Iraqi Infidels being told to Convert or Die

by Infidelesto on July 26, 2007 · 1 comment

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Sad, yet not surprising. from the Washigton Times

Iraq’s outnumbered Christians and other religious minority groups are targets of a terror campaign and are facing a dire situation where killings and rapes have become the norm, a panel of witnesses testified yesterday on Capitol Hill.

In a hearing convened by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, Canon Andrew White, vicar of St. George’s Anglican Church in Baghdad, and four other panelists unfolded tales of horrors overtaking Christians, Yezidis (angel worshippers) and Mandaeans, members of a pacifist faith that follows the teachings of John the Baptist.
The situation is more than desperate,” said Mr. White, who described how Christians in Baghdad have been told to convert to Islam or be killed. Hundreds of those who could not afford to flee the country are living in churches without adequate food or water, he said.

“In the past month, 36 members of my own congregation have been kidnapped,” he said. “To date, only one has been returned.”
Iraq’s eight remaining Jews, now hiding in Baghdad, are “the oldest Jewish community in the world,” he said, referring to the 597 B.C. Babylonian conquest of ancient Judah that brought the Jews to the region as captives.

“The international community has done nothing to help these people,” Mr. White said, explaining that the group is trying to emigrate to an Iraqi Jewish enclave in the Netherlands, which won’t admit them.
Michael Youash, director of the Iraq Sustainable Democracy Project, called the situation “soft ethnic cleansing.” The “de-Christianization of Iraq” is not far off, he predicted, saying that Washington has refused to help Iraqi Christians, whose common faith with many Americans has made them loathed by Muslim radicals.

“The State Department just dismisses this as part of an overall conflict,” he said. “But Christians are being disproportionately targeted. The attacks are purely vindictive and vicious. They are meant to give a message.”Religious minorities have no militias to protect them, Mr. Youash said. “If someone attacks a Shi’ite, there are consequences. If someone attacks a Yezidi or a Mandaean, there are none.”

Pascale Warda, president of the Iraqi Women’s Center in Baghdad, said more than 30 churches have been destroyed; priests have been fatally shot, kidnapped and beheaded; a 14-year-old boy was crucified in Basra; and Baghdad’s once-famous Christian neighborhoods have been emptied of thousands of residents.

“That’s because of fatwas issued by Islamic fundamentalists who give them three choices,” she said. “Convert to Islam, pay the jizya [a tax imposed on non-Muslims] or leave with no personal possessions.”

This is Islam

This is the History of Islam

This is the true doctrine of the Hadiths, and the Koran which is to ….Convert or Die

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  • Kalashnikov

    I was surfing the net when suddenly I came across this joke of a website, do you really believe that the rancid and abhorrent articles you compose are of any real benefit. I understand it makes you feel as though your fighting the war on terror by defaming Islam with your fabrications and the rest of the filth you obstinately and arrogantly circulate on this detestable site. Delusions of grandeur no doubt, that a minority of overweight, unimportant and contemptible bigots can damage Islam and change the course of the world. I hate the terrorists a lot more than I hate the british and american armies, because they massacred a few thousand innocents and as a result hundreds of thousands of muslims have lost their lives and the world is up in arms against the muslims. The actions of these rejected and despised groups are more harmful to us than anything else. America may seek to destroy Islam but they are an apparent enemy, whereas these forsaken devils attempt to destroy Islam from within. Understand this you intoxicated wretches, that true Islam is only what the Messenger was upon and his companions. The Messenger of Allah said in a Hadith that “the best of people are those in my generation, then those after them, then those after them” thus he singled out the first three generations alone so that they may be followed as examples, and if the Muslims of today were to obey him, then the world would today be a much better place. Also realise this that the Quran is NOT open to interpretation, and if again the muslims obeyed the Messenger and relied upon the interpretation of his companions then what we perceive in the world today would be very different. What we have instead are the extremists who are corrupted with the desire for power and falsely ascribe to Islam whatever they hope will bring that about, declaring the blood of whosoever opposes them (muslims and non-muslims alike) lawful, and they are the terrorists. On the other hand we have the apologists who also misinterpret Islam, they are so concerned with denouncing the latter group that they present baseless arguments. So they claim Islam needs to modernise and that the wearing of the veil is outdated and that Islam is in need of reformation etc. This 2nd group tends to be made up of people who do not have any real knowledge of Islam and their impertinence usually stems from a westernised upbringing. To be a muslim you have to believe in the Quran and everything the Messenger came with, so If they were true to their claim then they would not have cast aside such verses as “And we (angels) descend not except by the command of your Lord (O Muhammad ). to Him belongs what is before us and what is behind us, and what is between those two; and your Lord is never forgetful” therefore the same god who sent down Islam well over a millennium ago, knew full well what the world would be like in 2007. So how can the apologists claim that Islam is in need of change!!! These two groups are both deviants, the former being the worst but both are nonetheless evil. The final group I will elaborate on are the moderate group, those who represent true Islam. Those who believe fully in the Quran and the Ahadith, who neither transgress the bounds nor fall short. I count myself from amongst them and act as best as I can. I live in the UK, Cardiff to be exact, and I don’t harbour any ill feelings towards my Welsh neighbours or friends, nor do I have any intention of ‘smiting their necks.’ The reason for this because I follow the interpretation of the Quran according to the companions, so when I read a verse that commands the believers to smite the necks of the disbelievers, I don’t pick up my kitchen knife and run around the streets looking for a non-muslim to kill, because I understand that this is at times of war, meant only for the soldiers of the opposing army, so It is lawful for me to kill a non-muslim in that circumstance. With regards innocents they may never be killed, namely children, women and old men. Another reason why I don’t engage in plots against the UK, because the Messenger said in a hadith “whoever kills one who is under pledge to a covenant shall not smell Paradise, though its smell could be experienced at a forty-year distance from it.” By this he meant whoever from amongst the non-muslims was granted security by the muslims their blood is sacred. This granting of security or pledge can be many things, it could be an agreement of cease-fire between a muslim and non-muslim, or allowing non-muslims to live in your land etc. So you can’t then turn on your word and kill them, bear in mind this was meant to protect the rights of weak non-muslims who were granted security. So the true scholars of this time have said likewise when I came to the UK I entered into a pledge, I was granted saftey and ease with which
    to practise my religion and wasn’t subjected to any harm. So it would be hypocritical and a rejection of the Messengers command to now, after the kind and good treatment extended to me to plot against them and seek to harm my fellow citizens. I could provide many evidences but the above one is sufficient. The Messenger also stressed the rights of the neighbour and good conduct, so therefore I always greet my neighbours with a smile and kind words and they likewise and all in all I consider myself to be an upstanding citizen, all because I follow the true Islam. Not the type of Islam that you depict on this despicable and vile website. It would have been much better if you had dispraised and campaigned against the evil terrorists and condemned what they claim represents Islam, instead of tarring us all with the same brush. Also instead of being amazed at the relative security you enjoy in your day to day lives, you should remember that empires and great nations rise and fall. You often use historical events to back up your articles so one would assume that your well versed in history or at least have some understanding of it. So you should take note of how many great nations have fallen over the past thousand years, do you really believe that America will remain as it is forever, greater nations have crumbled away as will America, be it in 30, 50, or 200 years or more than that or less. You and all these other sites dedicated to Slandering the Muslims and Islam are merely Ku Klax Klan rejects who spread their evil under the pretense that your fighting the good fight. You are fuelled by understandable anger and hatred, but your actions are unjustifiable and you’ve gone beyond the limits. You’re an impetuous bunch and for that reason you’ve declined to adhere to common sense, similar, in a way, to those whom you claim to be fighting, just as they followed what their souls suggested to them (revenge, etc) you likewise have done the same. You’ll no doubt unjustly persist upon your crimes, so I’ll be content with the knowledge that your efforts will amount to nothing, just as the KKK failed to wipe out the black people of America. Furthermore as a Muslim I believe that this world is for the disbelivers and the hereafter for the righteous, so with every hardship I encounter I know that it is from God and I hope that it expiates some of my sins, and with every blessing I know if is from God and with gratefulness hope for a reward. Whereas you are not content even though you may have been given good health and a family and wealth. Nor are you content with hardship when it reaches you, forgetting all the previous good you enjoyed and denying that any future good will reach you. A long letter no doubt, my closing advice to you, do not be short-sighted in life and ponder carefully before it’s too late.
    Good day.