Pakistan threat equally dangerous as Iran?

by Infidelesto on July 11, 2007 · 0 comments

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Don’t take this situation lightly. This is something very worth paying attention to, Infidels.

Nuclear War is almost guaranteed if Musharraf’s regime falls.

The significance of Musharraf’s survival is the most over-looked issue in the mainstream right now. People don’t realize how much this country is in danger with the ever growing radical Islamic population over there, and the chances of the Taliban rising back up and over-taking Musharraf. With tensions getting nothing but worse these days between the West and the Religion of Peace, we could see disaster if Musharraf loses power. It will almost certainly guarantee a Radical Islamic Nuclear capable regime. The survival of the Pakistani leadership is one of the most crucial issues of our time.

A new Islamic fatwa has been issued by the increasingly popular Al-Qaeda. This will be a true test to the leaders of India, and the US. I hope our relations are good with them these days.

What a catastrophe if this happens and unfortunately, in an Islamic hotbed like Pakistan, it very well could. It could be the catalyst for India to join the Allies officially in the war against Islamic radicalism.

Think about the implications of our national security if we lose one of our most important allies.

Let me spell it out real clear for the Online Mainstream Libs, Pacifists, Democrats, and other political hacks…

Musharraff survival = Hair trigger for Nuclear Holocaust.

from NY times:

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, June 28 — The Pakistani president, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, was warned this month that Islamic militants and Taliban fighters were rapidly spreading beyond the country’s lawless tribal areas and that without “swift and decisive action,” the growing militancy could engulf the rest of the country.

The warning came in a document from the Interior Ministry, which said Pakistan’s security forces in North-West Frontier Province abutting the tribal areas were outgunned and outnumbered and had forfeited authority to the Taliban and their allies.

Others paying attention:

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