Marines in Fallujah: "I'd do it again in a hearbeat"

by Infidelesto on September 3, 2007 · 0 comments

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Soldiers of War, protecting America, making us proud back here in the states.

“I’d do it again in a heartbeat,” Lance Cpl. Justin Blitzstein of West Milford told me. Self-assured and ready for anything, he added, “Anybody who doesn’t think we should be here should see the difference we’ve made in the way these people live. And everybody here’s a volunteer. We want to be here.”

Lance Cpl. Jason Hetherington of Cape May County leapt in, “The progress from us being here [in the police precinct] less than six months is unbelievable. People who don’t think we’re making a difference should just see what we do.”

A thoughtful man, Hetherington paused to choose his next words. “We were surprised that it wasn’t a combat situation in Fallujah anymore. It’s rewarding to see the kids out in the streets and the shops open.”

Blitzstein nodded. “We were amazed at how easy it was when we moved in. We were the first Marines thrown into the meat grinder, right in the middle of Fallujah, but it worked out. It was good planning on somebody’s part.”

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