India terrorist attack completely ignored by MSM

by Infidelesto on August 28, 2007 · 2 comments

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india terrorist attack pictures

36,  42  people dead, more than 60 injured.

Barely a peep by the MSM. I guess the “religion of peace” and it’s violent acts are just boring these days unless it’s happening in America.

via the The Religion of Peace

Victims tell how Hyderabad laser show crowd was struck by bombs

HYDERABAD, India, Aug 26, 2007
(AFP) – Romanna was bleeding and in shock after being wounded in a series of terror blasts that rocked this southern Indian city late Saturday, killing 36 people and injuring 60.

A string of explosions went off in an auditorium packed with families watching a laser show, while other blasts ripped through a congested street food stall minutes later in another part of the city.

“I saw limbs flying around me and blood splattering,” the 29-year-old woman told AFP as she waited for help for a chest wound outside the auditorium in Lumbini amusement park in Hyderabad.

The blasts in the open-air venue were so powerful some victims were hurled into the air, the housewife said.

“We had been enjoying a great show,” said Romanna, who like many Indians uses one name.

Abandoned shoes and blood-soaked clothes littered the amusement park where the families had endured heavy rain to attend the sound and laser-light show.

Andhra Pradesh chief minister Y.S. Rajshekhar Reddy condemned the blasts as the “cruelest acts against humanity.”

Federal authorities said the blasts were work of terrorists bent on destroying the country’s unity.

Police said they had some leads but did not elaborate.

“It’s a bloody mess out there,” a senior police officer said as panic-stricken relatives rushed to the park to search for family members.

Rescuers rushed the injured to hospital in three-wheel scooters and in private cars after the explosions.

At the scene of the other blasts, rescue workers carried out bodies burned beyond recognition from a street eating stall.

The Gokul Chat Bhandar restaurant had been crowded with people grabbing an evening snack.

There was chaos at the main Osmania hospital as wailing relatives thronged hallways searching for missing people.

“I’m looking for my niece who went to buy some books at a bookshop in Kothi overlooking Gokul Chat Bhandar,” said one desperate relative.

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  • Robert Barton

    “Religion of peace?” No, more like a cult of death and destruction. Take a look at what that “religion” has brought to mankind that is beneficial……

    Well, I give up. What have those tribes of desert nomads invented since their self-proclaimed prophet brainwashed them?

  • James

    Are you surprised the MSM ignored terror attacks. If they talk about all the Islamofascist attacks then they cannot blame the US. People are begining to see who the real enemy is. With or without Iraq, Islam is bent on destroying everyone else.