Iran: Islamic Sharia Haven

by Infidelesto on August 24, 2007 · 0 comments

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more news from the wonderful Islamic Sharia ruled country of Iran

Iran has shut down barber shops offering unconventional Western hair styles amid a police crackdown on dress deemed un-Islamic, reports said. “Over the past 15 days, 13 barbers’ shops that had not respected the union’s directives have been closed down,” police commander Mohammad Ali Najafi said.

He told the Etemad daily that the barbers’ union had banned eyebrow-plucking for men as well as “deviant Western styles”.

“Eleven women’s beauty saloons were also shut down for not having a licence or for violations such as tattooing, which is banned by a health ministry directive,” he added.

Tehran’s barbers’ union said in April that police had issued a directive forbidding its members from giving men offbeat hairstyles. The directive also banned the use of cosmetics in male salons.

Shoulder-length, spiky or heavily gelled styles for men have long angered Iran’s religious conservatives.

Police also launched a renewed crackdown last month against

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