Austria fighting Terrorism too: 3 arrested

by Infidelesto on September 12, 2007 · 2 comments

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Name a country in Europe that ISN’T fighting Islamic Terrorism. London, Madrid, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Turkey and now Austria…

Austria became the latest European country to grapple with the threat of terrorism as it arrested three people with links to al Qaeda who posted an online video threatening attacks against Austria and Germany.

Austrian Interior Minister Günther Platter said on Wednesday, Sept. 12, that the trio suspected of producing the video, which demanded German and Austrian soldiers leave Afghanistan, had confessed to having links to al Qaeda.

The three, however, had not built an independent terrorist cell and at no time was Austria directly in danger, he added.

Austria was not under threat of an attack at any time,” Platter told a news conference. “We could determine that based on the actions of the three.”

How was Austria NOT under a threat of an attack? They just arrested these terrorists for no reason? Pacification and appeasement of the left is mind boggling.

Austria IS under threat just like the rest of Europe and it needs to be universally recognized. Until the voice of “moderate Muslims” becomes louder than radical Muslims, there will never be Peace with Islam. The West is fermenting it’s disgust with this sick and twisted radical ideology that’s incompatible with the western world, and will soon bite back after a few more successful attacks. Or maybe I’m just being too optimistic about Europe. Europe is declining by suicide, not by Islam.

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  • Debbie

    Good for Austria. I missed this one, thanks for catching it.

    What a day!

  • Rich5150

    First they attack my adopted country, the GREAT USA; now they’te plotting against the country of my birth, beautiful Austria.  If I wasn’t too old I’d jump at the chance to re-enlist in the USAF and be part of the team that will wipe those a$$hole terrorist pests from the map!
    BTW, a little history lesson about regarding Austria and muslims…
    Austria knows how to deal with them muslims!
    Austrians kicked muslim a$$ back in 1683 (in five days that will be 325 years ago!).  The Ottoman Turks, under the leadership of Muhammad IV arrived at Vienna in June with 150,000 men to besiege Vienna, which was defended by a mere 15,000.
    The Turks had little siege artillery, but they managed to breach the walls in a few places. They could not break through in strength, however, and Vienna was spared.  A mixed Austrian-German-Polish force of 70,000 engaged the Turks outside Vienna on September 12, 1683.  After a daylong battle, the Turks fled (i.e. ran scared), and the city was saved. The Ottoman army was forced to retreat south back into the Balkans. Pursuing the Ottomans led to the Austrians occupying the territory later to become known as Hungary (and later Austro-Hungary). 
    A scant seven years after the siege of 1683, Suleiman II now leading the Turks, made the last serious threat toward Habsburg (Austrian) territories in 1690, but his defeat at Szalankemen in 1691 and at Zenta in 1697 ended that endeavor (either those muslims just didn’t learn that they couldn’t beat the Austrians or they were just too stupid to know the difference). In January 1699 the two powers signed the Treaty of Karlowitz, which ceded Hungary to Austria (where the Austro-Hungarian Empire came from) and left the Turks in control of Serbia–which is why you have muslims in that area to this day and why in-part, the ethnic cleansing wars, a.k.a. Yugoslavia or Balkin wars of the 1990′s occurred.
    The defeat of the Turkish invasions served to consolidate Habsburg control in central and southeast Europe, but also stopped Islam from expanding past the Balkans. The Catholics and Protestants had more than their share of struggles, but Christianity in one form or another would remain the religion of most of Europe, thanks to the Austrians!
    To commemorate the victory over the Ottoman Turks in 1683, Viennese bakers developed the “kipfel”, a flakey pastry or roll in the shape of the crescent moon which is depicted on the Ottoman Turk (muslim) flag thus we have the “Crescent Roll” (Marie-Antoinette, Archduchess of Austria brought Austrian bakers with her when she married future french King Louis XVI (remember, they both lost their heads during that small uprising known as the french Revolution, 1789–1799).  The french called it “croissant” which is french for guess what?  Crescent.  Again,  the kipfel/crescent roll/croissant IS NOT a french innovation, it’s Austrian). 
    As an aside…After they lost the seige on Vienna on September 12, 1683, the muslims retreated south back to the Balkins so fast they left behind tons-upon-tons of coffee beans.  We confiscated that booty and put it to good use.  It helped give rise sometime later to the world famous Viennese Coffee houses and cafes, which by the way still serve croissants with the coffee.
    History and culture lessons are over…
    Back to lurking mode.