Iran's Nuclear hourglass running out

by Infidelesto on August 31, 2007 · 1 comment

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I was just thinking today about the strategic, military reasons we have not yet attacked Iran.

Our troops are in place, our forces are ready , so what are we waiting for?

Is Bush going to pass this threat on to the next Prez? I can’t see that happening, but for him to be waiting and waiting on what we all know is an inevitablity at this point, just doesn’t really make sense to me.

But hey, this is coming from a blogger who knows nothing about what’s happening in the White House. There could be tons of possibilities for us waiting.

I would like to get some people’s comments on this.

  1. Why have we not attacked Iran?
  2. What strategic implications do you think are holding us back from striking Iran?

We see scores of public threats from Iran, buildup of Carrier groups in the Indian Ocean, and an obvious strike looming, so what’s the deal? Why haven’t we attacked?

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image via Memri: Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, London, August 31, 2007

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  • Saul Wall

    A) The American government is waiting for Iran to do something really flashy like testing a nuke; something that will at least get a fraction of the leftists who are not completely over the edge yet on its side.

    B) The American government is hoping and praying that war will break out between Iran and Saudi Arabia – acting like a kid looking out his window late at night hoping for a big snow storm so that he can avoid doing his homework for tomorrow. Or else there is lots of work behind the scenes trying to convince the Saudis that they should be in on/instigate a war before M.A. gets the bomb.

    C) They want more time to consolidate the gains from the surge and to keep training cops and troops in Iraq so that when Iranian troops spill across the Iraqi border they will be ready to redeploy Americans in Iraq without worrying about trouble.

    Just my speculation.