How to handle the Kafir (non-muslim)

by Infidelesto on July 2, 2007 · 0 comments

Do you like this story?

How do you “moderates” feel about this one?

Spinning viewpoints on terrorism over at the forum where “moderate muslims” gather.

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Re: Shouldnt the muslim community of UK protest the recent terror attacks?

1) No one knows who did it.

(if they are muslim

2) Comndemnation Islamically should come through showing proof from the Qur’aan and Sunnaah and advise, rather than shouting on the BBC at the pleasure of the Kuffaar.

3) Condemn the Kuffaar for their wrongs in OUR lands.

4) Don’t forget, if they are muslim, they are your brothers.

Don’t ever give the impression the kuffaar are more valuable.

This is a difference between correcting, advising and disassociating completely.

I know people don’t like to be tested because of their deen, just remember Muhammad saws and the companions..

They had the best dawah, best method, and still went through alot.

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