Infidels memo: Survival of the West and the threat to Freedom

by Infidelesto on August 29, 2007 · 4 comments

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As we inch closer and closer to war with Iran, I sit here, in quiet, reflecting over the virtues of this great country. I sit here in retrospect about going to war and why we HAVE TO.

I also think about the awesome gift that God gave us…free will. The free markets and free thinking in this country has allowed us to prosper far beyond any civilization on this planet.

This virtue is the one value that Islamic culture completely rejects. Islamic culture does not preach free, progressive thinking, but instead the submission to Allah in a constant pursuit of a never ending struggle to gain acceptance from God. A pursuit that is endless and backwards.

As the evil cult of Islam infiltrates Europe and soon to be America, every day restricting our freedoms, restricting free thinking and preaching submission to Allah, all the while convincing many within our own country that Islam is ultimately “peaceful”, while completely separating us from eachother more and more, I sit here in quiet writing this memo to all Infidels who may read this.

Let me say it again:

We are at WAR. I’m not just talking about the bombing campaign that’s about to take place in Iran.

This is not a war that will go away, this is not a war like WWII where we can go home and call it a day. This is a war where the enemy is following us home, infiltrating our societies, converting our people, raising our children to reject Western culture and Western values and using our own freedoms against us in our own system!

The enemy is smart, aware, persistent, defiant, and fully capable of taking our freedoms away….if we let them.

Even many Infidels on the left are aligning themselves with Islamic values simply because they despise Judeo-Christian values so much. The self-hatred, endless guilt and self-loathing of these people is the behavior that brings countries like ours to our knees.  The rejection of these Western values ignorantly aligns them with our enemies.  Like the great author and speaker, Ms. Hirsi Ali would say:

“You grew up in freedom, so you can spit on freedom!

What a true statement indeed. I cannot for the life of me understand those on the Left who’s ignorance blinds them to the point that they are actually aligning themselves with those whom, if were in control (Sharia Law), would brutally oppress and ultimately kill them.

And tonight, reflecting on the values of the Western Man, I’m reminded of D-day, reminded of the “300″, reminded of July 4th, reminded of our willingness to DEFEND our values. Unfortunately, that was then, and this is now. Let’s face it, times have changed…

actually….no they haven’t. Times have NOT changed.

We are still fighting the same war. We are STILL fighting for our freedom.

Freedom is not free. History has shown us that millions of lives have been lost in the cause of freedom.

People on the left would have you believe that we can defend this freedom without going to war. History has shown us that that’s virtually impossible. People will have to die, yes. There’s nothing great about death, but death is sometimes necessary in defending those values in which we hold so dearly.

Our values is at stake, our Freedoms are in danger.

I thank God that we have the brave men and women who willingly risk their lives for this great country. For those of you reading this right now who are serving our country over seas or here at home (you know who you are) Thank you…Thank you so much for serving. You are the DEFENDERS of freedom and your place in history has already been set in stone.

As for us at home…our’s has not been defined yet. We are still in danger of losing the battle at home. The enemy within is eating us alive right now and we’re in danger, folks.

A plea to Infidels both left and right, please don’t give up! Defeat this enemy once and for all!

Reject those cultures that oppress and control your free thinking. Reject them!

Embrace freedom once and for all. Get behind our country even if you despise it’s leaders. Uphold the values in which this country was founded on, and remember… we are the good guys!

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  • Robert B.

    Well said, pardner. Too many people back in the States are unconvinced of what we are really fighting for and against. We fight for their rights and freedoms that too many are willing to give away in the name of “political corrrectness.” Should we fail in this war against radical islam, the victors will have no qualms about exterminating those who will not submit to their beliefs, nor to those who they deem “deviant.”

    The battle here in Iraq seems to be getting under our control, slowly, painfully, but surely. The battle that is being fought back in the States is really crucial to our victory here, and the next conflict sure to come. God help us all if we lose the will to stand and defend that which is most dear to us: liberty and freedom. The enemy we fight is determined, we have to be more so.

  • jmb

    I found this at Atlas Shrugs. It gives a quick history of the relationship of marxism to political correctness done by William Link on behalf of the Free Congress Foundation. Marxism really does want to destroy western culture.

  • el jefe


  • Survive 2012

    This psot is sort of older but it would appear that the trhreat from Iran is still alive and kicking. Won’t be long before this entire region blows up and we are all force to survive of the land.