Greek Terrorism by Fire: more updates from a greek blogger

by Infidelesto on August 28, 2007 · 2 comments

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Interesting perspective from a Greek blogger who’s been personally impacted by the act of terrorism in Greece this weekend.

Two young men, undetermined ages as of yet, died trying to save the area where my family’s house is. They apparently evacuated everyone and then stayed to make put out the fire long enough for a car with evacuees to go through. They were engulfed shortly afterwards.

The kids that have perished so far are so badly burned that the families are having a hard time making identifications. A mobile DNA lab is going to help since the burials have started and the families don’t know which body is which.

There were at least a couple of instances where the ones trapped called the TV and radio stations, got on the air, said their final goodbyes to their families, and then were burned alive. While the stations were doing their best to send aid, the fact that the emergency reponses are streched so thin made rescue efforts near impossible.

My grandmother’s village was completely burned down. It was one of the worse hit and there is nothing that remains. The local authorities say that it’s completely erased off the map.

While there are seven arrested and charged with terrorism, many Greeks feel like the real organization behind this remains at large. Some even started to speculate that the terrorists had ties to the government and perhaps even support.

There is a video of two men setting one of the fires. That is now fishy since we now know that the fires were started remotely via cell phone bombs.

There are still many fires that burn out of control. With no end in sight, the newspapers are calling this “War” and “Attack against Greece” while others are opting for “Holocaust” and “Apocalypse”.

Turkey has already offered and sent a plane and some firemen from what I understand. So far muslim militants are not suspected to be behind this. The current facts point towards eco-terrorism (still new to me as well).

More updates as I get them.

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