"Islamic Rage Boy" hate mail of the day

by Infidelesto on July 1, 2007 · 7 comments

Do you like this story?

This exemplifies the pathetic, mindless, un-intelligent rehetoric of the “Islamic Rage Boy” we have all come to know.

“Death to anyone who disagrees with Islam” right? That’s the Islamic way, isn’t it?

Here’s what I received today

u ass is going to wear a big hole after i shoot u with a 12 gauge pump action
shotgun. u zionnazi bitch.

Your comment only reflects the true face of propaganda driven hatred towards the West.

Oh and by the way…I have better guns than you. Is a 12 gauge the best you can do?

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  • http://killzionists.com u worst nightmare

    by tha way i’m not muslim ,but my boyz have ak’s, tec-9 ,uzis and clock 22′
    if u and zionnazi friends keep fucking with me you’re going to die quick.

  • sushiman


    i am afraid of your clock 22′, please dont read me the time from it.

    ahahah, this is the most pathetic attempt at ‘terrorism’ i have ever seen.

    (btw all those guns you listed are crap made for idiots that can’t aim, so they just squeeze a trigger and hold, if a real gun fight ever broke out with your ‘boyz’ i bet they would shoot each other by accident before shooting anyone else, due to sheer stupidity)

  • u worst nightmare

    if u dont wont to die stay in u little cubby hole u weak ass infidels

  • h

    go hezbollah beat the zionnazis

  • Rudy

    I love how he called you a zionnazi. Actually the TRUTH is nazism is rooted in islamism. Hitler was good friends with the mufti of Jerusalem. As for weak ass infidels, hmmm. Osama is hiding in a cave banging sheep and goats in the ass. Taliban are scattered. Al Qaeda in Iraq is so desperate they recruit women and mentally retarded people to be suicide bombers. Israel (the Ultimate Infidels) continues to stand firm against your moon god allah. If islam is so powerful, how come 1 billion cannot defeat 4 million??? HMMMMM….

  • Rudy
  • http://plancksconstant.org/ bernie

    If there is one thing I cannot stand it is clocksuckers who can’t spell.