Anti-Islamist Rally Banned in Brussels

by Infidelesto on August 21, 2007 · 3 comments

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Unbelievable.  Islamists can rant and rave about beheading infidels, instituting Sharia, and Death to America…yet when their own citizens try to march in support of Western culture and western civilization, the Mayor denies them.

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The event was being organized by SIOE (Stop the Islamisation of Europe), an alliance of people from across Europe whose objective is to prevent Islam from ‘becoming a dominant political force in Europe.’ Concerned about the Muslim subversion of the continent’s cultures and institutions, SIOE’s has this to say about Islam:

No other religion demands more from those who do not adhere to its doctrine. This would not be a problem if our leaders actually stood up for Western values and insisted that Muslims live within our laws and accepted our cultures and social systems. Instead, it is we who are told we must abandon our values, cultures and societies in order not to offend Muslims. It is Islam that is being rammed down our throats and the throats of our children. It is not only in the West that Islam is causing misery and mayhem. All around the world Islam is battling the “infidels”.

In a clear sign of public support for the planned demonstration, 20,000 people from across Europe have pledged their participation.

But now it looks the event will not be allowed to proceed. On August 13, Brussels’ Mayor Freddy Thielemans, a socialist, made the decision not to issue a permit for the march.”


It is hard to believe that in Europe Muslims and far-left radicals are allowed to march in support of their causes and inane theories while those concerned about the ongoing disintegration of their societies are not only being silenced but threatened with legal action.

The controversy surrounding the planned 9/11 rally in Brussels is emblematic of Europe’s rapid descent into madness. Today Europe is a place where things are turned upside down and where common sense is not only commonly disregarded but actively suppressed.

Having lost both its sense of identity and sanity, Europe stands on the brink of being overtaken by Muslims who may well be able to claim their prize without so much as a fight. Brussels’ socialist Mayor Freddy Thielemans is only one of many among Europe’s leftist elites who are not only willing to capitulate to the barbarian invaders of our age but are actively facilitating their progress. America better take heed, for these are the very people its own liberals admire and in whose steps they would like to follow.



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