Neil Boortz: It's not even a religion, it's a cult

by Infidelesto on July 19, 2007 · 0 comments

Do you like this story?

Atlas has some powerful stuff from Neil Boortz, Libertarian talk show host.

Thanks Neil for speaking out for many Americans.

it’s a short clip, listen here

Neal Boortz: It’s a cult it’s not even a religion. . ..

Boortz: You don’t have a word of condemnation in you until the non-Islamic world rises up and starts to make it clear that we are fed up with your damned religion. We’ve had it up to here.

And somebody, like I said yesterday, somebody needs to grab the Muslim world by the shirt collar, backhand it a good one, knock it into the damn corner and say straighten up or we’re gonna eradicate you beetles from the face of the Earth. . .

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