Israel taking matters into their own hands

by Infidelesto on September 16, 2007 · 0 comments

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It has become clear what the purpose of Israel’s raid on Syria was early this week. It was probably one that Olmert had to personally battle within himself, considering he’s bent over backwards for peace in the region almost undermining his ability to defend Israel. The Times Online says “Israel blew apart Syrian nuke cache” and with Israel striking secretly and overtly, they have shown again that they can and will act on an imminent threat to their country.

Syria has been reluctant to admit what was at the source of the “hole in the desert” because they know that if the world knew what they were up to, they would be violating UN regulations and sending a clear message to the rest of the world that they are indeed a rogue nation attempting to secretly develop a nuclear weapons program.

Israel did the right thing, and Syria will spew more threats even though they don’t nearly have the money or capability to fight a war with Israel.

The reaction of the arab world will no doubt see Israel as the enemy, although Syria is working hand in hand with Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and most likely Al-Qaeda. The same Al-Qaeda that murders innocent civilians, and muslims alike.

The inability to see Israel as a non-enemy is not possible when the hatred of Jews runs rampant throughout Islam. Put every piece of evidence before them, and they will lie in your face like cowards brainwashed by the so-called Prophet Mohammed.

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