MSM ignoring Al Qaeda massacres

by Infidelesto on July 3, 2007 · 0 comments

Do you like this story?


If you hadn’t heard about this one, here it is.

This small village, al Hamira, outside buqubah was completely massacred. Men, Women, and Children all dead. Some children were found decapitated. Most victims were found in shallow graves. The pictures are disturbing but they’re here if you really wanna take a look. The livestock had also been killed. There’s pictures of donkeys on the side of the road in the village with single gun shot wounds through the neck. the village had also been booby-trapped. US soldiers destroyed several IED’s inside the village. The stench of the bodies was so overwhelming, Iraqi and US troops were led right to their grave.

Many people in the blogosphere and a few news outlets picked it up for a very short time. But NOTHING in the MSM.

Islamic fundamentalists can massacre civilians all day long and the Mainstream liberal left media will do/say nothing except say, “oh, it’s just those silly extremists”

Any idiot leftists still wanna claim that Al Qaeda is not in Iraq?

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