Online Islamist Forum Hosted in Texas Posts Guide for Kidnapping Americans

by Infidelesto on August 14, 2007 · 8 comments

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This is despicable and RealWebHost should immediately drop hosting for this radical site.

Via Memri 

The popular Islamist-jihadist forum, hosted by RealWebHost in Texas, U.S., recently posted an anonymously written document from 2003 titled “The Excellent Summary of the Rules of the Art of Kidnapping Americans.” The 60-page guide describes each stage of the kidnapping, explaining how to select the target and then how to follow him, seize him, transport him to a safe location, and hold him there, as well as how to conduct negotiations. The guide also explains how to execute the hostage should negotiations fail.

The details are here… 

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  • Eddina

    Surely, this must be illegal.

    Why doesn’t government
    jump on it and all who
    are responsible, including

  • Kal

    I wish those hajis would try to kidnap me, or anyone of my friends. They’d get a nice serving of hot lead. Funny thing, if I created a forum calling muhammad a pig banger and giving out instructions on how to build a pork chop catapult to use against mosques, I would probably get all sorts of hate mail from the government.

  • Tonto (USA)

    It’s too bad that all muslims will be painted with the same brush as the idiots causing all the trouble, but kinda righteous.  After all, no opposition is the same as encouragement, and the islamizoids don’t need much.  I just wish that the American public would NOTICE that we’re at war with these assholes and open season on them.  All we need to get there is one atomic weapon exploded in an American city and all the mooslimbs in the world can kiss their asses bye-bye.  Problem is, it’s probably really going to happen.  Russia better get with the program too.  They’re the next isaminazi target, if not ours for “aiding and abetting”.

  • Kal


    It IS too bad that ‘moderate’ muslims NEVER condemn this sort of thing. Where is CAIR? Oh that’s right they are busy harassing Country Buffet restaurants to allow a muslima to wear a head scarf in the name of islam, despite it violating uniform policy. They are busy attacking Michael Savage for telling radical muslims to take their hijab and shove it. Too busy fundraising for Hamas to care, after all it is just infidels they plan on kidnapping in the forum. MAS? Too busy gathering jihadist college students on universities across the US, and stifling free speech, in the name of “tolerance”.

  • jennyjen

    I got an idea for a website, “Muslimahs Gone Wild”-see what hot muslimah’s do when the burka comes off- totally uncensored LMFAO!!!!
    That’d piss’em off and I’d get a sure-fire kick out of it!

  • Kal


    I have hooked up with a few muslimahs out here in the sandbox. They are freakier than Catholic School girls, a few have done something no American girl could. They made a brown man (me) blush :D . Apparently muslim men have zero clue about how to handle a woman, and all that pent up frustration the women have, gets taken out on able bodied kuffars like myself ;)

  • jennyjen

    So there’s some freaks under those sheets hahaha!!!  Kal, hopefully you can inspire more muslimah to break on thru to the good life by satisfying them in a way no muslim man can! Kinda reminds me of that South Park episode where Cartman totally “bugs bunny’s” Osama bin Laden with the giant magnifying glass and the itty-bitty package Osama sports LMFAO!!!

  • Tonto (USA)

    Have you ever thought about how incredibaly sexually repressed and frustrated all those muslims (except the rich ones that can go to Bahrain and Europe) must be?  I’d really like to see numbers (true ones, the unreported rapes too) on rates of rape in muslim countries.  The incidence of incest are probably out of sight too, and largely unreported.  Undoubtedly an important source for reasons for “honor killings” when pregnancy results.