Geraldo on Laura Ingraham denies illegal immigration as a national issue

by Infidelesto on August 20, 2007 · 4 comments

Do you like this story?

Geraldo makes the whole interview look like a personal attack on him, like most liberals do.

He talks soooo slow, like some big intellectual, as most elitists do, making no point at all, and then gets mad when Laura asks him some tough questions, claiming she won’t let him speak. It’s absolutely hilarious.

Can’t answer a simple question.

When Laura asks him about the issue of illegal immigrants in this country, Geraldo makes it a personal issue and WILL NOT ANSWER any questions. He denies that illegal immigration is even an issue in this country, and says that it’s a huge avalanche of attack from the right wing on illegal immigration in this country.

Thanks for looking out for the “victims” Geraldo.

My favorite quote from Laura:

Geraldo, you try to make it personal, but this isn’t personal, these are about the facts….do you want a crying towel? You’re a big boy…You’ve been all around the world, you can deal with Laura Ingraham, ok, this is not rocket science“….

Listen here…via hotair


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  • Debbie

    Geraldo is a gas-bag idiot.

  • Robert B Ferguson

    Geraldo is a little man who wants to be important. He can’t possibly be a an American. he has the typical Mexican mentality . He is a fool.

  • Robert B Ferguson

    Geraldo wants to destroy our country.

  • Robert B Ferguson

    wake up little man.