Intellectual Dishonesty of the Left

by Infidelesto on September 10, 2007 · 0 comments

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Well, I guess it could be called a mental incapacity to think clearly. It’s no wonder that people on the left whether it be Democrats, liberals, or hard-line Socialists think that General Patraeus’ is a puppet of the Bush administration.

It couldn’t possibly be that he’s ACTUALLY reporting the truth? Again, if it doesn’t meet their agenda, it’s all conspiracy with the ever so smart GW Bush behind it all.

I would go so far to say that it’s the Democrats who are the puppets! And who are the puppeteers? George Soros, the MoveOn’s, the Hollywood’s and the KosKids, of course. It’s pathetic how dispicable the Democratic party has become. They can do nothing but pander to these far-left organizations because they know that’s where their base has floated to. In addition to that, they are scared to stand up to them for fear of losing the far-left base, along with their funding; just about the only thing they have left going for them.

If they were smart, they’d move towards the Pro-American center and gain back the respect of their fellow centralized Democrats. They are continuing to show themselves for who they are. A despicable, far-left, socialist, anti-American, pro-globalization, who’s elitist, wannabe intellectualism and dishonest attitude helps them continue to pander to whatever crowd they are speaking to.

The fact that people are smearing Patreaus and Cocker shows their intellectual dishonesty across the board. They are CONSUMED with defeat, withdrawal, and the so-called transgressions of this Administration. They have NO CLUE what Islam is or what it stands for. They have NO CLUE why we are in this war, or who we are even fighting. Anti-Bush, Anti-War, Anti-American, Anti-military is all they can wrap their brains around.

Drop a nuke on their doorstep and they’ll cry “Bush did it”!!

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