Christianity or Islam: which is the real "religion of peace"?

by Infidelesto on August 13, 2007 · 190 comments

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Robert Spencer from Jihadwatch has a new book out that I’m sure is going to be a huge hit, and I want to help him spread the word on his new book.  Also Michelle Malkin interviewed Spencer over at HotairVideo here


Religion of Peace? Why Christianity Is, and Islam Isn’t

Here’s an excerpt from the inflap:

“Almost any liberal pundit will tell you that there’s a religion bent on destroying our Constitution, stripping us of our liberties, and imposing religious rule on the U.S. And that religion is . . .Christianity! About Islam, however, the Left is silent–except to claim a moral equivalence between the two: if Islam has terrorists today, that’s nothing compared to the Crusades, inquisitions, and religious wars in Christianity’s past.

But is this true? Are conservative Christians really more of a threat to free societies than Islamic jihadists? Is the Bible really “just as violent” as the Qur’an? Is Christianity’s history really as bloodstained as Islam’s? In Religion of Peace? Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn’t, New York Times bestselling author Robert Spencer not only refutes such charges, but also explains why Americans and Europeans must regain an appreciation of our Christian heritage if we ever hope to defeat Islamic supremacism. In this eye opening work, Spencer reveals:”

  • The fundamental differences between Islamic and Christian teachings about warfare against other religions: “Love your enemies” vs. “Be ruthless to the unbelievers”
  • The myth of Western immorality and Islamic puritanism and why the Islamic world is less moral than the West
  • Why the Islamic world has never developed the distinction between religious and secular law that is inherent in Christianity
  • Why Christianity has always embraced reason–and Islam has always rejected it
  • Why the most determined enemies of Western civilization may not be the jihadists at all, but the leftists who fear their churchgoing neighbors more than Islamic terrorists
  • Why Jews, Christians, and peoples of other faiths (or no faith) are equally at risk from militant Islam

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  • Raheel

    Why do people say islam is violent, everyone has flaws in their religion, why does islam have to be called violent. Just because one stupid person a muslim hijacks so many planes ans kills people, first of all everyday some one dies in toher countries especially poor countries and people get murdered in other countries you dont see that on the news, so one guy kills many people evryone in islam becomes violent, you guys really need to do something better in your life then critticising religion!!

    • wearethesonsofgod

      Well, have you heard Christians burn Mosques, temples and other worship places of other believers? No..but we heard the other way round. This is not criticising but it is a fact that your religion is really a violent religion.

      • Solkhar

        123 mosques were burned down to the ground by Serb Nationalists in the Bonsian conflct. 42 Croat catholic churches were also destroyed by them. In retaliation, 31 Serb orthodox churches were burned, 21 by Croats and 10 by Boszniak Muslims. There was no recorded incidents of mosques being destroyed by Croats or the other way around.

        In southern Nigeria, Mosques are attacked, albiet less frequently than churces are, but they do happen. Mosques have also been attacked in Phillipines, mostly in response to reports of terrorism or other militant activities in Mindenao.

        I suggest if you are going to assume something that it is better to do some inquiries before opening your mouth and thus avoid looking foolish.

        • Beejj

          The Bosnian CONFLICT. Correct. Did the Serbs do such things because Muslims had mentioned Jesus's name in their mosques? During WW II uncounted numbers of churches and cathedrals were destroyed, but not for religious reasons. You cannot see the difference?

          • Solkhar

            I understand the difference you are talking about but I am referring to specific events to give an example considering the person who started the topic is obviously assuming too much. I am after clarity of information. Serb nationalists did so to ethnically cleans the region of non-Serbs and particularly non-Christians.

            As for your reference to Malaysia and the “Allah” word usage, I agree that it is pathetic and have pointed out to you that it is radical politics which equates to control, they want to have a something akin to a patent on the word God which they are not going to get. They are laughed at constantly by the rest of the world, in particular the Arabic speaking one which has no problems of the use of the word and in fact encourages it if the Arabic language is going to be used, thus Christians in the Lebenanon and Palestinian territories when using Arabic say Allah as well.

      • Guest

        It is how society came to portray the religion and how people came to reacts to it, for example: like the person who started shooting people at the Batman screening, we all heard about it, he is apparently ‘insane’. However, if it was a Muslim or any brown/Arab person, it would with no debate be an act of terrorism. People like you and others should do their homework before saying such thing as Muslim being a violent religion, as it is in fact a religion that promotes peace more than others. I am not stating to to offend you, but rather am criticizing about you being one of the many that blind-fully believes what is told to them, e.i on the news or anywhere else.

      • Dbvxv

        Really??nDo you know what is currently happening in the worldnMuslims are throwing stones and the Jews and Christians who support Jews while other religions watch the show of innocent muslims in their homes sre arrested slaughterd raped tortuted and some even put into gas chambers . yes GAS CHAMBER but Hitler is bad to do that and not those monsters nI am proud of those sensible non muslims who understand the sad reality of our world and support against it snd you my friend all i can say us may you achieve sense knowledge and courage when you meet the creator

    • Golam

      Raheel you are a concious ignorant. Reasons and facts have never been accepted by majority muslims. They are bringing only poverty and sorrows in the world.

    • alif (I M A MUSLIM!!!)

      Somehow, Islam is the real religion. I m not even telling Christian is fake because Jesus is one of the Prophets of Islam.And, do you know why did the Jews attack the Muslims??? Because they already know which is the real religion.

  • abc

    you all non-muslims are mother fuckers, u all know whih religion is true…………..
    wait fo the judgement day


      Your judgement day will come from the sky.When you'll look up and
      see stars of david on some 40 or 50 F-16's wings,that's it.

      A 2,000 pound bomb will reveal the mysteries of your DEATH CULT,
      that you call 'religion'.

      • Have No Fear

        Yupe, i agreed with you …. the media call it “Democracy” to bring peace to the world, sacrificing everyone in its path. Much like the Satanic Cult style of practicing their belief which they called “religion”.

        Just wait when the Star of David decided to nuke you instead, they don't care if you are American. Simply put you are just an animals in their eyes not unless if you are Jews. The Star Of David is simply above any law in this planet the rest are just less than human.

    • Kal_El

      I saw Judgement Day, in 1991. Very good movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger was great, so were Edward Furlong and Linda Hamilton. In the end,

    • Rashid

      My GOD will ask about your idiot words and will punish to you, remember it, that what you said to Muslims..
      barking dogs seldom bite….therefore they dont show name like you….
      Rashid +923336566099

      • Beejj

        I cannot claim to understand your message, Info, so tightly cryptic is it – or should that be so garbled? Yet you speak of something called god punishing somebody. I take you are a vet, given your comments concerning dogs. Do mohammedans own dogs? Tell me about this thing you call god. Has it ever done you any good? As far I can see it has done no-one an ounce of good. The Jews, the inventors of god, howled to him when the Nazis gassed them en masse, to no avail, alas; Christians burned to death and tortured those who defied their dogma, but Christianity continues to flounder; you lot called upon your imaginary Allah several times to help you defeat Israel, but although your multitudes faced their smaller numbers, you were vanquished in shame. You decided to abandon war in its accepted sense, to fire from the shadows; to shoot behind women's skirts and babies' prams; to lay mines for the unsuspecting; to set off bombs carried by idiot women; to take advantage of every opportunity a trusting, decent West offered, but you as far from military success as ever. You guys do not have the balls. You are scum. You are cowardly scum. You are filth. You are lower than vermin. You have not the slightest concept of honour. You are, after all, only a mohammedan. A flea on a dog can truthfully claim greater honour. Honour? It a concept foreign to you and your kind.

        • SirWilhelm

          Please Beejj, don't hold back, tell us how you really feel! lol

        • Hellosnackbar

          One of the most hilarious aspects of the believers is in rejoicing in the schadenfreude of believing that you will suffer eternal torment in that branch of paradise called hell.
          It begs the question as to whether Allah and Shaaitan are in fact friendly colleagues rather than enemies.
          Islamic teaching on this subject is rather hazy.
          Anyway if this is true I'll join you at the bar there.
          A paradise full of Mohammedans would be my idea of Hell

    • pyrolyse

      You certainly don't know your religion to write such insanities. According to Qoran it is said that all people be judged according to their book (christians and jews) because even in islamic countries before, the Christians and Jews were accepted and protected under the dhimmi, They could practice all rituals of their faith and even consume pork and alcoholic beverages if wanted.

    • alif (I M A MUSLIM!!!)

      u r right, abc

    • shariff

      In Quran allah says don’t tell any thing about other religion don’t hurt any one nAnd give respect to other religion if u tell bad things nAbout others they will also reply our Allah with bad nSo please understand bro n

  • gurhanozcan

    you must read and explore you must save your feature just believe you don't have to tell any body go heaven run away from fell. you can't stand ıtjust belıeve please dont have to tell any body. allah knows what you believe just bwelieve you must believe brother.

    • Necrowulf

      Fascinating! You actually believe on this? Somehow I doubt it.

      Now could you please write a little bit better? Not that your english is abysmal, like many of your brethren, but that lack of commas is appalling. It is quite hard to distinguish your ideas.

      Show me evidence that your god is the true god, and will talk

      • Christine_S

        You're too kind. I don't think throwing in a comma here and there will help. What is fascinating is that you understood any of this.

        • Necrowulf

          Oh, thank you! I was in a relatively good mood at the time of writing… but not anymore. So I'll admit I made an error, and agree wholeheartedly with you; It is abysmal his writing, much like his IQ… He didn't even make an effort to convert us, just “believe” or “believe this or go to hell” excuses… So… unoriginal… so… bland… so… arghh.. I had more fun discussing stuff with a wall, at least the shadow can nod from time to time.

      • shike

        Hlo in the world islam is real and wt real truth ok .u dont no in the quran wt written thats all really happend, proof by scientist .bloody non sence .

  • gurhanozcan

    bad person uses the name ıslam theır not the real ıslam just explore real ıslam.ıslam ıs very nıce dont hutrs any body calls every body to belıeve the real god allah. becouse if you dont believe who created you. you can not go to the heaven

    • Beejj

      Gurhanozcan, pop down to your local pharmacist and buy some IQ improvement pills. Take lots ever day.

      • gurhanozcan

        you don't know any thing about islam. you konow the terrorıst usıng the name ıslam. you see when you die . every prophet told the same god. the people changed ıt. now they are tryıng to change ıslam. you know them. you are blınd. and you need a lot of ıq . but they cant change qouran. ıt ıs unchangable. you read and understan the fact. you are disabled. your wrong ideas disabling you. get some ıq. read the last real book. but the translatıon of quran ıs not the qouran. it is a translation of qouran. some thıng you dont understand. and you must read the endless bliss. the explanatıons. all about real ıslam ıs ın ıt real god. who created the space the world. ıt ıs not a human not in a space, nt ın a tıme. ALLAH you must know. you muç research.

        • Beejj

          Tell me, how many people witnessed the visitation of the angel, or whatever it was, to your poxed prophet? Fancy telling poor old Mo that the world is flat! Endless bliss? Lots of that going on this very minute in Iranian prisons and in Pakistan, I believe. Anyway, believe all the tommyrot you will, but leave the rest of the world alone and untouched while doing so. We do not want you nor the evil doctrine you seek to spread, even by force. You and your ilk are an excrescence and an insult to human intelligence. You look revolting, you sound disgusting and your behaviour is anathema to all decent people. We despise the way you treat women and are mortified by your Sharia law. You people are parasites upon the face of the earth, for you offer nothing other than blind obedience to the inventions of a particularly evil little man who should have been boiled in pigshit. Now, off you go – back to your comics.

          • Necrowulf


            My hats off to you, his writing and his ideas are so messy that I've giving up discussing with him…

            I wish I knew what he has with the weird “i” he includes

          • obamaisamuslim

            Way to go, Beejj! YESSSSS! (arm pump)

          • Daniel

            Wow, your really fucked up

          • Beejj

            My really fucked up what?

          • Anonymous

            Inquiring minds want to know, what is so “fucked up” about wanting to be left alone?

            The ones who are fucked up are you musloids. The world does not want you or your choice of poison yet you insist on cramming it down the world’s throat. That’s fucked up . Asking to be left alone is not.

            Dear god why are musloids such flaming ijits?

          • Beejj

            Good question, IC. Don’t expect an answer, though.

            I spent yesterday in a curious mental state thinking back to the day, ten years ago, when the news came through that the primitives had launched their cowardly attacks upon a trusting America. The horror came back to me in a terrible flood: I sat in front of the television crying like a baby and filled with a loathing for Islamic rodents that almost carried me off. In desperation I telephoned a friend in America just to hear an American voice. The sound of his voice somehow reassured me that America was still there; still standing; still breathing; still unconquerable; still the shining beacon of hope in a world gone mad. Although I lived in America for a while (about 20 years ago) I did not have to do so in order to appreciate its uniqueness and value its vast contributions to the world . There has never been anything like America, nor will there ever be. A flawed country, yes, but what country isn’t? Little wonder the primitives so loathe it! How easy it is for cynics to scoff at “The Land of the Free” but show me another country that, in the final analysis, rates the common man as the equal of any and judges a man by his actions rather than his antecedents or wealth. The world without America is akin to Physics without Quantum Theory. My heart continues to bleed for those who lost loved ones that dreadful day of infamy. Nothing can assuage their pain, but your country needs to make it clear to them that it will ruthlessly and unflaggingly and mercilessly hunt down the verminous lice who dare launch attacks upon those Yanks in the street who are the very soul of everything Jefferson believed in. Americans must never forget they are Americans. They must never lose faith in their country. They must think deeply about what their Constitution stands for, for as surely as shit apples follow horses, that Constitution is to the lasting benefit of the entire civilised world.

            This morning I sent three pieces from The Daily Telegraph to John Infidelesto and to Christine S. I would like to send them to you. If you want them, get John to send me your email address.

          • C. Martel

            beejj old chap, I’m in London this week. Went to a pub tonight and bought a round to toast you.

            See you in Tours.

            Best to you and yours.


          • Anonymous

            Beejj, thank you for eloquent and loving homage to the country of my birth.

            I showed your tribute to my mom, who’s a naturalized American citizen, and she managed to choke out a raspy “Thank you.”

            If all of us could muster the love and respect you have for our flawed but great nation, stopping this scourge in its tracks would be over and done with in a heartbeat. We will not slip into that dark night without a whimper.

          • Wakeup

            Yeah America the land of free, home of the hungry. Wake up read this updates.

          • Anonymous

            So what? Unlike in dar al islam there are not horny old perverts “marrying little girls to protect them from hunger.”

            If they did they’d be arressted.

            Shall we delve into the hunger situation in your crapistans? Where does their aid come from? Oh yeah, America.


          • SirWilhelm

            We’re reaping the consequnces of over 100 years of “Progressive” efforts to transform the USA into a Socialist country. They started with the “Progressive” Income Tax. “Social” Security, and the “Federal” Reserve Bank. Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Minimum Wage, Un-employment Compensation, and last, but far from least, Federal Housing programs, Fanny and Freddy, the real culprits behined the housing market collapse.  All designed to “help” the poor, to win the “War on Poverty”. All they’ve done is increased the amount of poverty in the USA, just as Socialism has done everywhere it has been tried, only it’s taken longer in the USA, because our roots were so strong. Ironically, you cite a link from a UK source, where they have pulled back from the brink of collapse by cutting back on govt health care, and other entitlements, and most recently, refusing to follow Europe down it’s road to collapse, with it’s attempt to save the Euro.The most frustrating part, is how the Leftists refuse to give up their dreams of a Socialist Utopia, despite the evidence that it doesn’t work.

          • The Hulk

            Didn’t u people ever get tired cursing the unseen enemy with your lame excuses? I cannot imagine America is packed with people loaded with brain filled with rotten maggots. There is absolutely nothing useful can be learned from the sewage you people had accumulate for so many wasteful years.

        • SirWilhelm

          What do you know about your religion? Do you know Allah is the moon god? An idol worshipped by Arab tribesman at the time Mohmmed lived? That Allah had a wife and 3 daughters? That he was one of 360 “gods” worshipped at the same time? That Mohammed promoted him over all the other “gods” which is why you say “Allah is the greatest”? Do you know this is why the crescent moon is your symbol, because you worship a pagan moon god? Your religion is a pagan cult that spread itself by the sword in the name of jihad and continues to do so today. Mohammed was an ambitious, opportunistic, murdering, looting leader of an Arab tribe that became popular by conquering his neighbors. The Quran and hadithas are propoganda supporting his success. If there is a real God that Created all Things, it's not this Allah you worship. A Creater creates, he doesn't demand death in his name.

          • obamaisanarab

            Way to go to you, too, Sir W. And to the potty-mouth poster after you…shame on you! And you a good, Godly person!

          • Have No Fear

            cheeeeeese….. Allah is the moon God? … and people worship the moon ? that is the most ridiculous things to do. I think Beejj can explained that, can you my dear atheist friend? The last time we discussed this was somebody had to get his brain an immediate medical attention !!!!


          • Have No Fear

            The crescent moon symbol ….Why didn't anybody think about that before, hmm … came to think about that ..there were a surah in the Holy Book which remind about TIME … reads wal asrii (meaning Time) … how do you measures the unstoppable medium or energy which we called TIME. or maybe you can freeze one and stay young forever when you snap a picture of yourself when you were a lot younger !!!

            The most basic person in search of acceptable truth is to look around …at first. Then you look up in the sky ..the most obvious things that you will see is the sun and the moon. Fearing damage to your god given sight maybe you cannot stare at the glaring sun to long. But you can conveniently scrutinize the moon, watching it from full moon to crescent.

            And due to its consistency in the above formation you can calculate your days from the day you were born till the last day that you will die. And that is the significant of why the Muslim choose the crescent as the symbol just for the sake of time. Time is very precious and nobody can buy time, because of that try to be good to others as human life time is short. And the non Muslim is determine to make it even shorter for us by labeling the Muslim as “terrorist”. Don't waste your time …. be good.


          • SirWilhelm

            Allah is the name of the ancient Arabian moon god, that far preceded Islam, if you don't believe me, look it up. Allah is the name of the diety that supposedly gave Mohammed the Quran, did Allah tell Mohammed that was his name, or did Mohammed decide to use that name because it was convenient, and popular, where he lived? Either way, it's the name you use for “god”, the rest is historical. And the fact that the crescent moon is a popular Muslim symbol, just confirms the true nature of Allah's past. Many other ancient “gods” were associated with celestial bodies, everyone had a sun god too, usually the main pantheon all were. All religions have those ties to ancient worship. If you take some of your precious time and look into the past, you might realize where your religion really came from, and what it really is.

          • Have No Fear

            I have been doing that long before you wrote it in this web site, you don't have to look into any holy book to look for it…. you can look for the truth in any science academic books, typically the astronomical one. Why? because in using a specific Holy Book it will open up a lot of argument which will does no good to anybody. Why again? because you have plenty of impatient commenter that would only look for “fun”.

            Look at this website, I have been following it for the past 3 years and nothing change. It is just hate hate hate …. and cursing. Even if some of the modest commenter tries explaining it will change nothing.

            The Creator can never be celestial bodies because those astronomical stars and galaxy are only one of his many products that is beyond human knowledge to comprehend. But, if there is among the many races of human that Creator have created is very keen to study. He will experience the sense of the Creator presence. A feeling that can never be understood by anyone unless if you can understand his “findings”.

            He will begin to understand matter can never restructured by itself, for example the atomic matters in your body can never become a star becomes some”intelligent consciousness” have gave it a specific instruction to become parts of your body. However matters are made of combination of atom and nuclei. Whatever that is presence in your body can also be out there, you will get an immense feeling of his unknown knowledge and his presence. Now, that is the God that I served for and not the celestial body that history provides names of God after it.


          • SirWilhelm

            Sorry, I didn't realize that “Have No Fear” was one of several aliases you use on here. Nothing wrong with that in itself, but it can be confusing, or is that your idea? Yes, there's a lot of hate on this site, hate for Islam that operates on hate, fear and violence, despite all it's protestations that it's a “religion of peace”.

            I'm sorry, I didn't make it clear, the ancient “gods” were identified with the celestial bodies in our system because it was their way of clarifying the structure of their pantheon in a way that humans would understand, it suited the “god's” egos, and they came from the “heavens” where the planets reside. (In their terminology, the sun and moon were planets)

            If you can sense the presence of the Supreme Being, what you call the Creator, by yourself, and on your own, what do you need a religion for? Can you not communicate with Him directly? Does He not know your thoughts? Your prayers? Does He not tell you what is right and what is wrong in your heart? I agree that the “gods” with celestial names and many other names all over the world, that interacted and bred with human beings, are not spiritual beings, are not the Creator of All Things that is the Supreme Being that created the Universe. That's why I belong to no religion, because I can and do communicate directly with Him. You can do the same, it's your choice, that's why He gave us Free Will.


          • Have No Fear

            That is a good start … at least for a deist like you. Things happen for a reason, and definitely not for fun. I happen to come a across statement… a question if you like.. made by the scientist …. Why are we here and for what reason ? If you tries to think flatly …what the hell ? Since we are here .. lets have some fun!!! Then …my friend ….obviously people shall have no objectives in their miserable life !!! Period.

            Your daily activity shall be just eating, drinking and sometime or rather all the time having booze …. get drunk. The product of your daily contribution? Shall be the natural excrement that you have made on daily basis ….
            You will get to no where, even the flora and fauna which include the inhabitants (wild life) had their significant roles to ensure man be able to have the kind of life that you had wisely choose …

            If you care to look closely there is an existing Governing factors that pre-arranged all these that scientist call it “Mother natures”. What about the flora and fauna that exist in the system long before you were born that the scientist remind us a very vital recycling of waste and nutrition. “We” are also one of the celestial body in vastness of the space. Why are all these life support system ? Who managed them, I mean …which Government managed them.

            Surely not those countries that declared themselves as the Super Powers !!!! they cannot even stop the hydrocarbon leaks on the ocean floor that they have created in the name of GREED. This is how “we” show our gratitude to the “Supreme Government” … doing irreversible damage in the name of freedom and Democracy. And mind you ..the Creator is very verbal ….To the Islamic teaching … this is one interesting studies to know the Creator …. by observing things that he had created. Oh yes in Islam one has to know the Creator before accepting the religion.

            We show our appreciation by performing the solah 5 times a day systematically.

            Ask him …he shall give you answer and when he want to …. also to people or person of his choice. Didn't you say you always speak to him? As the Creator is above all needs …He doesn't need any conventional sound or voices to do that …. but you did hear something that is understandable … that only you alone can comprehend. However, depending on what you really seek for in this life … that is the kind of “understanding” that you shall get … too bad. But that is your choices anyway…

            As man is very arrogant … why do you think that he couldn't do just that ….at least to an arrogant infidel


          • hellosnackbar

            Typical tosh from a stunted mind!
            Ask some simple metaphysical question and it must be Allah or Zeus or some other imaginary friend who has decided you don't deserve the answer and that's it.
            Well HFN if your robotic unenquiring mind takes you from one cul de sac to another then you shall remain the mindless automaton that your idiotic cult of submission demands.
            Ever read anything about evolution?? of course not!
            Ever read anything about the physics of relativity or the atom?of course not!
            Ever read anything about DNA and its replicating power?of course not!
            Know anything about mammalian physiology or anatomy or biochemistry or biology or pathology?probably not.
            For you the complacency of ignorance underwritten by 7th century fairy fantasy replaces all natural curiosity.
            Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself “Am I a cupid stunt?”
            Now there's a little spoonerism to test your atrophied intellect.
            Cheers; but if I were you? cheerfulness would be the laugh of the hapless imbecile.

          • Have No Fear

            Evolution ? We have been taught to believe that piece of BS ever since we started school !!! Fancy believing that make you into believing that your great great grand parent was a monkey …. which is not very noble. It is troubling when a “learnt” person like you is limiting your mind to think further what IS the intelligent force behind the replicating power of the DNA.

            everything happen for a reason ……

            I am not trying to belittle anyone …… if you want to ….there is a lot to learn in this life while you still can … And probably you are right, I don't know much about Biochemistry and the likes. But I owned a chemical company to service the local industry …

            cheers is the wrong words ? maybe for you … but for me its the battle from within that is the greatest war because if you lost the battle then the sure-sign of that defeat is the final filthy words that come out from your miserable mouth.


          • hellosnackbar

            I'm not trying to belittle anyone!!!
            From my position reading the tripe that you write that would be hard to do.
            Evolution is bullshit is it?
            Only for those halfwits who believe that they must follow the cortical meanderings of an illiterate desert epileptic.
            The battle from within?what's that the pain you suffer from mental constipation?
            You owned a chemical company;but don't know much about (bio)chemistry.
            What chemicals did you sell NH4NO3 (esoteric chemistry joke).to service the local terrorism?
            Have no fear?I think” have no knowledge”
            would be more apposite.
            And cheers is usually an expression usually associated with glass of booze.
            Secret drinker are you;beware of Allah's wrath;because you won't believe me if I tell you that Batman has more credibility.
            Everything happen for a reason(sic);I think you mean cause and effect?
            Well, the cause of this holy site is the derogation of the death cult known as Islam and its brain damaged adherents;and the effect is that the latter offer us lame excuses to defend the indefensible.
            So down the hatch!with Islam straight into Allah's urinary bladder.
            Dump Islam and try education;then you'd know how stupid you appear.

          • Have No Fear

            Yes I do agreed cheers is associated with booze … since you love evolution so much, lets evolved it to something noble …. I drink coffee … To me I started educating myself thru Islamic teaching, by looking into the wonders of chemistry. Try reading books written by harun yahya …. for a start.

          • hellosnackbar

            Harun Yahya is laughed at by every person with even a smattering of scientific knowledge .
            He showed a photograph of a fly with a fish hook attached to it(clearly he knew nothing of fly fishing.)
            To say I “love” evolution is inaccurate!
            Evolution is FACT supported by empirical evidence.
            To deny evolution is to ignore mountains of evidence especially since the scientific evaluation of molecular biology..
            Still believe the sun spends the night time in a muddy pool do you?
            Or that Moped journeyed to Heaven on a space traveling donkey?
            Or that Allah is real?(if so why not Zeus?or Odin?)
            What about djinns(are they the same as leprauchauns?
            Has it never occurred to you that all you believe is fatuous?
            Believe in empiricism and dump the rest;then you'll discover how wonderful the universe is.
            An illiterate desert bandit visited by the angel Gabriel?
            I'm surprised you haven't moved on by believing in Harry Potter as reality..

          • Have No Fear

            Creatures do not evolves they just metamorphize from cellular stage to their specific final form, thats all. e.g chicken from egg form to full grown hen. and you don't expect the hen will evolve to become a horse after that. However, I can agree if it is supported by a proven empirical evidence just like you said. According to Charles Darwin man evolved from apes, tell me did you agree to that ?

            Sure Allah is real and the rest is just a myth. I have explained it in my previous posting and lets hope that nobody delete it. The djinn are real but they are not the same make with us human, but they have something in common with human. We call it commitment and submission towards the Creator.

            Indeed Muhammad was an illiterate person, but it is very amazing how could the Quran had described about how the whole world started, that the scientist in the 20th century called it “The Big bang”. Certainly, Muhammad was no astronomer or astrophysic experts. How could he mentioned about “that knowledge” more than 14 centuries ago.

            The verse ” do not the unbeliever see that the heavens and the Earth were sewn together and then WE unstitched them and that WE made from water every living thing ? So will they not believe? Alanbiya:30. How could he know that much earlier more than 1400 year ago ? They are supposed to be stupid aren't they?

            And you expect me to believe Harry Potter as reality …. come on get a life.

          • hellosnackbar

            Your confusion with respect to evolution is breathtaking?
            We did not evolve from apes we were a branch of the great ape family'
            (other branches are gorillas,chimpanzees,bonobos,orang utans,and gibbons.
            And if you'd read “the origin of species you'd know that!”
            But clearly your time has been wasted reading the Koranus.
            You need some education so;take a little time off and visit youtube,and see the 32 videos from “thunderfoot”called “why people laugh at creationists.
            Further more read all the works of Prof.Richard Dawkins;then come back with some scientific background and we'll continue this discussion.
            (Warning If you follow Richard Dawkins words then you will logically wonder
            why you cling to the crazy mores and crochets of the death cult).
            And just to add to the educational abyss in which you reside.
            visit for a good seethe.
            Pat has had more death threats than anyone I've ever heard of.

          • Kal_El

            My ancestors used to sacrifice virgins to the Sun god in Mexico. I am VERY thankful for the Conquistadors.

  • mother fukin christianity

    FUCK YOU BITCH !!!!!!!!!


    • wearethesonsofgod

      You see, even you yourself mirror the uncivilised person. Islam do not say something like this. You are no worth than a dust.

    • Mimi

      So what “dirt” do you have on Jesus? Then we can talk about Mohammad………..
      You obviously come from a very violent background. If you are so angry, maybe you'd better start facing your own demons and get them under control. (Some people are so mean that if the “demon” were cast out of them – it would say “Thank you!” Hope you know that “hatred/meanness” is not another word for “maturity” or “manhood”) Grow up and get civilized. Your not in Kindergarten anymore – you little filthy mouthed brat!

      • Kal_El

        Jesus encouraged alcoholism, he turned water to wine! =P

  • mohammed123

    islam is the real christianity have you sen god before :no: the how is he jesuses father he is a prophet just because he got put on a cross and died after that came back to life dosnt mean hes the son of god
    god has no father no mother nowife no sonn no daughter

    islam means peace you are all welcome

    • obamaisgay

      Te he…this isn't 2001 anymore, and we all know islam means SUBMISSION, not “peace.” Nice try, tho.

    • Kal_El

      If islam means peace, why are we also told islam means submission, and why are people killed for leaving islam? Have you seen allah? NOPE. And you never will, for allah is a figment in the imagination of a pedophile.

      • Have No Fear

        A pedophile ? yeah … for once I do agree … we don't have to go far in search of your “quest” we can try the Vatican instead … I heard they have plenty pedophiles in their office ….


        • Kal_El

          Agreed, that is why I no longer pay attention to the Church. But what are you referring to when you mention a quest? What say you about the madrassas across the world where the imams molest little boys? Or how about the Afghans who make little boys into sex slaves, and have them dress as little girls and dance for 50 year old men? They seem an awful lot like Muhammad, wouldn't you agree?

          • Have No Fear

            I don't agreed to people abusing other people …even if they are the Vatican ….

      • Khalifah

        Allah is god. God is god. We only see Allah when we die. Oh yea, Nabi Isa a.s(Jesus) is Muslim you know and a messanger of Allah. God is unique okay. And why are you guys so mean?! Why would you want to defeat Islam? Hey, we have the Quran okay. I am really offended. Oh yea, PPL STOP ABUSING ISLAM. P.S Islam welcomes everyone who wants to convert. Islam is not a violent religion. Ameen. :)

        • SirWilhelm

          Allah is the name of an ancient Arabian moon god. Allah is not the God of the Bible that acknowledged Jesus as His Son, when John the Baptist annointed Him. That is the difference between Allah and Jehovah, Allah says he has no son, so, he must be a different god, if they are both gods. We believe the Quran is a fiction written by Mohammed so he could recruit an army of religious fanatics in order to become a powerful warlord. We’ll stop abusing Islam, when Islam stops using terrorism as a weapon in jihad, and stops waging jihad on the world. Islam is not a religion, it is a militarized political system disguised as a religion, designed to build an army to conquer the world. Islam is evil, pray for your own soul.

        • Nexpresso

          Don’t waste ur time trying to explain Islam to these people, quite simply they have chosen to waste their time hammering on something they don’t really want to know. All they interested of is just making fun on Islam, believe me they have been doing these for so many many years.

          Most of them is atheist, and they don’t really care if Jesus is abused by the Jews. What can you expect from these infidels?

    • Have No Fear

      Don't mess up things …please. Islam is not christianity for goodness sake and can never be. Don't believe me ? try to explaining what is the meaning of Christian for a start …..

      Jesus never preach Christianity for goodness sake ….


    • SirWilhelm

      I'm sure you haven't seen “god” either. ” just because he got put on a cross and died after that came back to life dosnt mean hes the son of god” You say this as though you believe it? If you do, you make the very case that Christians do, that only a “son of god” could die and come back to life, especially in Biblical times. “god has no father no mother nowife no sonn no daughter” does seem to put the lie to your previous statement I quoted, but I'd like to point out that the ancient “gods”, contemporaries of Jehovah, often had children with human consorts, even human husbands and wives, if you believe the ancient accounts. And the Bible accounts are also contemporary with those accounts, as much as Jehovah was. Then there's that embarrasing little problem that was removed from the Quran, a reference to Allah's three daughters. Removed since it can't be explained in light of your stated beliefs that “god has no father no mother nowife no sonn no daughter”.

      Ah yes, Islam, the religion of peace, and yet, isn't it strange how it's members are in constant strife and conflict with so many non-Muslims in so many places all over the world? And so much of that strife and conflict is between Muslims and the Peoples of the Book? Just a coincidnce, it seems, from the Muslim point of view. Of course, it's not Islam's fault, it's always the Great Satan, or the Jewish “occupiers”. It's so strange that Muslims are always the victims. I guess you want peace so badly the whole rest of the word just picks on you, poor things. But then, I look at how much Ghandi accomplished with non-violent means, and I wonder, what could Muslims be doing wrong? Are you asking yourselves that question? I hope you find the answer.

    • Farazroger

      mohammed you talking like a child do you have father quran says Jesus has no father than who is Jesus father?

      • russian

        jesus has no father only a mother her mother name is marim jibrael or jacob as if u christians say, came down to earth disguise as a man he told mariam that one day she will have a baby son name isa or jesus faraz think first before u say something im not offending you

        • SirWilhelm

          You should cite the source for your claim. If it’s the Quran, say so, and cite where in the Quran. If you are citing the Quran, we know Allah says he has no son, and Jesus is just a prophet. Obviously, Christians disagree with Allah, vociferously, which is the root of contention between Christians and Muslims, because Allah can not be Jehovah, if he rejects Jesus as his son, because Jehovah acknowledges Jesus as His Son, in the New Testament. Most people consider Allah’s rejection of Jesus as the Son of God. is not a friendly gesture.

        • hellosnackbar

          Pity that we can’t examine Jebus’s DNA .
          If Jebus existed then somebody must have shagged Mary!

          • SirWilhelm

            Consider the possibility that Mary was artificially inseminated? That the gods in ancient times were entities with advanced technology that could easily have performed such a feat?

  • mohammed123

    islam is the real christianity have you sen god before :no: the how is he jesuses father he is a prophet just because he got put on a cross and died after that came back to life dosnt mean hes the son of god
    god has no father no mother nowife no sonn no daughter

    islam means peace you are all welcome

  • RianJepson

    Any religion is based on the principles of peace. The fact that religion was the cause of so many wars and acts of violence is because people interpret wrong or become fanatics and attribute their acts to religious war. The only way to ever reach the kingdom of heaven is through peace and harmony.


      ” Any religion is based on the principles of peace “

      That's wishful thinking. The reality proves otherwise, for ISLAM is a dedicated
      Whereas I can prove what I say, you (unfortunately) cannot.

      ” peace and harmony “

      Please, go to Pakistan and repeat your sweey words to the men
      who BEHEADED my fellow Jew Daniel Pearl.
      I am sure they are willing to listen to you…

      • wearethesonsofgod

        Christian is peace. No other religion.

        • Daniel

          That is bullshit. Islam is the real religion of peace. All you non-Muslims out there don’t know the truth.

          • Beejj

            Is that why Islam sentences apostates to death?

          • Anonymous

            No, “daniel” you and your bronze age ideology of arab savegry are bullshi’ite. First of all, you’re a damn liar. What is it with you kuranimals and using kaffir monikers? I really want to understand the psychology? Do you think we’ll buy your bullshi’ite if we think you are a kaffir?

            Secondly the musloid definition of peace is the polar opposite of the actual definition of peace. In fact your entire lexicon is the antithesis of humanity’s lexicon. You are walking, talking oxymorons.

            Go peddle your bullshi’ite to the rest of the ummah, they will nod their collective head in agreement with you. Just stay in your crapistans and keep marching to the the tune of black is white, up is down and murder is defensive while, we, the humans of this earth, will continue to strive forward creating and inventing unfettered by the hatred and racism and utter stupidity of your absurd desert cult.

      • Kal_El

        Jewhawk, irmao, that was uncalled for, insulting 6 year old girls like that. =P

  • ainulhassan

    Islam doesn't believe in offence, it only treats in deffence, if someonce tries to overtake something which is not of his or her. In Chirstainity you follow Jesus and in Islam or IIngil(Arabic name of Bible), is called by the name Isaallayhe salam, he was a Nabi (Prophet) who wanted us to guides towards the right parth the way S.A.W Mohammad prophet had done and make us understood – there is only one who has to be worshipped, who has given us the life to live that is ALLAH (The creator of everything).

    You can see the conversion ratio from religion to Islam, but not from islam to other. It happens because once you read in deep, then you will get the real sense.

    Persons who kills innocent people and belongs to Islam then they don't have the understanding about the real meaning of jihad,,,, they are actually disguised by somebody else who might be a ruthless or selfish person.


      Islam STINKS.

      Muslims are a bunch of backward and bloodthirsty ignoramuses that
      don't belong to the 21th century.

      That's the sad reality.

      Mr. Anusofhassan, your lies won't be accepted in this blog. We know
      that muslims are professional liars, therefore nobody is gonna believe
      in anything you write.

      You've lost.

      • jamesamir

        judism and chirtianity are fake islam is real no more comments
        propet ISA is alive not dead
        he never died
        u christians killed ur own king that time who looked like prophet isa
        before when there were no religions evryone only used to belive in allah but then from sumwhere cristianity and judism come and evry1 forgot bout islam and fell in the wickd ways of this world

        • JEWHAWK

          Why don't you learn English before you write in this blog ?

          You are an IDIOT.

          Islam is a DEATH-LOVING cult, a DEVIL'S FAN-CLUB.

        • Kal_El

          None of what you just said had any basis in fact, since the Bible was written 600 plus years BEFORE the quran. The quran is a plagiarisation of the Torah and the Bible. Anyone not brainwashed by islam can see that. Judaism existed 3500 years before the pedophile Muhammad. You make a valiant effort at coherent thought, though. Nice try, better luck next time.

    • obamaisaonetermer

      Hmm..but moooslims don't consider infidels “innocent,” so it's cool to kill them, right?

      • Have No Fear

        Wrong !!! We just let them kill themselves since they choose to become infidel ….


        • SirWilhelm

          Wrong! I choose to STAY an infidel because I see Islam for what it really is, a militaristic political system disguised as a religion lead by a 'god” with no more substance than any other religions “gods”.

          • Have No Fear

            Yeah I can agree with you on that … so stay on whatever faith you like and nobody want you to convert. Just stay there. Enjoy you life to the fullest, I have plenty of non Muslim neighbor no problem at all.


          • SirWilhelm

            Thanks for agreeing with me, I wonder if your non-Muslims nieghbors realize what a potential threat you are? Care to tell us where you live? What country at least? I live in the USA. I consider myself a Deist. I belong to no religion. Apparantly you're a Muslim. Are you a Sunni, Shia, Suffi? That's another little foible about your “faith” you really don't like to talk about. You're not as united as you'd like to be. In fact, Muslims kill more fellow Muslims in the course of your jihads than any other infidels combined. Of course, the “religion of peace” doesn't worry about that. Any Muslims that die in the course of jihad, whatever the cause, are considered martyrs and are guaranteed to go to paradise. So jihadists are actually doing them a favor, according to your “faith”. So, Have No Fear, are you a jihadist? Do you know any? Care to turn them in? In the name of love and peace? Or will you continue to protect them, because you really support what they do, but don't want to admit it, like almost all your fellow Muslims?

          • Have No Fear

            I must admit, that is a very good question. Historically, some the Arabs were a notorious barbaric tribes that will bury their new born daughter as most of them were in favor of having sons as their children. Prophet Muhammad change all that after Islam became a very significant faith among the followers. He had taught Islamic spiritual knowledge known as Tawhid (knowledge of the True Creator) for 13 years. The remaining 10 years are the Shariah ways that most of the infidel talks about now.

            One can imagine it is not an easy task, because he was dealing with arrogant tribe leaders that was always trying to kill the Prophet anyway they can. That's explained there were several wars during the Prophet life times. And among the native people that thrives in the arab lands were of course the Jews and the Christian (Yemen). These are the People of the Books and they knows their subject very well, don't they? They ask many question with regards to the prophet lineage from Adam to Jesus from Prophet Mohammad. Whereas He do not know how to read and write AND during that time the Prophet do not have any learnt friend to refer from.
            The answer came from the Creator …. and why the name Allah … because the Prophet Muhammad was an Arab. That should answers some commenter accusation ….

            That explained why the Quran have the event of the beginning of Adam and of the future afterlife too.

            Ok, I don't regards myself as sunni or shiah. What's the point.. you don't have to be … to become Muslim. I am an Asian Muslim who lived in Malaysia. Islamic Jihad is specifically meant to fight your internal lust, greed, arrogant and lie which is presence in every living human being consciousness. This is the greatest Universal War that Muhammad reminded the Muslims when they won the Uhud war. This is the significant JIHAD that every “thinking” Muslim person had to face every moment of their life!!!

            You are defeated when you are unable to tell the truth, the war and killings happen due to the truth that had been concealed from the public by the Leader of a powerful country for example. Now, these are the universal human jihad if you like and these are war to me. Speaking of Paradise let the Creator decide. In the Quran, the Creator mentioned he look not into what you have done but rather what you have hidden in your heart which nobody knows except you. This is the Jihad, a Neverending Fights till the day you die.

            You are no longer a Jihadist if you start to slander, rape, kill the innocent etc. You see, not all Muslim are Arabs and not all Arabs are Muslim. Look around you haven't you meet any Chinese, Indian or White or black Muslim around your country. Haven't you heard of Jewish Muslim, so you see … we have something in common (Jihadist) …. but we are not the same.


          • SirWilhelm

            Sorry,”because the Prophet Muhammad was an Arab”, only confirms what I am saying, that Allah and/or Mohammed were a local phenomenon that became hugely successful because of the military system inherent in Islam which had little to do with anything of spiritual value in the window dressing of the “religion” it purports to be. Mohammed started out by defeating his opponents in battle and diplomacy and his followers took it from there, with the apparent support of Allah, whoever or whatever he was. What's the difference between what Allah did with Mohammed and what Jehovah did with the Hebrews when they took Canaan and made it their Holy Land? For all those reasons, I make the distinction between the Supreme Being and Allah and Jehovah, and all the other “gods” of religions, they are not the same enitities, in my mind.

            From what you're saying about jihadists, I take it you won't turn them in if you're aware of them?

          • Have No Fear

            its ok with me, that was just another facts in history since the Arab and Israel are bretheren. For us all Prophet of God had common objectives to lead the people to follow the true deity. The only difference was whether they are successful to deliver the true message.

            What you mean is the suicide bombers? Personally, I will never agree if it will result damage and death to the innocent especially if the victim were children and women.

          • SirWilhelm

            Then why won't Muslims recognize their brethrens right to live and exist in a country of their own? Muslims control and dominate many countries and much land with their 1.5 billion members. Why can't you let Israel and it's 6 million people have their tiny strip of land and live in peace? Just because they believe in a different diety and true message? You yourself say they are still your brethren, but you want to kill your brother because he won't agree with you? It doesn't make sense to me, and what doesn't make sense, must be wrong.

            I mean the Muslims that use every means they can to attack and kill infidels anywhere and everywhere they can in the name of Allah. That keep doing it no matter how many innocent men, women and children die, even if they are Muslims. Do you stand and cheer them on? From your last statement, I believe you do. Typical Muslim. Bye!

          • Have_No_Fear

            I'm sorry if you feel that way, BUT Your very question needs to be directed toward the Arab bretheren the Jews. Haven't you got urself updated with current development with The State of Israel and the oppressed 1.5 million Palestinian that had been denied their very basic human needs?

            Their home land have been demolished, even babies and small children are not spared and being killed with gun shot at close proximity by the brave IDF. To date, they have been living in that shabby and dangerous life for almost 60 years now. Further, they had been bombed with the latest state of the art military weapon that contained depleted uranium. Making their dwelling place highly contagious with radio active and not suitable for human to live in. You should be thankful to the Israel for that. Because they can give you reason to cheer for…

            Maybe you have never heard of Ms. Rachel Corey the freelance journalist and activist an American citizen that had been crushed to death by Israeli using the bulldozer sent by the US Government to demolished the Palestinian home. She had been standing bravely infront of the monster to save a Palestinian house. Even Helen Thomas recommended the Jews to be sent back where they belongs in Germany.

            Futher, let me updates you that the Israel is above any law in these planet and they may kill anybody they like and nobody should stop them. They have killed your American soldiers, remember USS Liberty? ask the American what can they do? Absolutely nothing can be done because they are the chosen people didn't they?

            And recently they have killed an American kid onboard the flotilla with 4 bullet hole at the back of his head……

            If that cannot make you to understand …then god help you


          • Infidelesto

            “the oppressed 1.5 million Palestinian that had been denied their very basic human needs?”

            Oh my God get off the bullshit train already…

          • SirWilhelm

            I'm immune to your progaganda, move along, slave of Allah.

          • Have No Fear

            Propaganda ? No it is not … was the very happening of year 2010. Probably not for you … but it is Known and recognized by every nation across the globe.


          • hellosnackbar

            Recognised by every nation across the globe.
            I think you must be referring to the other planets in the solar system.

          • hellosnackbar

            Jihad whether a psychological inner struggle or murder of infidels(and other Muslims) is a ridiculous principle.
            It begs the question :Why not dump Islam and live a fruitful life?
            Then any struggle ceases to be.

          • Odyssia

            “Nobody want (sic) you to convert”? Muslims do not seek converts? Do they look upon those who have not converted as equals or worthy of respect equal to those who have? You might have no problems with your non-Islamic neighbours, but they, sure as shit, have potential problems with you.

          • hellosnackbar

            But they sure as shit,have potential problems with you!
            That in a nutshell is the heart of the matter;and something brain damaged Muslims in their ignorant arrogance
            never take into consideration.
            Dogma always trumping common sense.

        • Odyssia

          You would kill people because they do not agree with your religious views? Yet you claim that Jesus was a worthy prophet? Sorry, but I am confused.

  • jamesamir

    islam is the best and real religeon


      Your birth was a real environmental disaster…muslims
      are as desirable and useful as an oil-spill.

      Cleaning is in order. Get your grubby little fingers out of here,
      stupid muslim…go play elsewhere.

      • NotoBO

        Jewhawk, you've got a rel effective way with words there.

        • obamaisakenyan

          that's “real,” NOT “REL.”

    • Kittyshatah


  • honest american

    Why do people say islam is violent…everyone has flaws in their religion. DUDE! Hello, anybody in there? Go to the site religionofpeace, which keeps a daily count of islamic “flaws.” (beheadings, noses cut off, little “flaws” like that. Why, I'm surprised it's even brought up!)

  • Ashkab Azeem

    Very simple questions for all Islam haters; was Adolph Hitler a Muslim man? was Joseph Stalin a Muslim man?
    Were George Bush Senior and Junior Muslims? were the people who drop nuclear bombs in Japan muslims?
    Answer is no. Cruisaders attacked many Muslim countries in last 20 years and causing misery on a larger scale in different part of the muslim world. Bush family alone cause 1.5 million deaths of civilians in Iraq ans Israel (Germany of Hitler) continue to kill thousands of innocent people who originally gave them refuge against hitler.
    So you are saying that we should welcome you to kill us all? Raheel Islam is a perfect religion and cursadors go to school to learn about our religion but becaus of their social economic structre they can not accept Islam. All of you Christians Read Qran first then pass your judgment instead of following your priests blindly. By the way , Jesus peace be upon him mentioned that last prophet will come so read all of your bibles and for jews you should read your book becasue Muhammadim (Peace be upon him mentioned by name in hebrew).

    • SirWilhelm

      What about Mohammed and the Muslim conquest that was only stopped in Europe at the Battles of Tours and Vienna? How many people died in those wars? How many Muslims would there be if those conquests hadn't taken place? How can you complain about the Crusades and ignore that they wouldn't have been necessary if Muslims hadn't conquered and OCCUPIED the Holy Land in the first place? How many wars have been fought in the name of some “god” or the other or with one side or the other claiming “God” is on their side? When will you re-examine your “religion” and realize it is a militaristic political system designed to create an army to conquer the world? And you are just a soldier expected to martyr himself in that cause? After you get your 4 wives to bear more than enough sons to not only replace you, but increase the size of the amy. Ignorance does have a cure, did you learn anything reading this? Or will you CHOOSE to remain ignorant. No book, especially not the Quran, contains all the truth, have you read any books besides the Quran?

    • Kal_El

      Hitler was a fan of islam. He was buddies with the mufti of then Tripoli (now Libya). He also lamented that the West had chosen Christianity, which he decried as flabby, where as he praised the strict and controlling ways of islam. The original Crusades were an attempt to RETAKE lands the muslim horde took from Christians, who had lived in them for 600 plus years BEFORE islam was invented. As for those 1.5 million dead, they were killed by their fellow muslims, who do a far better job killing muslims than we kuffar ever could. Jesus did mention the last prophet. He also mentioned the anti-Christ. Which one is it more likely Muhammad truly is? After all Muhammad KILLED, ROBBED, RAPED, HAD SLAVES, TOOK A 6 YEAR OLD BRIDE, AND BROKE HIS OWN TREATIES WHEN IT SUITED HIS NEED. And people wonder why every islamic country is a festering hole.

  • Ashkab Azeem

    IGNORRANCE has no cure and you guys are ignorrant and respect no one when it comes to religions. We are 1.2 billion in numbers who follow Islam and I am a very proud muslim. We don't have to defend my great relgion Islam because we are better then you in every aspect with one book in our hand not 20 different versions like you do.

    • Istanbul_Chick

      Hey, you typical islamic douchebag, how about answering SirWilhelm's question:

      “How can you complain about the Crusades and ignore that they wouldn't have been necessary if Muslims hadn't conquered and OCCUPIED the Holy Land in the first place?”

      Care to explain your and your fellow mohammadan's and your loony lefty liberal's ignorance of history?

      And were Amin Al Husseini and the 1943 Hanzar SS Division muslims?

      Your islamic taqyya, kitman and distortions of DOCUMENTED history do NOT fool those of us who were educated before you vile mohammadans started your revisions of history in your despicable push to install a world-wide caliphate.

      Istanbul Chick: disgusted with islam AND mohammadans since 1986

    • Kal_El

      If you don't have to defend your 'great religion' (it's really a cult), why do muslims ALWAYS respond with violence to those that say islam is violent, or draw cartoons of the pedophile Muhammad? You claim 1.2 billion people are muslims. Big deal. That means 5.7 or so billion people are not.

    • hellosnackbar

      IGNORRANCE(sic)?I think you mean culpable lack of knowledge?
      Your spelling of the word clearly demonstrates the same!
      The fact that there are 1.2 billion of you shows nothing more than 1.2 billion idiots wasting their lives on this planet.

      The irritating aspect of your death cult is that millions of you have infiltrated civilised countries and are sharing your misery and primitive beliefs with us.
      Hopefully Geert Wilders will start to redress this colossal mistake and cleanse Holland from your accursed presence;then others will follow his example and deport you.
      Islam is a foul, supremacist, fascist, political ideology hiding behind the mask of a so called religion.
      And remember respect is an emotion predicated by appreciation and admiration.
      Islam does NOT engender either.It's a social abomination.
      Killing and coercion are what characterise your pathetic beliefs.

  • Ashkab Azeem

    Jews have no loyalty toward anyone; they were not loyal to Jesus (peace be upon him), they were not loyal to Moses (peace be upon him), they were never loyal to God, They were not loyal to Germany, they were not loyal to Palestinians who gave them refuge after Hitler slaughtered them and American christians beleive that they are loyal to them …good luck.
    Even though they live in the USA , born and raised here, they have business directories in every city of the USA and Europe which they use to even do grocery shopping with , They say Jew for Jesus (peace be Upon him). If you believe in crusifiction (which we don't believe), you will get the answer if they are loyal to you are not

    • Beejj

      An amusing message, Ashkab Azeem. The best part was about the Palestinians giving Jews refuge after the Nazi slaughter. This will keep me chuckling all day. Hell, the nonsense you retards come up with!

      • Have No Fear

        hello Beejj, do you still remember me…. hehehe the guy you will hate most …hihihi .. how are you ?


        • hellosnackbar

          I'm sure Beejj remembers you as do I.
          We don't hate you HNF;we just think that like your coreligionists a part of your mind has been warped to accept
          the abomination of your death cult.
          Allah still has painful constipation.
          Get a dictionary and learn to distinguish scorn from hate!

    • mazabdul

      Though i shouldn't laugh when i watch this, it just strikes me as comical. Oh and your argument does not follow. Judaism is the only world faith that does not proselytize, has not carried out holy wars and has received any welcome wherever its people went. Jews were ultimately as loyal as anyone could be in Europe and the Arab world, secularizing to adapt to European culture (an action Muslims vehemently oppose) and paying Jizya to the occupying Muslims

      • Kal_El

        That was perfectly written!

    • Kal_El

      Funny, every Jew I know has bent over backwards to show me loyalty, and I know more than a few. FYI, Jesus was a Jew. The Romans killed him. Why should they have been loyal to Germany, which tried to exterminate them (much like the pedophile Muhammad did 1350 years prior, succeeding in wiping out the Banu Qurayzah.)? Waht are you talking about regarding business directories and grocery shopping?

      • Anonymous

        Roman what religion were they? Hitler what religion was he?

        • Anonymous

           Romans were pagans. For fuck’s sake read a book now and then. Ever hear of Vulcan? Minerva? Apollo? Jupiter?

          They didn’t become Christian until the first century A.D. Idiot.

          Hitler, like your putrid prophet, had his own religion.He did, however, admire your fucknuts and your vile creed:

          “The Mohammedan religion too would have been much more compatible to us
          than Christianity. Why did it have to be Christianity with its meekness
          and flabbiness?”

          He admired your violence and evilness and hated Christianity because it was not racist, violent or anti-Jew.

          Again, you show what an ignoramus you are.

        • Beejj

          Reem718, Hitler was a nominal Roman Catholic, although he was never actively committed to it. The Romans? They had a swag of gods, although I don’t know if there is a name for their “religion”.

          What is the point of your question? Are you trying to suggest that those who have no religious beliefs are a danger to society? That without religion chaos and anarchy rule? That one needs religion if one is to possess moral virtues? You believe morality is an essential by-product of religion? Would you describe Einstein, Feynman, Dirac and Russell as immoral – a danger to society? Do you view the murderous deeds of the Catholic Church in, for example, Central & South America as moral? The Inquisition was morality at work? You look upon the rapid spread of Islam – convert or die -  by the edge of the sword as moral? You are proud of the fact that Islam squeezes the human mind into a ‘moral’ straitjacket and forbids freedom of thought just as it is wont to fit females into suffocating apparel that, were we to clothe a pet dog with its equivalent, would earn us censure for cruelty to animals?

  • Mimi

    A higher calling in Christianity is to become a pastor, a missionary or a martyer. Blessed is he “who suffers persecution” for righteousness sake……or for My Names sake.

    A higher calling in Islam is to become a cleric, do a “honor killing” or wage a holy war, become Jihadist. Blessed is he “who persecutes” and punishes for (blah, blah, blah)……. or Allahs name sake. I just found a wonderful link that shows their authority for violence:

    The Jihadists, Taliban, and honor killers make the other “Leaders from Hell”, like Hitler and Stalin, look like boyscouts. I have never seen anyone more in “indiscriminate” about who they victimize! And they don't care how brutally they do it, either! Pray for the Beast that thinks he is being noble.

    As they chip away at our freedoms, because of their hate for us and the western world, let us pray. Pray that God will intercede for Christianity and for freedom, just like he did with Paul. Pray God will turn “the Sauls of this world” into a Paul. Atleast, pray that God intercede and teach them “compassion in the here and now”, so that they don't have to suffer from their own viciousness later. Amen.

  • Peaceful 786

    islam is reason. christianity is not a divine book anymore as it has been changed from its original script. which is why you have so many versions. Islam is real reasoning and even poses questions of logic and reason to the reader. islam is the least militant religion. christians and other anti islamists always try to bend and twist a part of a verse of the quran…which when read in full becomes untwistable. muslims and converts to islam are beginning to ignore and understand the reasons why non muslims or anti islamists are attacking islam in their own perverse way. it is quite simply a religion that cannot be attacked. however, christianity and others can be ripped apart by any muslim with knowledge, because islam is the total religion. Peace.

    • Sirwilhelm

      If Islam can't be attacked, why does it have a law against proselytizing? If Christianity's book is so weak, why do you ban the Bible in Muslim dominated countries? Why do you fear the message of Christianity if Islam is stronger? And if Islam is the total religion, why does it mandate apostates be killed if they try to leave it? Is it so they won't tell non-Muslims that living under Islam isn't so great? Islam has been at war with the Peoples of the Book since it began around 1400 years ago, this kind of propaganda has also been around that long. It only fools people that don't know the history of that struggle. Peace of the grave, slave of Allah.

      • Anonymous

        China banned the bible. What’s your explanation on that buddy.

        • Anonymous

          They’re communists who realize that the only group more vicious and violent as them are kuranimals.

          They know they don’t have to fear the Christians in China going all allahu Jesus and beheading, bombing and raping in response. Unlike you primitives.

    • Beejj

      It's high time you read God Is Not Great, by Christopher Hitchens – a thinking man. After that, read The Sword Of The Prophet, by Serge Trivkovic: this might open your eyes to the bestial nature of your “prophet”, may he spend eternity licking pigs' arseholes, and the religion he invented.

    • hellosnackbar

      Are you the same person as Islam786?
      Does 786 have some special significance within the death cult???
      An Islamic lucky number?
      Or the number of goats Mohammed had congress with?

    • Kal_El

      That is laughable, islam is reason. Especially that least militant bullshit. What happened to the Banu Qurayzah? Muhammad exterminated them. As for a muslim with knowledge, I find them to be in short supply, for most have memorized the quran, and have little knowledge of anything else. I am no Christian, merely someone who has lived in both worlds, and Christians may irritate me at times, but muslims frighten me, with their blind obedience to a 1400 year old book of fairy tales that has no bearing whatsoever in the modern world.

      • Anonymous

        You need to travel the world my friend

    • SirWilhelm

      What's reasonable about Islam banning proselytizing? What's reasonable about Islam demanding apostates be killed? What's peaceful about those policies? What's peaceful about rewarding martyrs in jihad with a guarantee of paradise for killing infidels? How do you know the Quran is divine? How do you know Allah exists? How do you know Mohammad didn't make it all up so that he could become a powerful warlord, which he did? Islam is based on quicksand at best, and even if it was a “religion” it's a religion of death, the peace of the grave.

      • Anonymous

        If Mohammed made it all up wouldn’t you think his name would be mentioned more than Jesus, wouldn’t you think he would try to make his family holy instead of having a whole chapter on Mary mother of Jesus, wouldn’t you think he would make the Quran a book to worship him n only him instead claiming to be only the prophet of god, wouldn’t you think if you stopped listening to those who don’t know and read the Quran you would no what you thought you knew was all wrong, wouldn’t you think.

        • Anonymous

          “ If Mohammed made it all up wouldn’t you think his name would be mentioned more than Jesus…”

          No. It’s called “name-dropping.” People do it all the time.

          The desert bandit was eager to woo the Jews and Christians of the area to his new gang. Hence the reason he claimed Jesus, Mary, Moses, etc.

          Oh but he did encourage hero worship.

          I can think of at least three old people he encouraged his lap dogs to murder simply for mocking him.

          He was not different than Jim Jones or any number of cult leaders: borrowed from existing beliefs, wrapped themselves in the nomenclature and rituals of those beliefs and lashed out violently at those who dared to say they were liars.

        • SirWilhelm

          It’s Allah that’s supposed to say that Mohammed is his only prophet. If Mohammed was making that claim, it wouldn’t carry much weight, would it? The problem is, that I believe Mohammed existed, as an historical figure, but I don’t believe Allah was a god, a spiritual being, with supernatural powers. I believe he was a flesh and blood entity, with access to superior technology, that could use it to pass himself off as a god to a man who meditated in a cave, when he wasn’t raiding caravans on the back of a camel.

    • pyrolyse

      There are not versions, they are different current just like there is in Islam: chiite, suniite, soufism (mystic), wahhabism and many more. As for the Qoran, it is written in old literary arabic language which cannot be understood by most.Therefore, it is interpreted in many different ways.
      If you can tear apart all other religions it is because most of you people are endoctrinated at a young age and you have no choice due to the kind of societies you usually evolve in. You are well trained to discuss in a goal of destroying other's religion instead of finding the similarities and what should unify people. Then, you put yourself apart by being a Faith elitist. We are all human beings and share the same biological functions, making us all equal.
      It is a nonsense to believe there was no alteration what so ever because human beings are not perfect and tend to make mistakes. As we all know, the arabic telephone expression means that a message being transmitted from mouth to ear always gets transform even minimally. Unless it was written by the hand of God himself without any intermediary (Muhammad supposedly did no how to write and read which add to the accuracy but then again, as he had for first spouse a rich business woman and propably learned from her in the mean time…). Also, your Prophet had a lot more influence from christianity than muslims want to admit. What he did is he gave a bunch of Bedouins a monotheist religion inspired of the others more than 600 hundred of years after. It did indeed good to those people and it was back then possible to discuss philosophy and questionning the existence of God in the beginning of Islam. Unfortunatley, it derived under a lot of manipulations from the leaders and Clergy that , theoretically, you are not supposed to have in Islam. Western world did also its part into these manipulations. Finally, there is no TRUE religion but just religions and they all can coexist.
      I am so sick of people thinking they have the ONE AND ONLY GOOD FAITH just like the middle ages. A lot of people on this earth will go the Hell and have been going to Hell the past years, it must be packed right now because they don't believe in the one and only faith.
      And all my apologies to my writings as English is not my first language and it is very complicated matter. I master my first language far better.

  • pyrolyse

    You certainly don't know your religion to write such insanities. According to Qoran it is said that all people be judged according to their book (christians and jews) because even in islamic countries before, the Christians and Jews were accepted and protected under the dhimmi, They could practice all rituals of their faith and even consume pork and alcoholic beverages if wanted.

  • pyrolyse

    There are not versions, they are different current just like there is in Islam: chiite, suniite, soufism (mystic), wahhabism and many more. As for the Qoran, it is written in old literary arabic language which cannot be understood by most.Therefore, it is interpreted in many different ways.
    If you can tear apart all other religions it is because most of you people are endoctrinated at a young age and you have no choice due to the kind of societies you usually evolve in. You are well trained to discuss in a goal of destroying other's religion instead of finding the similarities and what should unify people. Then, you put yourself apart by being a Faith elitist. We are all human beings and share the same biological functions, making us all equal.
    It is a nonsense to believe there was no alteration what so ever because human beings are not perfect and tend to make mistakes. As we all know, the arabic telephone expression means that a message being transmitted from mouth to ear always gets transform even minimally. Unless it was written by the hand of God himself without any intermediary (Muhammad supposedly did no how to write and read which add to the accuracy but then again, as he had for first spouse a rich business woman and propably learned from her in the mean time…). Also, your Prophet had a lot more influence from christianity than muslims want to admit. What he did is he gave a bunch of Bedouins a monotheist religion inspired of the others more than 600 hundred of years after. It did indeed good to those people and it was back then possible to discuss philosophy and questionning the existence of God in the beginning of Islam. Unfortunatley, it derived under a lot of manipulations from the leaders and Clergy that , theoretically, you are not supposed to have in Islam. Western world did also its part into these manipulations. Finally, there is no TRUE religion but just religions and they all can coexist.
    I am so sick of people thinking they have the ONE AND ONLY GOOD FAITH just like the middle ages. A lot of people on this earth will go the Hell and have been going to Hell the past years, it must be packed right now because they don't believe in the one and only faith.
    And all my apologies to my writings as English is not my first language and it is very complicated matter. I master my first language far better.

  • Dezyuz

    If you want truth, there’s never a real truth, watch around you, watch the sky from your home, visit the graves that you wish, then watch the sky by the graves, ask yourself in your heart for the truth. You might be surprise to get the answer later. Religion is a matter on how to make your life a better person, it’s something that makes you follow, obey, making disciplines to your life & family. Remember, there’s also a dark side of this life living with us to create hatred within us & everyone. Think again, we are formed with the same system by blood & heart & brain, everyone have the right to think. If you think you are doing the right things in life, I find that criticizing in life doesn’t make sense to give others the right conclusion. Criticizing, all I see is prove of ego, power, & hatred. So Think again which is right in life. There’s so many secrets that you might never understand in this life & after life. I have few questions asking myself before knowing the truth of in life, “Why am I Born in this Hatred world among all this hatred people?” , “Why there must be Death to win another or just to satisfy?” “Why must there be Genies with us to create all these hatred around us?” “Why let the Sihir & Genies get controls of the helpless?” “God, please love me, protect me & let me live up to this beautiful world, it’s my only 1 chance of life opportunity.” & I live till today… Fighting between life & death.

    Do what you think is right, until you find a new a way of life. Life is a maze opportunity & death meets the end of everything. Life can never be better with no matter what religion you have. Reality of life can never be peace as long there live hatred within our heart & minds regardless of which religion. Religion helps you with your life alot, if you are not lazy to do the research of your own welfare. Good Luck!

  • LG

    JESUS Christ is the way, the truth and Life!!!

  • Jinu-tobago

    all religions say similar things.

    (for complete text of the verses refer the blog)

    (1) Prohibition of Alcohol:- Manu Smriti: 9:235, 11:55; Rig Veda: 8:2:12, 8:21:14; //BIBLE: Proverbs: 20:1, 23:31; Ephesians: 5:18; //QURAN: 2:219, 5:93.

    (2) Prohibition of Pork:- //BIBLE: Leviticus 11:7-8; Deuteronomy 14:8; //QURAN: 2:173, 5:4, 6:145, 16:115.

    (3) Prohibition of Usury (Interest on Money/Loan/Credit):- Manu Smriti: 11:62, 8:152; //BIBLE: Leviticus 25:36-37; Ezekiel 18:13, 22:12; Psalms 15:5; //QURAN: 2:275, 3:130.

    (4) Permission for Non-Vegetarian Food:- Ramayana: 2:20:29, 2:20:17-18; Manu Smriti: 5:30, 39; Mahabharata: 13:88; //BIBLE: Deuteronomy 14:4-6, 14:11; Leviticus 11:3; //QURAN: 5:2, 6:142, 16:5, 23:21.

    (5) Permission for Multiple Spouses (Wives/Husbands):- Ramayana: 2:8:12, Dasaratha; Mahabharata: Draupadi, Krishna; //BIBLE: 3Kings 11:3; 2Kings (2Samuel) 5:13; 2Chronicles 11:21; Exodus 21:10; Deuteronomy 21:15; //QURAN: 4:3.

    (6) Veil/Head Scarf/Modesty:- Rig Veda: 8:33:19; //BIBLE: 1st Corinthians 11:5; //QURAN: 24:30-31, 33:59.

    (7) Oneness of God & Prohibition of Idol Worship:- VEDA: Yajur Veda 32:3, 40:8-9; Rig Veda 1:164:46, 6:45:16; UPANISHAD: Khandogya: 6:2:1, Shwetashvatara 6:9, 4:20; GEETA: 7:20, 10:3; BRAHMA SUTRA; //BIBLE: Leviticus 26:1; Exodus 20:4; //QURAN: 2:163, 2:255, 4:171, 7:191, 16:20, 25:3, 112:1-4.

    (8) Prophet Muhammad’s Description:- Bhavishya Purana: Prati Sarag: Parv III: Khand 3: Aday 3: Shloka 5-8, 10-27; Samveda: Book II: Hymn 6: Verse 8; //BIBLE: Deuteronomy 18:18; John 14:16; //QURAN: 3:144, 47:2, 48:29, 61:6.

  • Matthewstargate30

    i dont believe in having religion in my life, i believe in having a strong relationship with god.

    • Kal El

      That is fine. No one here will dispute your individual right to do so. That is the beauty of living in a free society.

  • Aaliya

    Islam is a real religion and there is no other religion called in this world….!
    if u dont believe then wait until the day of judjement….and remember me that time wht I m saying now…


      Islam is as real as smallpox. Is it a “religion” ? I don’t care. What I am 100% sure, is that it’s definitely up to no good.


      There won’t be any “judgement”. If an ASTEROID big enough hits the Earth, WE ALL BE DEAD. There will be no time to “repent”, pray, pee, cry or yell “Allah Akhbar”.

      • Kal El

        What if someone writes Allah akbar on the asteroid? =P

    • SirWilhelm

      If only Muslims were willing to wait for the Day of Judgement. But no, they are commanded to convert and kill all non-Muslims in the name of Allah, isn’t that so? All of us await the Day of Judgement, whether we know it or not, and the vast majority will be shocked when they learn the truth about what’s on the other side.

    • Kal El

      Islam is a sick, sad joke perpetrated on the inbred morons inhabiting the Arabian peninsula, by a pedophile with a lust for power, money, and blood. It is a cult. Nothing more. I saw the day of judgement. In 1991. Arnold Schwarzenegger was great, it was easily one of the top three movies of all time.

  • Adams Shuaib

    In the name of Allah,
    OH MY WORD…nw iv honestly seen and heard it all.You try 2 crit Islam even saying we are threats bt wat an unusual surprise….a jew, who’s religion claims to kill christianity’s Messiah and a christian who’s religion hated Jews 4 that claim 4 Centuries are actually breaking border lines to take on ALLAH.How insecure AN PETHETIC. YOU are making a mockery of urselves in broad daylight.Extreme lengths are bein displayed in order to prove ur point even tho its blunt,Christian!!!!….. i pray ALLAH removes the vails over your eyes an heart so you can see the  your true enemy and as 4 the Jew way outa his comfort zone…..sorry unfortunatley theres no help 4 you….not even from ALLAH,not until u repent for your ignorance.


  • Lnazami

    first of all you shouldnt be using that language if you believe in God..You are right no one can judge others or their religion its up to God.Im sure some muslims and some christains are not so religious.. If you believe then no matter what religion you are their is a place with God.. God is happy with all believers!! People need to be peaceful and kind to others..Their is only one God { Allah }….We are all brothers and sisters. God put us here..

  • Lnazami

    Listen to you all. Their is only one God. God gave us a mind when he created us. We must worship him and believe no matter what religion you are. Live in peace….Their is good and bad in all people..This is not about which religion you are, its about you believeing. Most of us believe in the same God.. If you read the bible or quran you would see it is similar. God doesnt want you killing or hating people..Allah means God. We all worship the same God..

    • Anonymous

      There are no sky monsters they are a construct of ignorant ancient men.

      This IS about religion when there is a political, legal and social ideology born of bronze age arab savagery posing as a religion trying to foist itself upon other cultures. It’s about you ignorant racists believing that your sky monster owns everything and everyone on the planet.

      As for Bible and mien kuranmpf: ther is SOOOOOO much allah got wrong about the dogma and beliefs of Christianity he reveals his real name: mohammad bin fucking little girls. how could an allegedly omnipotent sky monster NOT know what’s really in the Bible?

      Most religions do have benevolent sky monsters who are not blood thirsty and they are no threat to me, my family, my culture or my lifestyle. You, your sky monster and your dogma are so far off the page as those other sky monsters as to be in another galaxy and that is why I and all the other members of humanity with an ounce of self preseration hate YOU and your racist, misogynist bloodthirsty sky monster but don’t even give a second thought to the ideologies or adherents of the other sky monsters.

      • hellosnackbar

        Just watched a video of Christopher Hitchens destroy an African catholic bishop in debate.
        He described putting religious prelates in their place as being as easy as pulling the wings off a fly.
        Mohammedans are too brain damaged to recognise the arrant stupidity of believing in malevolent space fairies.

        • Anonymous

          “Mohammedans are too brain damaged to recognise the arrant stupidity of believing in malevolent space fairies.”

          This is the crux of the problem. Others (you and I are examples), despite years of indoctrination, can and do break free of the mental prison of religion.

          mohammadans, just can’t do that. Very few have the mentaly clarity and honesty to leave mad mo’s cult of personality. The indocrination meted out by bearded half wits and fellow slaves of allah the impotent is followed through with acts of violent retribution. It’s safer and easier for the slaves of allah the impotent to just keep believing in mo’s version of the flying spaghetti monster.

          • hellosnackbar

            Strangely enough IC I came across a website of British ex Muslims who have thrown off the shackles of stupidity donated by their parents,
            I think it’s called
            It’s heartening to know that it’s not impossible for thinking Muslims from dumping their execrable cult.
            I’ve often wondered how many Mohammedans having read the contents of this site have acquired serious doubts about their cult?
            Maybe Kal should start a convert’s corner like Richard Dawkins on

          • Anonymous

            I think you mean

            I’ve poke around it a few times, especially their forums. Those guys and gals are more hardcore than we are.

            I’m always skeptical of ex-muslims but I have no doubt that most of them on that site are indeed free of the mental slavery.

            There’s another ex-muz site out of the UK and all they really do is gab about how great they are but any criticisms of islam or muslims is forbidden so I think that while they may not be practicing they still cling to that tribal busllshi’ite that’s such a big part of mo’s mad cult.

          • Anonymous

            Just the fact you wrote Mohammedans, proves you are completely uninformed. Ignorance at its finest! Why won’t you read the Quran then state your opinion don’t become of those youngings who plays telephone. It’s a shame how you guys claim you know and swear up and down its fact but in reality are dumber than a bag of rocks.

          • Anonymous

            Hey, brainiac.

            Apparently you’re the one who’s dumb as a bag of hammers. See the quote marks? I quoted someone else.

            However, yes, you are mohammadans, troglodytes, kuranimals, korandethals, islamopithecaii or just plain old assholes. Take your pick.

            Reading mein kuranmpf in three different languages more than qualifies me to make an opinion. Moreover, one really doesn’t need to judge islam only after reading your vile tome. I’ve heard some very fair assessments of your arab tribalism based solely on the actions of assholes like you.

    • Kal El

      That is a nice pile of bullshit you got piled up there, son. Allah does NOT mean God, nor is he the same God worshipped by Christians. Allah is an Arabic contraction of al ilah. The quran is similar to the Bible because pedophile Muhamhead plagiarized it, along with the Torah, while he was inventing islam. Funny that muslims who idolize Muhamhead kill, rape, steal, and lie, emulating the prophet’s behavior exactly. I have noted in my travels that those loyal to Christ (not a particular church, but the messenger himself) are the exact opposite. I also note that muslims worship the moon, as it is their emblem, has been since Muhamhead took over the Arabian peninsula using terror.

  • Todd
  • Manzoor Hussain

    No religion teaches violent, but some extremist persons do violent.

    Manzoor Hussain 

    • Gary Rumain

      That’s funny! The koranus is full of violence.

  • Seethetruth

    The Great Book of all History of Human is the Bible. Bible consist the parable,stories and manners. But the Bible is a scroll founded in Dead Sea. Its Called the Dead Sea Scroll. But i Believe the Word of God is protected by his hand. Jesus Christ knew that their will be coming some False Prophets. So i Believe in the Bible and the Word of God.

    If you ask what is the True Religion in this time. By Gods make. Read at 1 Corinthians 1:1-2

    You will see. If you want some more information

     Ask Bro. Eliseo Soriano our Preacher of this time

    • Beejj

      Without wishing to put too fine a point on it, the Bible is shit from start to finish.

  • guest

    it was good if you explained more… 

  • guest

    bible is shit for babies muslim is better enit mate

    • Anonymous

      WHat a very articulate and convincing argument you composed!. With such eloquence among the ummah it’s a wonder the whole world is not muslim by now! mohammad, allah, and your mother must be very proud of your intellectual capacity and witty dialogue. You are a gem of islam and a most convincing debator!


      YOU are a prime example of why islam is the most hated ideology on the planet and muslim supremacists are the most maligned and unwanted vermin in existence.

  • Kanate

    it is wrong judgement,nowhere in the quran it is mentioned such practices.don’t judge islam through those terrorists. but read the holy quran to make an impartial judgement.

    • Anonymous

      Actually it’s not the actions of the “tiny minority of extremists” that “make islam look bad.”

      mein kuranmpf and hadith make islam bad. Not look bad, just bad.

      muslim supremacists like you always wailing “educate yourself and read quran” “make islam look bad.”

      It never occurs to your sick, addled, completely useless brains that peoople hate islam AFTER reading mein kurampf.

  • Kone201284

    shame on all those who think that ISLAM is a violent religion.not more than 2 days a famous gangster killed many people in this killer a moslem ? NO

    • SirWilhelm

      One, or two, attacks, by deranged killers, with personal agendas, but no evidence of religious motivations, do not justify, or excuse, all the terrorist attacks by Muslims, in the name of their god, and their religion, which do demonstrate that Islam is a violent religion, with the concept of jihad, which is used as an excuse to murder anyone that opposes Islam in any way. That includes the concept of apostasy, which allows the murder of anyone that tries to leave Islam.

  • SirWilhelm


    The quran is only holy to those that believe Allah is a god. I don’t believe in Allah. I don’t believe Mohammed was a prophet. I believe Mohammed was a caraven robbing thief who was amibitious enough to create his own religion so that he could gather enough followers to become a warlord and become wealthy and powerful through conquest. And that’s what happened, isn’t it? And his followers, those that fight over his warlord leadership position, want to emulate him by conquering the world, supposedly for their “god” Allah, but where does Allah benefit for those conquests? The only people I see that have benefited from Muslim conquests, are the rulers that became rich and powerful, while the vast majority of Muslims remain poor, ignorant slaves to Allah, in theory, and to their human leaders, in reality.

  • Angel

    This is what I believe in:

    We are all, in reality, an energy. What your body is or everything living that you see all around are just ‘vehicle’ to those energy. When you die, it is a process of you getting weaker to a point where you separate from your body. Your body will then return to the world, as your energy will also, from ashes to ashes. What you really have to question is what process do you, (your energy), goes through after that? The probable answer would most likely reflect the process you went through in the one before you were born in this one. Whatever it is, the answer could be heaven or hell; you may be reincarnated, your energy might contribute to being one of the stars, or you may just wonder the Earth for a long while until you’re ready. Your existence will not seize once you are dead. You need to accept that you are an energy which makes up the world, and therefore you will never perish.

    What I believe in is that life is a lesson. If you do some wrong in this life it will come back to you in one way or another, and vice versa, as to maintain the equilibrium. This world that we live in has no flaw whatsoever, and it is simply perfect in each of its form as it maintains a perfect balance. There is absolutely no way to unbalance this, as the forces of nature will always be prevail. Having said that, I feel that in our next lives we will become something greater if we succeed in this one, and will keep climbing that ladder if we continue taking the right steps. I believe that Allah or any other God, in other words, higher forms of existence, has achieved that state. They want you to reach that state as well, so that you can then begin helping others (which may include duties of angels once you are in that level).

    There are so many opportunity in this world to do good for. There is a reason that poverty exist, it is there for you to spread your western lifestyle and wealth to lend a helping hand. Famine exist because we have a surplus amount of food here that we need to share.

    Bottom line, you create your own destiny, and the life you are living in right now is just another step- an important one none the less. This is why you should cherish it, get as much knowledge and good deeds from it as you can, as it will ultimately follow you to the next life. We are an energy source and will continue on living, even after our death, regardless of which religion you believe in.

    Please share comments as I am keen on knowing what your thoughts are about this.

    • SirWilhelm

      You need to read more about reincarnation and karma. I can’t explain to you, what whole books are written about. It should help you refine your beliefs. I disagree with your view of destiny, however. The way I understand it, our destinies are fixed, decided before we are born. Fates, however, can be changed, although changing a particular fate, can not change our destiny. For example, we are all destined to die, but none of us know when, where, or how. If you a live a good life, you may live longer, but, you will still die. If you’re careless, you may die sooner. Or, your destiny may be to die in an accident, at a young age, so, it doesn’t matter how careful you are. I think many people, like you,confuse fate with destiny, and create problems in their lives, because they do.

  • Max

    Most people are simply unaware that Islam is NOT just another religion but a totalitarian political cult-like ideology, which compels its followers into blind obedience, teaches intolerance, brutality and locks all Muslims and non-Muslims in a struggle deriving directly from the 7th century nomadic, predatory, Bedouin culture.Islam means “submission” to the will of Allah and the teachings as depicted in the Qur’an which include jihad – the genocidal slaughter of infidels by the sword, killing by beheading, intolerance of other religions, as well as forcing submission to Islam. The ultimate goal of jihad is the domination of Islam over the entire world.Look at the photos, watch the videos, most of which come right out of the Muslim world, a world that glorifies death and destruction of all that is not Islamic.

    • peter mckenna

      Brilliant Max you’ve covered a multitude of logical bases.

  • Max

    Most people are simply unaware that Islam is NOT just another religion but a totalitarian political cult-like ideology, which compels its followers into blind obedience, teaches intolerance, brutality and locks all Muslims and non-Muslims in a struggle deriving directly from the 7th century nomadic, predatory, Bedouin culture.Islam means “submission” to the will of Allah and the teachings as depicted in the Qur’an which include jihad – the genocidal slaughter of infidels by the sword, killing by beheading, intolerance of other religions, as well as forcing submission to Islam. The ultimate goal of jihad is the domination of Islam over the entire world.Look at the photos, watch the videos, most of which come right out of the Muslim world, a world that glorifies death and destruction of all that is not Islamic.

  • P.I.I.A.C

    every muslim and christian i know we all have our differences but there no reason for you guys to be racist or offending each other both religion has flaw indeed and both religions wants to avoid hell but if u ever want to avoid hell then you both must make peace instead of placing sins in your hearts like saladin ayubi and sir lionheart after the war they both make peace and equality to each other why can’t you be like instead of causing another crusade? why cant you pray for each other to avoid hell and to let Allah or God to forgive you it’s about having faith in God in good and not on evil never ofend one another always have peace i know u may think islam is a violent country but u are wrong, islam is itself destine and so is christianity why cant u forgot the past of pain and poverty? and have peace please im telling you this cause i dont want you all to goto hell and and if i die one day and if u also ill be happy to see you in heaven so forgive each other anf forgot that we ar enemies say sorry to one another and pray for your religion to each other :)

  • Xavier

    Islam brings terrorism and killing. Look at the Islamic countries ….. what do u see? anything good? Why these Muslims run away to Europe and America for a better life? Islam can not give them a better life? There is only one God and Jesus is the Savior.

  • Mohammed Junaid Rahamani

    I liked the answer of this german muslim scholar. When he was asked about terrorism and ISLAM nnHe said :n u25baWho Started The First World War ? Muslims ??nu25baWho Started The Second World War ? Muslims ??nu25baWho Killed About 20 millions Of Aborigines In Australia ? Muslims ??nu25baWho Sent The Nuclear Bombs Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki ? Muslims ??nu25baWho Killed More Than 100 Millions Of Indians In North America ? Muslims ?nu25baWho Killed More Than 50 Millions Of Indians In South America ? Muslims ??nu25baWho took about 180 millions of african people as slaves and 88% of them died and was thrown in Atlantic ocean?Muslims??nnu201d NO, They werenu2019t Muslims!!! First Of All, You Have To Define Terrorism Properlyu2026.If A Non-Muslim Do Something Badu2026u2026.It Is Crime, But If A Muslim Commit Sameu2026u2026He Is Terroristu2026. So First Remove This Double Standardu2026.Then Come To The Point!!! u201c