Iran executing homosexuals, adulterers and infidels

by Infidelesto on July 18, 2007 · 1 comment

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People on the left…please pay attention. The title of this post may have already caught yours.

For those of you who want to complain about our democracy being broken and your freedom’s taken away, pay attention to what is going on elsewhere in the world and you might appreciate your own country a little more.

The United States is the greatest country that this planet has ever seen. The founding fathers knew what they were doing when they decided to give everyone the free rights of speech, religion, arms, press and many others. The rights that you now have, the rights you have grown to look past, the rights you now spit on (quoting Ayaan Hirsi Ali) are the same rights that people would give their lives for in these totalitarian regimes like Iran.

These Islamic Regimes, like Iran and many others, do not give a rats ass about your freedoms. They will snatch it away from you all in the name of Islam.

Start appreciating your country, cause hey, it could be worse, this could be you….

TEHRAN: The Iranian government confirmed Tuesday that a man was executed by stoning last week for committing adultery, and said that 20 more men would be executed in the coming days on morality violations.

A judiciary spokesman, Alireza Jamshidi, told reporters on Tuesday that a death sentence by stoning had been carried out last week near the city of Takestan, west of Tehran, despite an order by the chief of the judiciary, Ayatollah Mahmoud Shahroudi, not to permit such executions.

“The verdict was final, and so it was carried out for the man but not for the woman,” the ISNA news agency quoted Jamshidi as saying.

He said the 20 additional executions were for such things as “rape, insulting religious sanctities and laws, and homosexuality.” Most executions in Iran are hangings, often in public and at the scenes of the alleged crimes.

The police arrested about 1,000 people in May during a so-called morality crackdown. Jamshidi said 15 more men were being tried on similar charges and could receive death sentences.

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  • Joshua

    So. You suggest I should now compare America with Iran to gain a perspective of appreciation for how good we have it here in the US? BS. You are plainly comparing apples to oranges.