Bin Laden more popular than Musharraf in Pakistan

by Infidelesto on September 13, 2007 · 0 comments

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This is why the Pakistan situation could be so dangerous.  They are one step from being an Islamic radical nuclear power.  The US needs to pay close attention to who comes in to power.  Having to deal with Pakistan will only make things even harder on our boys in the Middle East.  We’ll be watching closely to the coming events in Pakistan.

We have conducted 23 polls all over the Muslim world, and this is the most disturbing one we have conducted,” said Ken Ballen, the group’s head. “Pakistan is the one Muslim nation that has nuclear weapons, and the people who want to use them against us — like the Taliban and al Qaeda — are more popular there than our allies like Musharraf.

The poll was conducted for Terror Free Tomorrow by D3 Systems of Vienna, Virginia., and the Pakistan Institute for Public Opinion. Interviews were conducted August 18-29, face-to-face with 1,044 Pakistanis across 105 urban and rural sampling points in all four provinces across the nation. Households were randomly selected.

According to poll results, bin Laden has a 46 percent approval rating. Musharraf’s support is 38 percent. U.S. President George W. Bush’s approval: 9 percent.

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