Ahmadinejad: "Americans have been denied correct information"

by Infidelesto on September 23, 2007 · 1 comment

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Um, really? I guess we’re all just oppressed little minions with only one way of getting the news or the “correct information” as he calls it, is by watching the Free press of America. Seems like he’s never heard of the blogosphere or talk radio. I guess things like “freedom of information” don’t exist in Iran, maybe why that’s why he thinks the same occurs in America.

Let me give you some “correct information”, Mr. Ahmadinejad.

We have a FREE press. I know you would love to think that us Americans are oppressed and silenced in the same way you treat your own people, but the reality is that we are a free democratic society with freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

Go back to your oppressive Islamic world. You’re not welcome here. You don’t deserve the stage you’re being given. You don’t deserve to speak at Columbia, and I hope you get shouted down in the same way the Minutemen did while speaking there. You deserve to be arrested … or assassinated. Oops, did I say that? Get the eff out of my country you terrorist slime.

Ahmadinejad said the American people have been denied “correct information,” and his visit will give them a chance to hear a different voice, the official IRNA news agency reported.

The United States is a big and important country with a population of 300 million. Due to certain issues, the American people in the past years have been denied correct and clear information about global developments and are eager to hear different opinions,” Ahmadinejad was quoted by IRNA as saying.

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  • http://www.takeourcountryback-snooper.blogspot.com/ Snooper

    This fruitloop needs to be arrested upon him taking his first step on American soil. We can hold him as an enemy combatant.

    Some have been saying that he has the right to speak here. Not so. He is NOT an American citizen and our Constitution does NOT apply to him.