Infidels memo: Understanding the modern Clash of Civilizations

by Infidelesto on August 4, 2007 · 1 comment

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I couldn’t find anything to blog about the last couple days, and I’m tired of just linking to other articles that are already reporting on the big news of the day so here is my personal thoughts on the state of humanity.

Every day we see more and more violence spewing out of the Islamic World.  We see people getting kidnapped and murdered, we’re seeing journalists and artists killed in Cold blood for expressing their God given rights to free speech, we see Islamic Sharia ruled nations still oppressing their people and cracking down on the most innocent of people.  We’re seeing Caliphate conferences, genocide in Sudan, markets being blown up, innocent civilians being massacred in Sudan and Iraq…..all in the name of Islam.

We then see  the Western World look the other way.

Yes you may think President Bush is making a concerted effort in this war on Islamic terrorism.  His rhetoric about protecting the American people is so fake to me because he will simply not secure the borders.  We are going to get hit hard by terrorism and it’s going to come from our southern border.   Everytime I hear him get passionate about protecting Americans from this threat, all I can think about is why he won’t “protect Americans” by securing our number one weakness….our southern border.

But no, he’s too nice to Mexicans to do that.

I also think about him taking off his shoes and appeasing the Muslim community by visiting mosques and appealing to the Muslim community, like they are all victims of some atrocity.   By continuing to try and convince the American people that Islam is a religion of peace is just asinine.  With leadership as naive and weak as this, how can we protect ourselves?

Besides Bush, though, we have world leaders in the West all “putting up” with the Islamic threat.  I just don’t understand how long this can keep going on.  Are we going to have to get hit hard by terrorists before we really start fighting this war? Is it going to take a “Jericho” style event (7 cities nuked in one day) for America to wake up? For the Western World to wake up?

It may be too late by then.

Why do we have to get hard before we start fighting this World War?

Where is the clarity of our leadership?  How can Bush still call this a religion of peace?

Infidels, listen to this…

Protect yourself, protect your families, protect your friends

Take up personal arms for protection and don’t let any stupid local law deter you from obtaining personal protection.  Stay within your own and keep a close eye on the Islamic immigrants around you.  Be aware of your surroundings and don’t feel bad about profiling a potential terrorist.   And yes, because of the lack of condemnation by the “moderates, EVERY MUSLIM is a POTENTIAL terrorist waiting to spawn.  You have to look at it like that if you are ever going to protect yourself.  Yes, you may be profiling, but hey….this is the world we live in today.

Just the other day I was on a plane from Chicago to Long Beach.  My family and I were sitting right next to a Muslim praying from his Koran the whole time before takeoff.  He wasn’t loud, but he was mouthing his words in silence and it was quite noticeable.  You bet your ass I was watching him the whole flight.  Yea he wasn’t up to anything, but still, I was aware that he was there, and I was aware of what he was doing.  My whole family was.   Not that we thought he was a terrorist, but we were simply AWARE of our surroundings, as ALL infidels should be.  We the people can fight this threat ourselves in someway, even if our ignorant leaders refuse.

It’s only a matter of time before this war will reach our homeland and we MUST be ready.

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    You’re right about world leaders. However, George Bush isn’t as weak as the leaders in Western Europe, including the UK. There are limits to what we can protect ourselves from. There’s no way for us to prevent a car bomb exploding next to us, when we’re not aware that it’s a car bomb.