzuq. The blue lines between several of those same individuals indicate their shared association with CAIR. The overlap between CAIR and IAP is tough to miss. Additionally, the light blue line between Abu Marzuq and Ghassan Elashi (head of CAIR’s Texas branch) indicates Abu Marzuq’s investment in Elashi’s company Infocom.

Musa Abu Marzuq, currently the deputy chief of Hamas’ political bureau, earned his Ph.D. in industrial engineering in the United States. Living in the United States from 1981 to 1992 he worked for Hamas. In 1989 he was elected head of Hamas’ political bureau and after Hamas founder Sheikh Yassin’s 1989 arrest he effectively ran Hamas from the United States.

While in the United States, Abu Marzuq helped found the United Association for Studies and Research and the Islamic Association for Palestine. The Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) was Hamas’ U.S. arm. However, in 1994 then IAP President Omar Ahmad advised then IAP PR director Nihad Awad to start a new organization devoted to combating anti-Muslim discrimination in the U.S. Other CAIR leaders, including Rafeeq Jabar and Ibrahim Hooper also had worked for the IAP.

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Click here to see the graph as it is live with much more information on each individual. All of his research is carefully documented.


This network graph below is incomplete, but (hopefully) helps to illustrate the links between CAIR’s leadership, the (now defunct) IAP, and Hamas. The big dark blue tangle in the middle is Hamas’ leadership. The lighter blue lines represent contacts and meetings. Those coming off of Hamas Politburo chief Khaled Mashal show his meetings with leaders from other Palestinian movements and regional governments. The light blue lines in the upper right indicate the web of events behind the 2002 Passover Massacre suicide bombing. The broken line between Mohammed Deif (Hamas’ military chief) and Zarqawi indicate rumors that they were in contact.

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