Dems: Soft on Islamic Terrorism, hard on Capitalism

by Infidelesto on July 24, 2007 · 0 comments

Do you like this story?

That’s the theme for this one. Difficult to sit through because I kept yelling at the TV, but anyways……

OK, So I know a lot of you didn’t watch or care to watch the Democratic debate. Well, I watched the whole thing (with caution), and here’s my review:

- The format was fantastic! Integrating user generated content is the new wave of politics in the 21st century. It’s really interesting to see the candidates answer questions directly from the voters. Kind of like a 21st century townhall meeting almost, but with more people and more flare. I’m really looking forward to the GOP integrating this kind of debate as well.

Unfortunately, that was the ONLY thing that I was impressed with…

Just a couple rather significant things NOT discussed:

- Not ONE mention of Islamic Terrorism. Literally, those words were not even uttered. Not by the moderator, Anderson Cooper, nor were any Youtube questions on national security. It really seemed like it was a non-issue to EVERYONE. You had democrats attacking capitalism more than they were attacking Islamic terrorism.

- Not ONE discussion about illegal immigration. This is especially disappointing since this issue has almost broken the Republican party. I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised because the democrats have sat quietly while the GOP and Talk Radio/Blogosphere are having it out.


two of the most important issues of our time, NOT being discussed. Great…

Here’s what was talked about A LOT:

-Racism (3 straight youtube questions on Race and reparations for African Americans.) Play the victim card…yes, yes…yes…BORING Why do they spend so much time on this crap?
-Gay Marriage (Obama, Clinton Edwards all support civil unions and rights for gay couples, but would not give support for “Gay marriage”)
-Poverty/minimum wage (More victim status! yay!!)
-Iraq war (All calling to bring the troops home. Don’t give a rats ass what happens in baghdad after we leave…)
-Social Security
-Global Warming/Alternative energy
-Universal Health care
-Lobby groups (Insurance/Drug companies, etc..)
-Taxes – Claiming they “won’t raise your taxes” , yea right, uh huh. (You all are big government Democrats! Are we really supposed to believe that? )
-whether or not to have direct discussions with Axis of Evil (Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, N. Korea) Everyone said they would have open discussions with ANY enemy, except Clinton who said she will not meet with any of them until groundwork is laid for discussion. Says she’ll not let evil leaders use meetings for their own propaganda.


-Clinton seemed very relaxed and confident. Most definitely looked like the most polished of all the Democratic candidates.

-Obama’s inexperienced showed in some of his responses.

-Edwards’ trial lawyer personality really came out in this debate. (Silky Pony annoys me the most out of all of em, I can’t stand the guy)

All in all, I believe this is just a big show for the Dems. I still am maintaining my position on a GOP (Fred, Rudy, or Mitt) landslide victory for next November.

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