John Murtha dazed and confused

by Infidelesto on September 18, 2007 · 2 comments

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Hotair has a video of John Murtha cutting and running when asked to apologize for accusing marines in Fallujah of “murdering iraqi’s in cold blood”.  Murtha looks dazed and confused.

Good ole Pwnage…watch:


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  • James Ryan

    Murftha needs to be tried for Treason against America, he is on the side of terrorists, they even mention him by name how great he is, HOW much money have terrorists around the country and the world given the the Demoncrap party of the cut run apease white flag surrender monkeys? I want to about Hsu if he gave Hillary money from terrorists by straw donors! Me if I ever met Murftha I would hit as hard as a could with my fist! What a piece of dreck! He has disgraced every Marine that ever served In America!

  • Rick Casteel

    Jack Murtha and Hillary Clinton will be the death of my great nation yet..
    I give up. I’m just a little man of nothing,but my party the “Republicans” a once “Great”party,,has no spine anymore. They can’t stand up to the Democrates.
    Please GOP …grow a pair,and knock the dicks off those commy bastards this next Presidental cycle and get our country back the way is was just a couple short years ago.
    God Bless America