Dutch Politician compares Mohammed to Hitler

by Infidelesto on September 27, 2007 · 1 comment

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Many are awakening to the Islamic threat in Europe

Critic of Islam, Ehsan Jami, and Freedom Party leader, Geert Wilders, compared the Prophet Mohammed to Adolf Hitler in a co-written article published in the Dutch daily Volkskrant Thursday.

In their article, Wilders and Jami say strong criticism of Islam is absolutely necessary.

If we do not act now against the far-reaching Islamisation of the Netherlands, then the 1930s will be revived. The only difference is that back then the danger came from Adolf Hitler, while today it comes from Mohammed

In August, Jami was given personal security after being attacked for the third time, allegedly by Muslim fundamentalists. Labour remained largely silent following the incidents, but the Liberal VVD and the liberal-rightist PVV party both gathered around Jami.

Geert Wilders leads the liberal-rightist Freedom Party (PVV). He has argued in favour of prohibiting the Koran, referring to it as a book that incites violence.

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  • Robert B.

    Brave men that speak the truth. Where are our politicians that are supposed to speak the truth? Hiding behind their security guards and speaking PC babble.

    Anyone with more than two active brain cells can see the danger we face in islamic fascism. A pity more of our elected officials will speak out against the fanatics.