Preparing for a Thompson/Powell Ticket?

by Infidelesto on July 4, 2007 · 2 comments

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Pure speculation, but quite intriguing indeed: a rural white southerner, with a touch of hollywood Reagan-eque conservative, steady, with charisma and obvious leadership qualities combined with a black former military General from New York with good diplomatic and military knowledge and the ability to speak his mind on principle.  Can anyone say LANDSLIDE?

By all appearances, former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson has stepped in just in time to fill the void soon to be left by Arizona Senator John McCain. While McCain was not a pure conservative, he had more of a history voting with conservatives than either Rudy Guiliani or Mitt Romney. Thompson now inherits that conservative mantle among the top three in the Republican hunt.

As a result, far from usurping McCain’s position in the top tier, Fred Thompson has, in a sense, rescued conservatives from being wiped out altogether in this nominating process. Thompson has given us conservatives not only a place to go but the place to be, thanks to his connections with a broad range of people in the electorate.

Thompson’s steadiness and his obvious comfort in his own skin are major reasons for his appeal to men and women voters nationally, just as they were in Tennessee, where he won in historic landslides every time he was on the ballot.

And what do Americans cherish more in a President than steadiness and resolve, especially in a post 9/11 world. In many ways, Fred Thompson seems to have it all: charisma, a touch of Hollywood glamour yet always down-to-earth, and good experience in Washingtonwithout being changed by the place.

But there is one thing Thompson lacks: military experience. Yes, he has remained involved in foreign affairs as a Visiting Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, studying national security issues involving China, Russia, and North Korea. But in terms of raw military experience, Thompson, like so many other candidates in both parties this time, could use a little ‘shoring up.’

It’s a times like these that it’s nice to be a Republican, because an outstanding Republican choice for Thompson’s Vice Presidential selection lives just down the street from him in McLean, Virginia. Chances are, they’re tight already and know they could work well together.

Thompson needs a good military man to cover his flank and this former General might appreciate another opportunity of service for his country

You heard it here first: Thompson/Powell will be the Republican ticket in 2008, and what a ticket it will be. Talk about a strong, truly national ticket: a white, rural Southerner and a black man who grew up in New York City; two extraordinary American success stories with both giving much of their lives to service; and, for those who like balance, a conservative and a moderate. Finally, in a time when Americans want seasoned leaders, could you ask for more maturity than Fred and Colin?

Few doubt Colin Powell’s judgment on military matters, his skills at shuttle diplomacy, and the ability to speak his mind. His public and alleged private comments leading up to the Iraq War are now prophetic. Remember his ‘If you break it, you own it’ quote on FOX News Sunday ?

If Fred Thompson wants to have a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as his campaign partner, he need only walk down the street and have a little chat. And if Colin Powell would like to serve again and make history as the nation’s first black Vice President (and later President?), then in a few months, he should call Fred up on his cell phone.

Because you know Colin already has that number.

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