Russia to sell 250 fighter jets to Iran

by Infidelesto on July 29, 2007 · 4 comments

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Sukhoi-30 fighter jet

We are not helping the situation either by arming the Saudi’s and other Arab states as well.

Russia is claiming it’s for “defensive purposes” and obvoiusly don’t take Iran’s threats seriously.

Why would Russia want to help defend Iran? I guess anything has it’s price.

In what looks to be its next move in the high stakes chess match against the United States, Iran is to purchase 250 Sukhoi-30 long-range fighter jets from Russia as part of a massive multi-billion dollar arms deal. Additionally, Iran will acquire

several aerial fuel tankers that will effectively extend the range of the Sukhoi-30 fighters by thousands of kilometers — giving Iran the capability to launch long-range offensive strikes.

The Sukhoi-30 is a dual seat, multi-role fighter jet that has the ability to operate in poor weather conditions at great distances from home base. It has extensive combat capabilities including air patrol, air defense, ground attacks, enemy air defense suppression and air-to-air combat.

While the U.S. and Israel have voiced opposition to Russia against the sale of military equipment to Iran, Russia contends that it reserves the right to sell weapons to Iran provided they are of a defensive nature. A more likely motive than Iranian self-defense capability is no doubt the billions of dollars Iran will pay to Russia.

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  • Steven Conn

    Give the US public just some tiny fact – even if false – and everybody takes it for granted. Learn you fools! Iran has nowhere the money to buy 250 Sukhois….I cannot blame the US public, as the journalists are as uninformed as the public – US, Israeli, British – you cannot buy 250 Su jets for $1 bn….you can buy them for no less than $10bn…and the Russian plants that manufacture these are booked up with oirders from Algir, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Venezuela, India, China an modernization plans fro these jets in Russia….where is Iran going to get $10 bn to spend on fighters if its defense budget is less than that?

  • Infidelesto

    Nobody said they’re buying 250 jets for 1 Billion dollars, and of course that is not possible.

    “as part of a massive multi-billion dollar arms deal”

    Where will they get the money?
    Who knows, maybe from the vasts amounts of oil exports?

    I highly doubt you are “in the know” about Iran’s finances.
    So when you tell the “fools” to “learn”…

    haha, where are your sources?

    what paper are you reading that’s saying they’re buying 250 jets for 1 billion…that’s a joke someone played on you my friend…

  • Fred Gibson

    It has been in several western tabloids, and some Jewsih tabloids – the latter always shiver when they hear anything about Russia selling anything to Iran or Syria. There were reports on this folks. 250 Su-27 is beyond Iranian finances. Not even China could buys so many at once – it took them over 10 years along with licensed domestic production to get around 200.

    In any case, as US expansionism mounts Iran should logically look for weapons from toehr states. It will only take a few bs reports and speeches by the president to make Americans hate another country and people once again, especially Iran that has huge oil and gas reserves, and strategic location. US imperialist hands are covered with blood and oil and their mouths reek of lies.

  • Rudy


    Are you by any chance related to that drunken nazi sympathizer Mel?