Islamic hate mail galore this week

by Infidelesto on August 26, 2007 · 7 comments

Do you like this story?

Mostly from the same idiot, can’t spell, can’t talk, and can’t do anything but threaten my life. He sounds like a terrorist waiting to happen, and yes his IP is here in the US.

u punks are nothing but a bunch racist bicthes who['s] goal [is to] kill all the muslims and
take over their oil . you are the reason why gas prices are high, by the way,u
evil goverment has created civil wars, overthrew demoractic goverments , and
supported dictatorships all over the world. u evil goverment sent zionnazi
mercs to New Orleans to blow up levees during Hurricane Katrina and kill
all of the black people and block food water and medical supplies from reaching
hurricane victims. u evil goverment gave hurricane refief money to the terrorist
state israel so the israeli goverment could buy american weapons and nazi israeli
soldiers and setters kill the Palestinian ,Syrian and Lebanese people and expand israeli borders. we will overthrow your evil goverment and destroy u.


i’m going to destroy u blog

and this…

today u celebeated facism in amerkkkia

and this…

u better be wearing u bulletproof ,cause i going to hunt u down a kill u

and this…

cal thomas is a zionnazi pig who gonna to get the shit beat out of him

and this…

the end of israel and zionism is coming

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  • Robert Barton

    Obviously someone of that “religion of peace.” Been too busy memorizing the koran to learn proper English. A pity our government allows this type of person into our country. If this person doesn’t like our government, my suggestion for him is to please return to your country of birth and quit wasting our air.

  • Saul Wall

    You might want to be careful – he does not sound so much like an Islamic terrorist to me as a Kos kid.

  • Santa Claus

    Slilly Islam conspiracy theorist! Racisms just for kicks! Really consider the damage the big bad Islam “terrorists” have done to the US and then the damage we have done to them: They blew up two of our buildings. We blew up two of their countries. Can you just imagine the damage a group of stupid American redneck terrorists would do to the muslims if they tried to take over US soil! Mwaaaaahaaaahaaa!!! But seriously… Mwaaaahaaahaa!!!

  • Santa Claus

    These terrorists ain’t all bad. They give the US something to do. Maybe some day they will evolve from neanderthals into cro-magnons and learn things like organization well enough to make a man sized strike on the US. God (Allah) help them when they group together and show their faces on our land cause that is just who we will be sending them to. Until the day they learn how to organize they won’t do enough damage to make any difference in the grand scheme of things anyway. My advice to these individuals is: Go ahead and poke the bear but you better be gone when he wakes up! Remember the Alamo!!!

  • Santa Claus

    P.S. You terrorists ain’t getting s*** for Christmas this year. I ran out halfway throgh my route in Afghanistan last year! Heheehee! Ahem! Ho ho ho!

  • Jeff Davis

    Dear “religion of peace” followers please have a listen to this wonderful audio of
    Imam Michael. Enjoy.